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People Are Strange

Post your character applications as a reply to this thread. You may continue to work on them if you like, but leave a WIP tag at the top if you do so.

FeldringVesperAaracockra BardNoactive in game 1
DialPfor PocklesVerlaine St. DunstanHalf-Elf ?Nowithdrawn
DrachenspiritCesheriaHuman WarlockYescurrent applicant
Jim FaindelJohanna AgamalkDwarf ClericYescurrent applicant
FeldringKhurash of the GemaniHalf-orc BarbarianYeswithdrawn
MythrandilNurion VelvethammerDwarf MonkYesactive in game 1
AlphaPMyastan AkraDragonborn FighterYescurrent applicant
Vislands"peep"gnome rogueYesactive in game 1
Smokefir12Braum Jorimdragonborn paladinYesactive in game 1
StadiumiteRitter QUillenhuman warlockNowithdrawn
NOW RECRUITING: Gloamhold: West Marches style featuring the debut of a new quick combat method.
He/Him/His Gaming CV here

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Best of luck with the game.

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Application (Vesper)
Character Vitals Name: Vesper-Song
Race: Aarakocra (female)
Class: Bard (Lore)

HP: 24
Ability Scores: Str: 8, Dex: 15, Con: 14, Int: 10, Wis: 13, Cha: 15

Backstory & Description
“And this our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees,
books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.
I would not change it.” – William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Vesper's life changed forever the day her beloved died.

Born Sh'kikree of the White Cloud aarakocra*, her tribe knew a peaceful, if hard-working, way of life. They nested atop stark cliffs by the ocean, free from most trouble except the weather. Their enemies were few in those years, orcs having little hope in battling the ferocious aerial warriors, and the dark-dwelling drow with their inscrutable lusts having apparently abandoned this coastal region centuries ago. The White Cloud had developed methods of fighting to aid in defense of their eyrie, techniques of focus and meditation that, properly employed, granted their scouts and warriors great keenness in battle and the hunt, as well as clarity of mind and physical prowess.**

The aarakocra also had allies: certain beasts, mostly of bird-kind, and a nearby clan of goliaths with whom they had developed a trade route and a strong mutual respect.

In the manner of their people, these goliaths gave each other and their friends nicknames based on great feats (or great failures, sometimes humorous), or even individual attributes. So when Skölden Hen-Father Kovakuinkivi first heard young Sh'kikree as she sung her evening hymn to the sky in company with the other aarakocra warriors sent to greet the goliath traders, he called her Vesper-Song: forever after she used that name (more commonly shortened to "Vesper") with outsiders and land-dwellers, though when she left the eyrie permanently, as will be told, she used it exclusively. She was five years out of the egg at the time she met Skölden Hen-Father.

The next year, Sh'kikree married one of the eyrie's scouts – Yrkreesh, a bold young male with bright eyes and a quick, affectionate wit. They spent their first season as mates by sporting in the waves beyond their home, fishing by moonlight, and dreaming together of the strong family they would raise. By the grace of Aerdrie Faenya, faithful goddess of the sky and freedom and of all birds, they hoped to grow old together.

It was not to be in this life.

While en route to trade with an outnest of the aarakocra home, the White Cloud eyrie's goliath allies were attacked by a contingent of drow with their monstrous slaves, the first appearance of these ancient enemies in living memory. Sh'kikree's mate, who had gone out to meet and accompany the visiting traders, was slain in the sortee, and Sh'kikree, flying out as part of the reinforcements to help, was badly injured by the wickedness of a clawed flail weapon that tore off most of her right wing. Apparently these drow had intended to waylay the goliaths, plunder them and draw off some eyrie defenders, and then attack the cliffs-home itself, though none knew to what end other than conquest. They never made it that far, all perishing under the wild wrath of the White Cloud warriors, but the ambush did take a dear toll.

Refusing aid or healing, Vesper fled after her mate's funeral. She bound up her wings, the right one mangled beyond hope of aid even if she had sought it, and lived earthbound in the madness of her grief. Forced to overcome her native fear of enclosed spaces, she sheltered in caves and natural culverts to avoid predators while wandering from the coast to the tundra and then south until, starving and near death, she came one day after much misery to a region of nomadic goatherds. She heard the mournful song of a human man playing the duduk*** and, drawn irresistibly by the keening voice of the instrument, collapsed at his feet.

