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Old Oct 21st, 2010, 08:56 AM
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Character Creation

Here's the information you'll need for your characters stats and such. If you also have a question about anything like traits and such, post it here.

Starting level: 1st
Starting gold: Roll as normal for your class
Traits: Two traits from separate categories
Race: You can use the alternate racial features in the APG
Favored class bonus: +1 HP or skill point per level. If you wish you can use the alternate bonuses in the APG
Stats: 4d6 and reroll the ones and drop the lowest. Once enough of the players have rolled we'll vote on the stat set we'll use.
Skills: Choose one Craft, Profession, or Perform skill. This is your hobby skill. You gain a bonus equal to half your level (minimum 1) on that skill. Now if you put a skill point in that skill it becomes an active skill and your hobby bonus becomes fixed. An example: At level four your bonus would be +2. At sixth level it becomes a +3, but if you put a skill point in it at forth or fifth level your bonus stays at a +2. This represents the transition from mere dabbling into active training. However, at forth level you can choose a new skill to become a hobby skill and it gains the remainder of your hobby bonus as normal
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