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Old 06-18-2018, 06:17 PM
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Games Starting at Levels Higher than Level One

Hello all. A random statement (possibly question) about applying to games where the starting level is higher than level one. Though first some relevant details:
  • I'm relatively new to PbP. I have completed the Solo via the Pathfinder System (awesome!), played in a brief oneshot of Pathfinder (awesome again!), and am currently involved in a 5e game (awesome a third time!).
  • Aside from what is listed above, I have not played an RPGs in about 25 years.
  • I find the application process intimidating and time consuming in-and-of itself.
  • When I see a application thread for a game starting at higher than level one that adds to intimidation and I skip developing an application.

Though I would like to be in another game, I find myself limiting my applications to only games that start at level one (at this point I am fine with only Pathfinder and 5e systems).

Could I get some feedback on what other people with limited experience have done regarding applying to games starting at higher than level one? Maybe being patient and continuing to find games starting at level one is a good way to learn the gaming systems...at some point I'd feel more comfortable applying to games starting at a higher level. Or, maybe trying to build a higher level character is a good way to learn.

I am aware there is no 'right' answer. Though, I am interested in what has worked for other people in the past.

Old 06-18-2018, 11:51 PM
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To each his own, Holden. I understand your reluctance to jump in on a higher level PC, due to creation issues. They get complex, that's for sure.

I am the opposite of you, at least, for the last couple years. I've done enough 1st and 2nd level PC's in games that run then die, I prefer to invest my time and energy into those games that start at "Fun (for me)" levels.

Of course, when they die, I've invested more time and energy than you have, so... ouch to me.

Bottom line, play where you want to play, and don't worry...it's normal. Folks love all levels of game, for differing reasons. Someday, you may change your likes too. As you get more experience again with the rules, with the PC's, and the levels, you will probably expand a bit.

Heck, if I take up 5e, I guarantee I will be starting at 1st level, and building organically, for a long time. It's the best way to learn the rules. So I would say, for you, it's the best way to learn the 3.5/PF rules too.

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Old 06-19-2018, 08:13 AM
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You aren't alone when it comes to application stress. That's why we've developed several tools to help you with them! There are several guides you could read on the subject and the player support tab offers application reviews.

You can, of course, skip the application process entirely and head over to the continuous recruitment games! They accept all takers and several of them start at level one. It also helps that they are run by the most experienced GMs on the site.

Beyond that, you'll just have to give it more time. The more comfortable you get with the system, the more you will crave those higher power levels. That was my experience at least.
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Old 06-25-2018, 01:16 PM
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I believe as you attain more system mastery, you won't be as intimidated by the complexity and develop preferences for level of play. You might end up preferring low level games again, who knows!

Suggestion: Keep your eyes open for any game from levels 1-4. To create a higher level character, build a 1st-level one, and simulate level-ups, essentially building bottom-up, rather top-down and planning the 4-level build from the start. This will give you more system familiarity.

I would genuinely advise against games level 12+ without system familiarity. The disparity between optimized characters then and non-optimized is, well, pretty astonishing. Once you're comfortable with playing at level 6, jump up to 12, then to 18. Actually, I think you're pretty much fine if you only play PF or 5e. Play whatever level you want, honestly. That said, the suggestion stands that you start at lower levels and work your way up, due to the breadth of options which become available as you gain levels.

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Old 06-27-2018, 06:31 AM
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Yeah, definitely be willing to go into higher levels. 1-4 is perfect and shouldn't be too overwhelming while at the same time helping you round out a character concept. When building character sheets, it helps me to build them and partition them in a way that I would if I were leveling up. Takes a little more time, but it helps you understand class mechanics better.
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Old 07-21-2018, 09:12 AM
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IMHO, the amount of choices available to a higher level character in Pathfinder dwarfs DND5e

So I'd suggest trying to develop a DND5e character and post it here to get a critique.

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Old 08-27-2018, 12:48 AM
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Best advice I can give is to know the character you're making. That will cut down on the stress, as you'll spend less time getting lost in the options. Think about things like what you're character has gone through, what they might think about certain abilities, and what their capabilities mean to them before even going near the mechanics. Seriously, that backstory section is for more than just roleplaying when you're new to the system.
Old 01-11-2019, 01:22 PM
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There's an easy solution to this issue that would benefit the players who do not want to play with lower levels and also players wanting to play with friends with much lower levels than the mission. Simply make an option in the settings or somewhere that you can specify a minimum level of who can join the mission. I'm power level 101 and see level 20's in 4 player 4 atlas lvl 100 missions for example. That is frustrating when trying to grind/farm as stats close to the recommended power level (I'd say within 20 levels is ok but cutting it close there) is pretty essential on the more difficult missions. If there was a way to set the minimum power level yourself it would save a lot of trouble having to switch between regions constantly and looking for an appropriate level'd group. Each person could decide what minimum's they would be comfortable with joining the mission. Another game that was in early access I played, called Dungeon Defenders 2, did this and it's a system that works well. This in my opinion is the simplest solution that comes to mind. Let me know what ya'll think! No ideas are bad ideas and everyones input helps!
Old 01-14-2019, 08:28 PM
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@nate - seems like you're referring to WoW/EverQuest type games where level ups are frequent. The OP is referring to DnD based offerings here where level ups are rare.

@Holden - as you've been offsite a bit, I'll close this thread for you, thinking you got the answers you wanted. Let me know if you need it reopened when you return.
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