The tribesman and his family tended to her needs. Under their ministrations, Vesper's hurts were mended, though she no longer possessed the capability of flight. Still, she began to live again, and in time even to find hope and cheer in those occupations necessary for life, if faintly: though her pain at the loss of her mate never left her, she was able to nurse it as a memory of love and as a longing rather than only of sorrow; and the sorrow took on a brightness, for Yrkreesh was with her in her heart and she believed they would be together again at the renewal of all creation.

Vesper eventually bid farewell to the kind goatherds. Desiring to behold the sea again but not to return to her former home where her flightlessness would be a hazard and a liability, she sought passage to the far ports of the world where she could make a life for herself on her own terms. She went from vessel to vessel, often working along the way as lookout (her alertness and sharp eyes proving to be spectacular assets). Throwing herself into the well-ordered routine of sailing, she grew into an able and efficient seawoman, able to hand, reef, and steer with the saltiest old hands and in time able to navigate by the stars and the sun.

The life suited her. She slept outside always, and grew to be accounted a worthy shipmate by whatever crew she was with. Hauling in a sail in the maintop or climbing out onto the bowsprit while the ship leapt about in the water... it felt almost like flying. She learned to be content with that.

Vesper was nine years out of the egg, a maintopman on the Crimson Valiant, when she spotted a call for help in the Driftwood Inn, and her life changed again...

Clothed about the waist with a light blue garment, Vesper is a large female, almost 5' tall. Her feathers are white mottled with dusky gray and brown along her head and belly, and her beak is slate gray. Her eyes are a warm gold in color, like sunlight glinting off the water as it sets in the west.

* The winged aarakocra ("people of the wind", sometimes called birdfolk) are fewer in number than they once were. Ancient wisdom abides in their remote eyries, however, through the wild, piercing songs they sing and their tales of gods, fools, and heroes. They live short, fierce lives of only about thirty years.

** This is how I imagine a flavor of the monk class might work for my young adventurer, should that be a better route than bard: unchanged mechanically but considered in terms of world-lore as a simple and effective tradition that these particular aarakocra have held and practiced for generations.

In addition, they possessed an innate understanding of songcraft and "small magic"; that is, bolstering words of courage and other useful bits of esoterica, usually expressed through chanting or music. This, I believe, would explain her affinity for bardic magic.

*** The duduk is a double reed instrument, similar to a shawm, with a mournful, rich tone. In our world it is common in Armenia and Georgia. https://youtu.be/_58AnhnbIgI

SourcesPHB + EEPC

RemarksI love working with fellow roleplayers and the DM to craft a fun, beautiful experience; I am absolutely happy to adjust a character to better fit the party/game.

Still to do: post character backstory, any further remarks. Then, once my application is complete and we get some more folks applying, begin simulating combat with some of the other applicants.

Thank you!!
"Be like the promontory against which the waves continually break, but it stands firm and tames the fury of the waters around it." – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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Verlaine St. Dunstan
Half Elf
STR 8 DEX 16 CON 12 INT 14 WIS 10 CHA 16
HP 20

The proud jawline. The piercing gray eyes. The perfectly shaped ears holding back a bounty of jet black hair that always seems caught in a gentle breeze. All of these features mark Verlaine as a son of one of the proudest and most powerful noble houses in the lands, that of St. Dunstan. Their banner, a silver dragon clutching a red lance astride a black field, has been synonymous with the highest levels of resourcefulness and pragmatism in the service of the king for 17 generations. And so, when Verlaine announced his decision to forgo the tradition of the firstborn taking a military commission because he wanted to join a band of traveling bards, his father barely had enough strength to banish him from the household before collapsing on the fainting couch.

Cpl. Heili Ravenshard

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right-aligned image
Name: Cesheria

Race: Human

Class: Warlock, Hexblade
Sources: PHB, UA

Gender: Female

Ability Scores: STR-14, DEX-14, CON-12, INT-11, WIS-12, CHA-16

Physical Description: Cesh is a bit hard to pin down on looks alone. At first glance some may think she's of the Shou ethnic group, but her larger build and height, combined with her dusky to olive skin tone suggests Tethyrian ethnicity. She has a warrior's athletic build at six foot tall, combined with a beautiful face, deep honey colored eyes, straight black long hair and a disarming smile. It is rather easy for most to take up with her if they like what she's saying.
When about her business she wears decorative, but quite functional medium mixed plate armor and a helm, polished and adorned in purple. The look is topped off with an elaborate helm, and a deadly looking Glaive.


