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Old Jun 7th, 2019, 07:23 AM
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Outplay 2019 is open!

Outplay 2019 is now open for applications!

This year, we are running two game systems
Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition

The summonsYou're a big deal. Everyone knows it. It might get under your skin that you didn't get invited to the competition at the Labyrinth last year. But after it devolved first into a smash-and-grab, and then into a heap of rubble that buried a number of heavy-hitters alive, you can't help but be thankful that you missed it.

It doesn't surprise you when one of the most powerful mages in creation appears to speak to you personally. Naturally, he thinks that you're a great candidate for helping him to hold the future of the multiverse in your palm. The major downside seems to be that you're not the only one he asked. If you're interested in being a master of the universe, you've got to hoof it to the ruins of the Labyrinth, and impress a few snooty judges along the way.

Sounds like a pain, but you can't get the promise of world-shaking power out of your head...

What is Outplay?Outplay is one of our two annual RPG competitions. It is a tournament that selects a single champion who best exemplifies the traits of an excellent player. We want to find the player who presents the perfect mix of creativity, rules knowledge, mechanical success, role play, and contributions to the story of a group of adventurers. This is an opportunity to put yourself in a short (but intense!) game with the best players on the site.

There will be a three-week application phase ("round 0") followed by four week-long rounds of competition. We expect players to make a high-quality post nearly every day of each week you're in competition. In between those competition rounds, you will rest and be judged. At the end of each round, players will be eliminated until only one remains. The winner will be crowned in early September.

Head over to the Outplay 2019 forum to see the full timeline & list of rules, to apply (PF / D&D), and to chat about the competition. Round 0 works just like a standard (albeit anonymous) game application. You've got three weeks to come up with a character concept and polish it into a gleaming gem.

Come on over! Meet new people, do great deeds, and show the site exactly how great you are!
GM of Uncaged: Found Family, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.
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