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Old Jun 19th, 2020, 03:53 AM
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Campaign Idea: The Resistance

This is a plot-line combined with a game-mechanic

The game takes place in a multi-planar, Planescape-type setting. Characters are experienced Pathfinder/D&D type-characters. The planes that the characters will find themselves on would relatively little magic and/or technology. At 6th level, the characters would be akin to superheroes.

The situation is that there are certain evil forces that are attempting to destabilized these planes - through importing forbidden magic, by giving them super-powerful technology, opening inter-planar gates, freeing powerful entities or other strange schemes.

The PCs must act to stop the villains without revealing their own nature. The PCs operate through the network of safehouses and friendly civilians that the "Good Guys" set up (the "good guys" being powerful good wizards and such who are financing the enterprise). Basically, the PCs are spies and have a lot of the challenges of ordinary criminals.

For the challenges that the PCs face, I'd like to use a modified version of the Blades In The Dark game. The PCs choose among possible capers outlined by NPCs - following a powerful foe, raiding a strange tavern, etc. They then roll together to see how far they get in the caper and then they thrown into the point where "things go (partially or completely) wrong" and have to finish thing off. Each player has a myth-points or hero points they can use to solve some of these problems with a flashback also.
- Each caper would have several skill-rolled associated, each of which has to be made by a different character. Each success moves you up a stage (but you wouldn't know how many stages or what the success-level is). You could improve your chances with some research and/or role-playing beforehand but nothing drawn out.
Once you get out, you find out the good and bad implications of what you've done. And the "spy agency" the characters are a part of would have internal politics, so you can succeed and still piss off a boss. Or fail and not have people worried.

This similar to an old Andre Norton book The Crossroads Of Time (except the heroes in it use psionic, details!). Also similar to a lot of original Startrek and Dr. Who episode. But characters use magic, not hi-tech.

I'm posting the idea for feedback. I hope write a proposal in few days.

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