Words/Phrase: Who Dares, wins

First Day in town: Cesh was taking a much needed bath, and to top it off it was a huge vat-tub filled with hot water. Soaps and perfumes were arrayed on a table next to the tub, along with a huge robe. An older woman came in and placed a brush on the table, opening her mouth to say something. Cesh held her hand up and canted her head, looking away. This had been the upteenth time that someone had come in and disturbed her and she was getting testy.
The woman left without a word.

"Now that ought ta do it", she said aloud and began scrubbing herself.

She chuckled slightly, in disbelief of her luck, but knowing it could change in a moment. She glanced at her large crossbow, having freaked all of them out when her halberd disappeared with but a word from her. She tried to get them to leave her armor and garments be, but they took them to get cleaned and polished.
She smiled again, and sighed contentedly.
A song came to mind and she began to Signing Proficiency +6. No rolling in dice thread though.softly sing it. She changed the words to suit herself.

"Hail to the Queen for whom we'll build a tower,
Hail to the Queen! We salute her, one and all.
Hail to the Queen, as she takes a bath, no shower
She slayed the elements while running from the squall.

Hers is the aim to make her life much grander,
This she will do, after scrubbing to be clean.
Hail to the one they will select as commander,
Hail to the Empress! Hail to the Queen!"

As she began the second stanza, she leaned back and closed her eyes. Finishing the last line, holding the note for a long time, she ended it abruptly. She took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Empress Cesheria. Do you have evening-" Seems someone had caught her joke on being called an Empress and wanted some extra coin.

Cesh jumped up and stood in the tub, showing her full nakedness as she yelled out, "CURSE A KOBOLD ON A KRAKEN! What in the nine hells... Are you trying to scare me, the first night of my freedom in civilization!?"

The woman bowed and apologized profusely, as Cesh slipped back into the water. She finally spoke and said, "I think you were about to ask me what I wanted to wear for the evening and to sleep in? Surprise me. And something nice if you can find it. And please, leave me be for a few minutes at least. I'll be fine."

The woman bowed and made to leave. As she reached the door, Cesh spoke with her eyes closed. "Oh. And I like the Empress thing. Spread the word." She didn't know if it would take, but she liked the sound of it.

Posting Status: Slow Bit of a stomach bug put me on bed rest for a bit. Catching up slowly.

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Character Concept:
right-aligned image

Name: Johanna Agamalk
Race: Hill Dwarf
Class: Cleric of Life
Alignment: Lawful Good
Background: Acolyte
Ability Scores: STR: 14, DEX: 8, CON: 16, INT: 8, WIS: 16, CHA: 12
Hit Points: 31
Trait: I’ve spent so long in the temple that I have little practical experience dealing with people in the outside world.
Ideal: Faith. I trust that my deity will guide my actions, I have faith that if I work hard, things will go well.
Bond: I will do anything to protect the temple where I served.
Flaw: I put too much trust in those who wield power within my temple’s hierarchy.

Backstory: The sound of prayer and laughter echoing through the high ceileings, the methodic pound of hammer and boot against the mountain's stone, the soothing peace of divine comfort; those were the parts that gave form to Johanna's world, her most beloved memories and the one place she could call home. But as she stood now amidst the strange lands of men, she couldn't feel further away from that home, with only her holy symbol and heavy warhammer to hold on to as the world of these short-lived beings passed her by at blinding speed.

A lord of these men had called forth old allegiances to all clans and faiths amidst the mountainfolk in order to form a party that would scout the Wave Echo Cave, and the High Priest of Ilmater himself, Patriarch Brim Blancbuclie, had requested for her to pledge her hammer to his cause. In almost half a century of service to the god of life, the young cleric had never dared raise an eyebrow at a word spoken by this dwarf, but before she could refuse his directive, the High Priest urged her to investigate the circumstances behind the Rockseeker brothers' disappearance. It didn't matter if she were to find goblins or trolls, or even an ambush from their supposed human allies. All that mattered was keeping their fellow dwarves safe from harm, and stop any further incidents like this one from happening again.

