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Old Jan 25th, 2011, 02:50 PM
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"Yes! Ah!- I mean, if there's any way I can help." Siseril climbs up onto the horse, his height giving him an advantage. The owl shuffles a bit on his shoulder but then falls back into motionlessness. "My, isn't this, ah, exciting..."
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Old Jan 27th, 2011, 07:24 AM
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Oleg turns to Siseril, realizing he’s a newcomer. “Ah just leave them in there and I’ll look after ‘em.” His hand casually waves over to the guesthouse where everybody else had stayed for the evening.

Suddenly, Satinder speaks up.


Oleg jumps as he turns his head to where Satinder is.

“Perhaps it is best if a couple of us stay here to protect Oleg and Svetlana whilst the others attack the camp? We can’t be certain that the bandits won’t be trouble.”

A loud harrumph can be heard from Alistair as Satinder mentions this. “Fair enough, perhaps you and I can remain whilst they…” he gestures rather sharply and seemingly rudely at the remainder of the party in general “… go and take care of those bandits. I’ll be in the guesthouse if anyone needs me.”

Alistair casually strides to the guesthouse, whilst Satinder shrugs casually at the party. “Well, guess that’s settled. Siseril, if you want you can follow me to the guesthouse and I can show you where you can leave your belongings.”

OOCI’ve taken Satinder and Alistair out of the picture for now, leaving them as ‘guards’ for Oleg and Svetlana (which I hope is ok for everybody). It reduces the party size but you should still be able to handle the bandits at the camp without much difficulty. From memory the lowest party speed is 40 ft with horses, so I’ll take it as that. The trip more or less roughly takes about 10 hours.
Back from my trip! Hope everyone had a good Christmas break and a happy 2011 to all :)
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Old Feb 3rd, 2011, 11:18 PM
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“Better brand'em if you mean to keep 'em,” Rogan nods from Kostas to the newly indentured bandits. “Make it clear and easy to check. If any run, we'll want to know who to kill on sight,” he observes. “Self-defense,” he clarifies.

Rogan watches, listening quietly as the chartered conquerors develop a plan to advance. He nods his assent to Kostas' plan of attack and smiles at the prospect of leaving the erstwhile bandits in bondage to those they came to enslave. Warden Satinder, he entertains himself silently when the bard suggests remaining behind.

Weregild, he muses. Not familiar with the term, but the idea appeals. Strengthen our hand with the enemies' wealth: Nice plan. I wonder how we'll split what's too tender to part? For now, what puts safe bivouac at our back is all to the good.

Oleg's missing his wedding ring? He might be grateful to see that returned. Better keep an eye out for it.

The ranger looks askance at the thin elven newcomer's display of firing a bolt at his feet, suspicion poorly concealed in his hardened expression. Rogan's never met an elf that quailed at the sight of danger, though he's met a few ready to play the fool in hopes of sparing themselves time in such company. The human smirks, nods recognition of the new man but says nothing else in greeting. Brune's said enough.
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