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Old 01-13-2019, 01:53 PM
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Manifest Zones

There are several planes in Eberron, some of them matching up with the planes generally found in the Player's Handbook. And there are places all throughout the world where one of these planes has a stronger connection with one of the planes, and touches it. Here, strange things happen. These places where the veil grows thin are called Manifest Zones.

Around these Manifest Zones, the world behaves strangely, influenced by the energies of the plane they are connected to. Perhaps the most famous known Manifest Zone is in Sharn, the City of Towers. Here, a connection to Syrania (the Plane of the Azure Sky) reduces the effects of gravity and allows towers of immense height and grandeur to stand. But other manifest zones might connect to Mabar (the Plane of Endless Night) and increase the power of undead, or Fernia (the Sea of Fire) and make any campfire extremely difficult to douse. There's even the risk that one might cross over from one plane to the other, if not careful...

Manifest Zones in Your LandThe party has discovered at least one such Manifest Zone in their land:
  1. A connection to Thelanis, The Faerie Court, in the goblin encampment of Hex 49. In this manifest zone, Arcane spells cast are Extended, as though the caster had applied the Extend Spell metamagic feat, but without influencing the casting time or spell level.

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