So lowered her head and swallowed her pride she had, and now she awaited eagerly for the rest of her party to ready up and head down into the cave system waiting before them, dark and dangerous, just like the maws of wolves.

If I could be an expert in just one arcane
and madness inducing field of study,
it would be you.

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Application (Khurash)
Character Vitals Name: Khurash of the Gemani
Race: Half-Orc (male)
Class: Barbarian (Ancestral Guardian)

HP: 35
Ability Scores:
Str: 16, Dex: 13, Con: 16, Int: 8, Wis: 12, Cha: 10

Backstory & Description Once a mere foundling taken in by the nomadic "Haverfolk" of the plains, a wandering people comprised of many races and ethnicities. They are thought to have originated from a clan or guild of dwarven tinkers; now, however, anyone can be welcomed into the Family (as they think of themselves). Though sometimes thought of as rogues who lure impressionable youth off to a life of crime and wantonness, the Gemani mostly keep to themselves, traveling from place to place in their caravans, trading and speaking with those who prove kind, and meeting at certain times of the year for great festivals.Gemani, Khurash has been many things over the years: a brewer's apprentice; a sailor; an enforcer for a local criminal enterprise; a bodyguard (even, for a short time, captain of a halfling militia).

These days, tempered by age and seeking to put his rowdy youth well behind him, he makes a living His father is a brewer of distinction among their people, and Khurash is never without at least one bottle of Old Groz. His own beverages, though drinkable, have yet to find the notariety that the venerable Grozdan's have.selling drinks and as an adventurer for hire. He hopes to do some good for people before he dies.


This burly half-orc's enormous strength is obvious. Quick to laugh and often found singing, his clothing is cheerfully garish, vest and homespun pants a dance of clashing color. His black eyes, lined with crow's feet, have not dimmed with age, though his gray hair, scars, and many faded tattoos speak of a long, adventurous life.

SourcesPHB + XGtE

Remarks Khurash is a character I have played at a table in real life, one of my favorites. Here he is presented aged up and his story simplified. We seem light on bruisers, so he would be played as the party's Friendly Neighborhood Tank™.

Full disclosure: I had not realized this at first, Goatmeal, the name being unfamiliar, but apparently I have played through parts of Wave Echo Cave already. I don't remember much and according to my DM we skipped parts; but I do remember some of the enemies.

Personally, I don't believe there's a danger in me "meta-ing" the experience, but if you feel the need to alter the enemies or if you'd like me to withdraw my applications (though I hope not!!), I understand.

As far as X-Cards, I'm with you on no violence to children, please (as a father of four, soon to be five, it's become particularly troubling for me...).

Quick note for any other applicants reading this: we've begun setting up a group to practice the cool new combat mechanics, if you want to join us!
"Be like the promontory against which the waves continually break, but it stands firm and tames the fury of the waters around it." – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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Mechanics Name: Nurion Velvethammer
Race: Dwarf (Hill)
Class: Monk (Way of the Open Hand)
Ability Scores: STR 10(+0) DEX 14(+2) CON 15(+2) INT 12(+1) WIS 16(+3) CHA 8(-1)
Hit Points at Level 3: 29 (A bit above average HP, plus bonus from Hill subrace)

Player BackgroundBackground: Guild Artisan (Cartographers, surveyors, and chart-makers)
Personality Traits: I'm rude to people who lack my commitment to hard work and fair play.
I like to talk at length about my profession.
Ideal: Community. It is the duty of all civilized people to strengthen the bonds of community and the security of civilization. (Lawful)
Bond: I owe my guild a great debt for forging me into the person I am today.
Flaw: I'm horribly jealous of anyone who can outshine my handiwork. Everywhere I go, I'm surrounded by rivals.
Alignment: Lawful Good

What was it with adventurers and these seedy taverns anyways?

Sildar's attention flickered from his announcement to acknowledge a newcomer to the Driftwood. His eyes lingered on the thick, cylindrical tube fastened securely to the dwarf's backpack - Sildar thought he recognized the guild symbol for surveyors. A great, velvet cloak swirled about the dwarf's waist as he hastened over to the barkeep. Sildar returned to his drink.

A few moments later came the half-expected pad of leather-upon-wood. "I'll ask you this once politely" A threatening tone! How amusing. "Where are Iombur and Talanbar Rockseeker?"

