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Old 01-01-2018, 09:54 PM
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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year And Best Wishes For 2018!

I'm sitting in my living room on January 1, 2018, thinking back on the year that was. RPG Crossing community members told stories, played games, shared witty remarks, made helpful observations, and told us about challenges they faced in their lives. Together you have maintained and strengthened this great oasis on the internet.

We capped the year off with our December membership and charity drive. Not only does this support the continued existence of our community by helping to pay the bills (memberships are our primary way of doing this) but also it is emblematic of how our community can have real and positive effects in the world. Together, we donated $1570 to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, which will support research grants that target improving the lives of those affected by mental illness. This absolutely crushes last year's total of $925, which was already pretty awesome. Thank you to everyone who participated by buying a membership, buying a t-shirt, matching donations, donating prizes for participation, or donating directly to the BBR Foundation! I won't embarrass them by pointing them out, but there were a few bigger contributors who really helped create this success -- thank you! I hope that everyone enjoys their bonus months and PDF packs, and please, please make an effort to write an online review of any PDF prize you actually use, to give a helping hand to the generous prize donors.

Our staff:

In June, we said farewell to RedRab after a year on staff as she went off to devote her time to all sorts of real life adventures. We wish her well! Apparently, one RedRab requires a lot of replacing, because at around the same time we added some five new folks to the moderation team: Inem, Ion2Atom, Neqq, Bhelogan, and chocoladevla. Thank you to all our present and past moderators who together set the wonderful tone of this community. Please take a moment as you are considering the year past and the year to come to think on their contributions. They make things like the New Player Solo Games, Iron DM, Outplay, Post of the Month, Explosive Runes, and Hall of Fame possible, and also work daily to help game masters to create effective game ads and keep the site friendly and spam free. You can find a full list of site staff here.

Some highlights from the year:

In February, zany was announced as the winner of the 2017 Post of the Year with a fantastic portrayal of character. The Post of the Month recognition continued every month in 2017.

In March, we ran our 'Go Green, Give Green' CS event, where full year CS purchasers could donate an additional 3 months to any non-CS user of their choice. Michael McCarthy donated one of his first 'Straight Path' publications to everyone who participated. Thanks, Mike!

In April, LittleBlueNA was crowned as the winner of the Easter Bunny hunt and received his winner's avatar, whether he wanted it or not.

In July, Explosive Runes #22 was released after a bit of a hiatus (#21 was released in December 2015!) This online magazine (PDF) is a great read, and I've spent some enjoyable time meandering through the back issues. dirkoth, the current editor, aims to have the next one out near the end of this month, and I, for one, welcome our new ER overlord.

In September, after months of competition, the winner of Outplay, our player competition, was announced. Congratulations to Wynamoinen, the finalist from the D&D 5e bracket who beat out the Pathfinder (Blackfyre) and Mutants & Mastermind (JackinIron) finalists to win the final round!

Also in September, three games were inducted into RPG Crossing's Hall of Fame. Check out the following exemplary stories: Skull and Shackles - DMed by Sassafrass, Star Wars: Purge - DMed by Melchior, and The City of Endless Arenas - DMed by Avner, Bhelogan, jbear. jrice408 and Vallesh. Congratulations to the GMs and players!

In December, Inem duked it out with Khelbiros in the final round of the gruelling Iron DM contest, and defended his title to claim ownership of the 2017 Iron DM competition!

Finally, in December, our "New Player Solo Games" graduated its 894th member while miraculously keeping waiting times near zero! Thank you to zevonian and all the GMs who volunteer their time to help get new community members up to speed!

There are also some great member-run initiatives that are worth checking out if you haven't already, including the long-running short story competition and the Writer's Block initiative. I'd also like to give a shout out to everyone who takes a moment out of their day to welcome new members to our community - thank you! If you are running something like this that I haven't mentioned, please send me a pm and let me know!

It's been a great year, and I'm looking forward to an even better one ahead! Happy New Year 2018! Now go play some games*!

With special thanks to our Community Supporters and donors who provide the principal financial support for the ongoing existence of this community,

- Mark / Birched

*Unless, of course, you like lists, in which case you should take a look at the following just for fun, and then go play some games.

