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Old Dec 16th, 2009, 07:37 PM
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Herb takes 20 to search the body turning in over checking all the pockets and looking for gold and valuebles. He then cleans his rapiers on the clothes of the body and puts them away at his sides. standing to see whats happening everywhere else. He annouces in a loud voice, "I am the pirate Herb Bellany, and i have slain Cap'n Yella!!"
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Niels laughs, a wet cough, and claps softly. "Aye, well done lad...but don't let your head get too big, or you'll fall off the sides!" again the wet cough and weak laugh, it seems Niels isn't long for this world. Niels' first mate James comes up the steps, a look of dismay in his eyes when he sees the state of the Captain. "Sir!" he says, his usually gruff voice full of concern. James carries the captain down below decks, but not before scooping up the two bags of gold you found.

Sadly Niels died only an hour later, and left command of the new ship to James. At current the ship is still called Yella's Fancy, and is a far nicer ship than the Sinking Hawk was, especially with its armour plating protecting the crew. It takes little over a week to reach Sasserine again, and James calls you all together on the deck.

"Right fellas, this ship is mine now, but you've all been released from Captain Niels' command. I've no right to make you stay, and you'll be paid your share of the booty." James waves his hand toward the quartermaster standing just behind him, and continues. "Any who wish to stay on under my command are welcome to, and will be paid the same rates, and hold the same ranks they did under Niels. Just tell Roger if you're signing on again or not when you collect your pay." About half the pirates decide to stay on with James and the newly repainted Blackarrow sails off into the Sasserine sea, James is a decent captain, but not half the man Niels was. Quite annoyed at not getting a promotion, or any extra pay for killing Yella you decide not to sign on again, and waste all your money on drinking and whoring in Sasserine. It's been a few weeks, and you're running low on cash...all you have left from the battle is a few gold coins, the heavy gold ring and your prized rapier. Herb needs to find a new job...and quick...

OOC:And that's the end of the solo game! The main game will be starting up very shortly, and you will begin with your MW Rapier and an extra 50gp to spend on something (which you can spend before the game starts, or save it, your choice). Everyone else who's currently in a solo thread won't be getting their 'Reward' until they finish their solo thread, so you and Prometheus are starting with a slight advantage in the main game. This thread will now be locked, made public and moved to the Archives section. Thanks for playing!
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