Sildar Hallwinter drowned a long-suffering sigh in one last, lingering draft of lager. Turning to the dwarf, he took a good look while dismissing his first dozen responses. His initial impressions were reasonably accurate: glaring at him from eye level was a well-kept, red-haired cartographer. Well-muscled and seemingly trained to use the spear parceled underneath the map case, he stood poised for action. Satisfied, Sildar let out the breath he was holding.

"You're a cartographer, right?"

With a stunned blink, the dwarf's countenance brightened until his slate-grey eyes nearly gleamed.

"Right in one, my good man! I can see that you are a man of refinement, few would detect the scent of true Mapmaker's Blue!" Sildar nodded, encouragingly. "Oh where are my manners, Nurion Velvethammer at your service - mapmaker, surveyor, cartographer extraordinaire. I tell you, when the Rockseeker heirs were reported lost on some foolhardy venture I knew it was my chance to be the FIRST!" Sildar blinked at the sudden exclamation. "...to EVER chart the legendary Wave Echo Cave. Why, the name itself sends shivers down your spine." Nurion actually quivered with delight. "Melivkar doesn't have NEARLY the talent for such an undertaking, Kamriel wouldn't know art if it hit her on the head, and Tamond gets lost trying to find the toilet in the guildhall. Only I, Nurion Velvethammer, have the audacity, the pugnacity, the..."

"Sagacity?" Sildar interjected drolly.

"The SAGACITY!" Nurion tasted the word on his tongue. "The guild knows my efficacy, so when the clan asked for a representative of course they only thought of me. Oh yes, I'm the only dwarf for the job! My maps will inspire thousands - nay, millions - besides revealing these savage lands and unlocking their untamed resources. Yes my friend, mark my words, civilization is built by the mapmakers!"

"So, you'll take the job?" Sildar said quickly before Nurion could recover his breath.

"Oh yes, and I'll lead it besides - Clan Rockseeker has sent me on official capacity." Nurion reached absently into a pocket sewn into his purple, fur-lined cloak, pulling out a letter with a crest now familiar to Sildar. Nurion handed over the missive idly, eyes distant in dreams of cartographic glory.

Sildar glanced at the letter, chuckling, "We'll see what the others have to say about that. Welcome to Westhaven, Mr. Velvethammer."

Player InteractionOnce I have had the pleasure of testing this system, my remarks will go here.

Source(s)Book(s) used: PHB

To uphold my values, I fight for Truth, Justice, and Peace. Two out of three ain't bad.

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+1 book: Sword Coast Adventurer's guide
Char MechanicsName: Myastan Akra
Race: Dragonborn (female)
Class: Fighter, Eldritch Knight
Stats: STR: 16(14+2race), DEX: 8, CON: 13, INT: 15, WIS: 12, CHA: 11(10+1race)
HP: 25
Character Sheet (WIP)

BackgroundMechanical: Sage
Personality traits: 1. Every spare moment I have, my nose is in a book. 2. I view combat as an academic study: force applied in the proper vectors leads to victory, not motive or belief
Ideals: Self-improvement: All dragonborn seek excellence in every endeavor; better so if I am the best among all.
Bonds: My clan has sent me out to prove myself as both scholar and warrior. I will return worthy.
Flaws: If I feel I can handle something personally, I will.

Description, personality, and backstory


I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Broken Chains
left-aligned image

Name: Papillius "Peep" Ghorlkir
Race: Deep Gnome
Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster) HP: 18
Alignment: True Neutral
Background: Far Traveler


Trait: A strange and quiet fellow, Peep tends to fade into the background as much as possible. Nothing makes him more uncomfortable than having the attention of others.
Ideal: Agency. Freedom. The ability to go where and when he pleases.
Bond: Until Kelkar's head is struck from his body, Papillius will know no true peace.
Flaw: Covetous and daring, there is little Peep won't risk for the sake of a prize.


Born Papillius Ghorlkir, Peep spent the early years of his childhood in relative peace. There was no true safety in the Underdark, but the clan of deep gnomes to which he was born knew the safe ways to walk and what caves to avoid. His earliest memories are of picking mushrooms with his grandmother, a tiny wizened gnomess the size of a large banana - the fungi was blue and glowing and the exact color of their effervescence was burned into his mind.

