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Old Apr 30th, 2012, 06:39 AM
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Yogge Mothi vs. Sirith

The roar of the crowd is deafening. Orcs, goblins, and humans are pressed into the upper tiers, filling the reeking stone troughs with their slavering filth. Voices rise, drunk on grog, blood, and money, and the stone floor seems to shake with feet trampling and clamboring for a seat. Below them, the prime seats: where puffs of multicolored smoke, twinkling and sparkling with green motes, other clouds of stately blue that hover low over the crowd, give off intoxicating scents as they waft over crowds of drow and duergar, seated on opposite sides. Walled, private boxes are shielded with waving silk, their wealthy inhabitants hidden in shadow. Beholders float above the crowd, black chitinous bulbs, their writhing eyes glaring down about them.

All stare down at the Arena, through the transparent Wall that shields the fighters from any interference, no matter how subtle or intricate, from the spectators. Within the grimy, stained, sandy Arena, the roar of the crowd is muted to a dull rumble, like the sound of distant thunder.

The combatants are brought to their starting places, and the iron doors seem hunched in silence, alive, waiting to open. All take a moment to eye the pedestal floating far above the field of battle, where a red silk sheet covers an unseen object.... a slight hush falls over the crowd as the red silk sheet billows aside, revealing...

Fabulous Prizes!...a short sword with a black metal blade, blood-grooved, and a dull golden hilt, fashioned in the shape of a pair of leaves. The hilt is wrapped with black scaly dragonhide. The blade is festooned with a triple weapon capsule retainer, and the pommel is a learing ivory skull. It seems extended and elongated: and it screws off, allowing one to place a small wand within it.


Initial Door Rolls Revealed
Dice Roll:
1d3-1 (1)-1 Total = 0

Dice Door Initiative:
1d20 2

Procedure for the first post
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Old Apr 30th, 2012, 10:47 PM
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Sirith enters his cell and pops his knuckles. He then relaxes where he stands and prepares for the door.

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Old May 8th, 2012, 10:04 PM
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Yogge enters his cell, eager to spill more blood. He begins preparing as quick as he can, hoping the gate doesn't open immediately this time.

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Old May 21st, 2012, 03:23 PM
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The sudden tension is broken by the rapid clanging of the doors opening within the first few seconds of the match. The braziers lighting the borders of the arena reveal it's blood soaked grounds and the throngs of audience members eager to see a bloodbath.

OOCNo buffs have happened. Yogge has the initiative.
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