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Old 03-02-2020, 04:13 PM
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Cypher and The Strange - Humble Bundle

Edit - This bundle is now over.

For those interested, there is a Monte Cook Games Humble Bundle running for Cypher and The Strange. Thought I would share it for those interested, as I just got an email from MCG and there is only 1 day, 21 hours, and change remaining for the bundle as of the time of this post.

Travel to vast realms for adventure or riches, or to save the Earth from the many dangers now leaking into our world with The Strange Corebook. Or use the Cypher System Rulebook with your imagination and start a new campaign in a fantasy land, a science fiction setting spanning the galaxy, or a modern slasher horror game.
If you're interested in picking up the the rulebooks for Cypher or The Strange it's a good deal and comes with setting books for Predation (Time Travel and Dinosaurs), Unmasked ('80s Superheroes), The Stars Are Fire (Space Opera), Gods of the Fall (Fantasy), as well as adventures and other books. I've had my eye on the Cypher System Rulebook for awhile so I picked it up mostly for that since the entire bundle is cheaper than getting that book by itself elsewhere, but there is a lot of interesting looking stuff in there that I'd never even heard of.
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Last edited by Starflier; 03-04-2020 at 08:54 PM. Reason: The bundle is over.
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