His memory of that day...the day when Lord Kelkar and his minions destroyed his village, enslaving him and the other useful kinsmen while slaughtering the others...was fuzzy. But he remembered the aftermath. The long hours of pain and darkness in cages. The fear when he was singled out for his natural abilities - a lithe body and quick fingers. A talent for the Svirfneblin ensorcellment.

He was taken, along with several other captives, to be trained as thrall-assassins for the Lilac. The Lilac were a shadowy organization of drow assassins themselves, ancient and possessing of great vanity. The training was harsh, bordering on torture. Papillius survived. The other captives did not.

Peep was nearing the completion of his training when the arrival of some outsiders, adventurers, in the Underdark gave him the opportunity he needed to escape. Using the skills they'd taught him and his own magic talent (the full extent of which he always hid from his masters), he escaped, killing one of his mentors in the process.

Life on the surface was difficult at first, but he adapted. The Lilac would send someone after him. Of that he had no doubt.
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Braum Jorim, The Wandering Knight
Name: Braum Jorim
Race: Dragonborn (Blue)
Class: Paladin (Oath of the Crown)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Background: Soldier (Standard Bearer)


Lvl 3 HP: 28

left-aligned image

Trait: Gruff but amiable. Stern but optimistic. Braum lives in a world of contradictions and tries to carve as a true a path as he can.
Ideal: Freedom. Truth. Justice. Above all: Loyalty.
Bond: A follower of Torm, Braum survives with his blade, but his true pursuit is of a leader worthy of his service.

Flaw: Braum's pursuit and evaluation of leaders finds them wanting and strains his respect of Law, a sacred tenet of Torm.


Braum Jorim never knew his real name. Raised as an orphan among the "Free Guard," a band of mercenaries, he quickly adopted the lifestyle of a soldier, holding the red banner of the Free Guard when he was too old to hold a sword. Though transitory in nature, the Guard often took contracts that found them serving lesser nobles and Houses across Faerun and found them encamped for sometimes years. The soldiers of the Free Guard took their assignments and followed their leaders' orders, but with the practiced irreverence of mercenaries, never spared critique or even outright refusal when their leadership had overextended.

In the company, Braum learned from his brothers and sisters in arms. He learned a strong arm earned coin, but greater than that, that loyalty to kin and comrades surmounted all. The laws and rules of the leaders they followed were often vain, unequal and cruel. The years, ravaged with loss and hardship hardened the young dragonborn and his strength of arm and purpose grew unabated. His disdain for the rulers of Faerun deepened, as did his desire for justice and equity.

A contract brought the Free Guard to the Underdark, far from their normal work, but simple enough in purpose: they were to liberate a camp controlled by a shadowy group of Drow known as the "Lilac," whose assassin-thralls had taken many a life above ground. The fighting was hectic and deadly-- Braum swung his signature greatsword until he could scarcely stand, and succumbed to a poisoned blade that left him deep in a coma. His comrades took him from the camp, along with a group of liberated Deep Gnome slaves from the camp.

After nearly dying to the poison, the god Torm deigned to guide Braum and spoke to him for days on end as the dragonborn remained in a coma. Awakening, the dragonborn found a fey Deep Gnome by his side, seemingly by chance. With Torm's words ringing in his ears, he knew the gnome and his rescue to be something greater. He quickly befriended the creature, or as much as one could befriend "Peep." The Deep Gnome was a mystery at times; he was mercurial and rash, but as Braum learned, also of deep contemplation and poise. Peep's time among the Lilac had shaped the gnome as with a cruel mason's hammer, much like Braum's mercenary upbringing, but the skills both had gained made them a brutal and effective combination.

Seeing perhaps, a truer path forward, Braum left the Free Guard with Peep, vowing to find a ruler who he could serve, and in doing so, uphold laws he saw as worthy and just.

Taking jobs as need be, working alongside his rougish companion, Braum travels the world, seeking true leadership. Preparing himself with bloodshed and blade, he'd be ready to defend it when he did.

I've taken the Oath of Sangus.
Gell Thundersnout in Curse of Strahd.
Jubai in the Priestess campaign.
Singror Stonearm in Krakole Pass.

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Name: Ritter Quillen
Race: Human
Class: Warlock, GOO, Pact of Chain
Background: Guild Artisan
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ritter Quillen

Name:Ritter Quillen

Race: Human (variant).
Profession: Warlock (Great Old One, Pact of the Chain)

Alignment: CG

Pale skinned, dark haired human in her late teens.
Given a choice, she would prefer very dark clothes. Plain, working clothes. When faced with danger, she wears leather armor.