Users who referred the most new users who stuck around to make at least 10 posts in 2017. Thanks!

1. Nezumi4500
2. MercurialJack
3. Neqq
4. Coron
4. Estaban
4. Agrudez

Top ten most popular non-private threads (by new post count) in 2017 (looks like it's time to delete some Tug of Wars):
  1. Tug of War 65: Infiltration
  2. OOC Thread (CoEA)
  3. Table Talk
  4. 100 Questions
  5. Tug of War 66: Raucous Rodent Royalty
  6. Dice Roller and Tag Testing Thread - Five (5) Post Limit!
  7. The Obsidian Champions (East) - Chapter 1 to 6 - OOC
  8. The Stonehill Inn
  9. The Muppet Balcony
  10. What's your Fate - Dice Rolling Thread

Top ten most popular non-private game threads (by new post count) in 2017 (yup, definitely time):
  1. Tug of War 65: Infiltration
  2. Tug of War 66: Raucous Rodent Royalty
  3. The Six Word Game - speak your mind in exactly six words!
  4. Chapter 1: Deals in Olomak
  5. Face To Face
  6. Adventure #1 - Visions in the Mist
  7. Tug of War 67: Next Stop, Tug of War Trading Cards
  8. Chapter 2: Seeking New Management
  9. Chapter 4 - Along the Tradeway
  10. Chapter 2, Part 1: Into the North

Top ten most popular game systems for new games advertised in 2017 (when 'Other' beats 'Pathfinder' we might need some new categories...):

1. D&D 5e
2. Other
3. Pathfinder
4. D&D 3.5
5. Mutants & Masterminds
6. World of Darkness
6. Dresden Files
8. Starfinder
9. Numenera
9. Shadowrun

Top 15 users who gave the most reputation hits in 2017:

1. dirkoth
2. Kaji
3. Bluejack
4. Dressedtojazz
5. Bhelogan
6. kaylara
7. Wynamoinen
8. Seravok
8. chocoladevla
10. oztk
11. Humble Athena
12. tomplum
13. Xian
14. Digorig
14. MoonZar

Top 15 users who received the most reputation hits in 2017:

1. dirkoth
2. Bluejack
3. Avner
3. chocoladevla
5. Wynamoinen
5. Thorsten
7. Bhelogan
8. Dressedtojazz
9. Sassafrass
10. tomplum
11. Seravok
12. Ratpigeon
13. Xian
14. wodine
15. Digorig

Top 12 posts with the most reputation hits in 2017:

1. Seravok
2. Captain Devonin
3. Cipher
4. Seravok
4. Huhart
6. MoonZar
6. Wynamoinen
6. Wynamoinen
9. arin12
9. Birched
11. LittleBlueNA
11. Inem

Top ten forums with the most posts in 2017:
  1. Games Seeking Players
  2. Open Roleplaying
  3. Solo Games Archive
  4. Archived Expeditions
  5. Archive
  6. The City of Endless Arenas
  7. Sigil Locations
  8. New Member Introductions
  9. Archived
  10. Dungeon Dive: A Fast Paced, Combat Centric, Player Driven Campaign
  11. The City of Landfall: The Unfathomable Whims of The Lady
  12. Completed Adventures
  13. Landfall Locations
  14. Dragonball: Wrinkles in Time
  15. General Discussion

Longest running games with posts in 2017 (ranked by age) -- also, when you are this old, any post counts:
  1. The Pantheon of the Twelve [Edit: this one's not really running; just a couple of OOC posts]
  2. Earthen Works
  3. Sabre Squadron
  4. Dark*Matter: The Hoffmann Institute
  5. The Three Evils
  6. World of Hearth
  7. Naruto D20: all that is shinobi
  8. This is Ravens Bluff:
  9. RPG Crossing Sourcebook Project
  10. Elghinn Il'tess Wun l' Olath
  11. The Ringlabor
  12. Earthen Works
  13. Mutants & Masterminds 2E: Time of Crisis
  14. Seis'kerta
  15. Welcome to the Westmarches [Sandbox Exploration Game]
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