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Old 01-20-2019, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Ericg1s View Post
Primarily the Mystic.
Given how many applications there are, I will submit mine now.

Name: Samuel Wave
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 32
Class: Mystic Immortal
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Criminal with Contact (Fence/supplier.)
History: His family name makes it obvious that he comes from a line of sailors. Most of the sailors in his little village simply operate local fishing boats or go on short voyages. They remain faithful to their wives and are quite restrained most of the time while in town. The rumors you hear must be about sailors from some OTHER village...But that is not the point. Aside from the horrible 'old horse' beef, the ships are not that bad to work on, and surprisingly safe. After his first year on the boats, the lack of adventure cured him of wanting more-it wasn't too much work, so much as too dull. He headed inland to the city by road, sensing that his destiny was not to be found in the village or on the seas. His father and mother might still be waiting for him, or could be dead. He doesn't know, and is afraid to go home and find out. He met up with a group of persons performing forbidden alchemical rituals on themselves, and allowed them to test a few formulas on him. This gave him strange, and non-repeatable, mystic powers. He no longer needs to eat or breathe, although he must still drink water, and he can enlarge himself, and even throw lightning or create staircases of solid cloud. (The ritual to create permanent cloud castles has been lost, and so the cloud staircases are incomplete and rapidly sublime into nothingness, similar to a block of dry ice.) Shortly after the experiment, the guard became aware of his group and tried to arrest them. Most of the people escaped, and are in hiding. (The guard used a powerful divination ritual to learn about forbidden experiments, in an attempt to break up a demon cult; his group was caught in the search by coincidence.)
Shortly after all these things happened, he started getting strange visions, which have lead him here. Perhaps one of the powers of the Great Game of Sigil is putting him into play as a piece. Perhaps it is just a dream, and he is overreacting to this whole matter. The only way to know the truth is to continue onwards. He gathers a few things-a couple of daggers, a hunting sling and bullets, some traveling rations (he still eats food sometimes to keep up appearances)....not much of real value, but he'll have to do. If he finds some treasure, he might be able to purchase additional equipment from his supplier, or sell unusual pieces. If a great war is coming, he needs to do SOMETHING to help...
Traits: Secretive and quiet.
Bond: Wants to keep the members of the research team safe. Once they fade from the story, his bond might evolve.
Ideal: He no longer quite knows what he values. Self-knowledge and discovery of his abilities at first, might evolve in play depending on what he turns into.
Flaw: Unwilling to share information. He does not talk about his past or the source of his powers.

Roleplay Sample: (might be expanded later.)
Sam looks around and wonders what exactly he is seeing. Is this really the 'mother tree' of legend? If so, what is he supposed to DO? Should he accept her offer-is he permitted to say 'no,' or MUST he accept?
He bows slightly and shakes nervously....
"Forgive me, mistress, but I don't quite know what to say..."
He waits to see what everyone else will say or do, and if hoping for a clue how to react.
Bravissimo! GOod stuff
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