Background: Guild artisan - Scribe

Ritter's parents operated a shop in the merchants district of Springdale. They specialized in creating document, maps, etc. She learned the skills of a scribe at a young age.

Ritter's great-aunt Rai (her mother's mother's sister) was an odd woman who lived by herself out in the forest,a fair distance away, near Wroughtwood. Aunt Rai practiced magic, and was generally shunned by common people. But Ritter loved her.

Ritter's parents were murdered a year or so ago. Perhaps in a botched robbery by a local gang. With no where else to turn, she sought out her aunt Rai for help.

"I'm going to introduce you to someone who has been a great help to me in my life. She will get you through this." said Rai.

Aunt Rai laid her hand on Ritter's forehead, and Ritter saw a vision of an aged women in a silver gown. The lady said to her "I will come to you in your dreams, as a teacher. Your aunt and many along your mother's line have been my students for many years. I will give you the tools you need to survive this trial"

Living in the forest with Aunt Rai was not really to Ritter's liking. She eventually came to Wroughtwood, seeking a livelihood adventuring with what she has learned from Rai and the Silvered Lady. During her year in the forest she learned to move objects with her mind. She learned to inflict damage by attacking with frightening whispers. And most importantly, she learned to defend herself with a blast of magical energy.



Just a half day before, Ritter had bid a tearful farewell to her beloved Aunt Rai. For months they had talked about her moving to Wroughtwood. Ritter was unhappy with the isolated life her aunt led in the forest. She wanted to be among more people. Finally the day had come.

Rai told Ritter to watch the old trail. Travelers and hunters used this route if they needed to reach Wroughtwood through the forest. She was to watch for safe-looking travelers and follow them back to the city. This would be safer than travelling alone.

And she had done exactly that. Three hunters, two human men, and a boy. Probably a son to one of them. On a hunt deep in the woods for some sort of large game. They must have failed in their hunt, because they appeared to be empty handed.

The travelers tired before Ritter, and they began to bed down with a campfire off the trail. She stayed out of site, but found a safe place where she might get some sleep within earshot of the men.

She dozed off. And it the dead of night she was awakened. She looked to the campfire. She could see shadows moving across the flames in the distance. She ran to see what was there.

Goblins! Attacking the travelers.

By the time she reached the edge of the camp, the hunters had killed two goblins. But one of the humans was wounded badly.

The largest goblin had grabbed the boy. He shouted in the common tongue "Give it up humans. We have your child. Give us everything you have, or the boy dies!"

The hunters were frozen in fear. Not knowing what to do. Surely the goblins would kill them no matter what ransom they gave.

Ritter remembered what she had learned from Rai. She drew upon the power of the Silvered Lady, closed her eyes, and with her will created a song of fear in the mind of the big goblin. His face grew grim, he released the boy and began to run.


As the goblin ran, the hunters sprang to attack.

Ritter entered the clearing, and fired a bolt of purple energy at one of the remaining goblins.


As the tide of the battle turned, the goblins ran. Ritter stood before the hunters.

"We don't know who you are girl, but you saved our hides!"

Ritter wasn't sure what to say. "Its nothing. Just glad I could help."

She camped with the hunters until dawn, and then traveled with them to Wroughtwood the next day. After a year in the wilderness, she was back in something like civilization, and looking for a way to make use of what Rai and the Silvered Lady had taught her. Perhaps she might even find the bandits who had killed her parents.

Stat Block
currently studded leather armor. Ac 14
ritter quillen| warlock (goo) | level 3

hp: 21/21| ac: 13 | spell dc: 13 | spell bonus: +5 | speed: 30'

stats: str 8 (-1), dex 15 (+2), con 12 (+1), int 14 (+2), wis 10 (+0), cha 16 (+3)

languages: common, elven, dwarven

currently wielding: dagger 1d4

spell slots available: 2

spell slots used: 0

cantrips: 2 list: mage hand, eldritch blast

known spells: 1st: 2 list: 1st: Armor of agathys, dissonant whispers

known spells: 2nd: 2 list: 1st: Suggestion, Misty Step

note: - "observant" feat gives +5 to passive int and wis checks.

Familiar - PseudoDragon

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