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Dramatis Personae (Character Thread)

Post character profiles here.

PlayerCharacterCharacter Sheet
rilibastAndrezi "Drez" IliavanteskoX
SaidandeFindal BrightsoulX
copattMikki MuddytoesX
DarkshardIymkala HanelX
GhostwheelNiknik NillstarX
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Findal Brightsoul

Race: Halfling
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Summoner 1

Description: Physically Findal is like most of the wee folk, short, nimble, and dexterous. But that is where most of the similarity ends. Findal is a gaunt creature, almost emaciated. His life has been a hard one. And it shows on his frame, which is lean if not overly muscled. His mind has grown sharp from years of hardship and life as a slave in Chelliax. He is tall for a halfling and his slender frame makes him seem even more so.

Personality: Findal is stern and focused for a halfling, though he is slowly reverting to the nature of his kin now that he is free from the bonds of slavery. He still retains the trickster's knack that most halflings have, though he doesn't often use it. He is a creature for who being good is the only option. He has seen the pain and suffering that is created by evil or even neutral acts and refuses to allow his actions to cause that kind of pain in others. He despises slavery of any type and has asked his Eidolon to rend the flesh of slave drivers on sight. His hatred for those who force their will upon others is something that is on the verge of insanity. It has made him contemplate the connection between himself and his eidolon many times.

History: Findal was born to slave parents in the empire of Cheliax. Whipped and mistreated from birth. He grew up knowing nothing but endless toil and mistreatment for his small stature and lack of physical strength, something the wee folk needed if they were to live a life free of the whip. When he was an adolescent he watched his master put his father to death for dropping a plate during a banquet. His mother followed soon after. Findal was left in the care of the other slaves in the manor. One night a fire broke out and the slaves fled, leaving Findal behind. He was trapped in a room with his master as the flames consumed the building. The master demanded he leap though the flames to reach a window so that his master could flee. Findal refused. His master went for a whip and Findal grabbed a knife from a serving tray and sliced the man's ankles, crippling him. Findal then crawled out though a vent too small for the human to follow. His master cursed at him though the smoke and Final answered with only this.

"I hope the flames burn slowly"

He was captured in the streets three days later and sold to a traveling Cheliaxian merchant. He went all over the world with his new master, watching the talented if evil man preform acts of sorcery to aid in his business. Findal learned as much as he could of the magics and even learned a few simple cantrips from observation alone. Years later he used those simple magics to escape his new master an flee into the country side. There he hid, using his magics to protect himself from detection and from the natural predators in the area. On the third night his magics failed him and a pack of wolves trapped him in a small tunnel. As he prayed to Iomedae that his death be swift something happened. The wolves backed off, he did not see them do it as his eyes were squeezed shut. When he opened them he saw what at first he thought was a troglodyte.

"Oh no. Don't let me be eaten by a Troglodyte" he said and the creature turned. He noticed that it had glowing blue eyes and its skin was white, not the black of most of the lizardfolk. The wolves pressed the advantage when it turned its gaze and one latched onto its forearm. It cried out in pain and took the wolf by the neck, snapping its head back. The wolf let out a yelp that was cut off as the creature threw it at its kin, the entire mass letting out cries of pain and fear.

"What are you" Findal asked as the wolves retreated. He summoned up light so he could see it better.

"I am Narmellion, guardian of the Sal'kathar and servant of the lady Iomedae. I am yours to command" It said in celestial.

"I am Eidolon, ghost of the past"

Narmellion looks somewhat like a Troglodyte, but on closer inspection it becomes obvious that he is not one of the scaled lizardfolk. The scales on his skin are far thicker and more durable and his face is more draconic than the faces of Troglodytes, somewhat similar to that of a Kobold. His claws are long and delicate but impossibly strong, able to gash wood from trees without breaking. His tail is larger and stronger than a troglodytes as well. His eyes glow a pale blue and his skin has a pale luminescent quality in the dark.

What does your character bring to the party Findal and Narmellion bring many things to the party, both physical and otherwise. Findal is intelligent and very devout. He will bring a wealth of Roleplay to the party and as a character I have played once before he is fully fleshed out. He will continue to grow as he interacts with the party as will Narmellion. Narmellion is an enigmatic creature, wise but unable to do much in his current form. Findal and Narmellion's goal is to ensure that Narmellion returns to his former power and stature. Physically Narmellion is a strong back, and will often carry the slower Final around on his shoulders between conflicts and on long journeys. As his level increases he will become quite strong and skilled in the art of tracking and hunting. Findal is hungry for knowledge and will serve as a moral and ethical compass for the party as well as a skilled buffer and expert in the planes and the arcane in general. He will also take crafting feats if the game will allow time for crafting. Narmellion is actually from the area around Sandpoint. There are many ancient troglodyte and "Snakepeople" cities buried beneath this area and he will have skill ranks in Knowledge History that will allow some understanding of those things if it ever comes up.

How many games are you currently in Zero

Have you ever played Rise of the Runelords before Tried to twice, once here on DNDOG and once with the local gaming group... neither got off the ground. Been wanting to for a LONG time though.

Entry to Sandpoint

The days after escaping the wolves and his discovery of Narmellion had been a bit of a blur. Findal had learned so much in those few days. He had learned that his new protector was something called and Eidolon, in this case a servant of Iomedae herself. He spoke of their shared diety in reverence and always touched one clawed hand to his heart when he did.

"She said that I was to come to this place and protect you. And to follow your orders" It said.

"I am your servant, your protector" Those words made Findal scoff. He hated the idea of having a servant. Too close to slavery for him.

"I ask nothing of you old ghost. I will not have a slave" At that the Eidolon simply palmed the halflings skull and picked him up, holding him at eye level.

"Who said anything about a slave?" The creature asked.

"Fair enough" The halfling said, not showing fear in the least. The Eidolon smiled.

"You are a brave one... I like this" It said, putting the much smaller Findal on his shoulders. He took off though the brush at a much faster pace.

"There is a settlement about a day's walk from here. I doubt I will be openly accepted but with any luck you can talk them into letting us in" Narmellion said, breaking into a jog.

Findal found the ride uncomfortable but still much better than hiking on his short legs. He thought that when they could get some money he would build a harness for Narmellion that would make the ride easier.

As they rode Narmellion instructed Findal in the magics that bound them together. He learned that he could dismiss Narmellion back to his own plane with but a thought, and once accidentally did, causing Findal to fall to the ground and severely bruise his arm. Luckily Narmellion had already taught Findal his True Name. The string of sounds that represented Narmellion's being in Celestial. Findal quickly drug a small circle in the sand around him, chanting. For ten whole minutes he called out to the Eidolon before the ground before him began to sink under the weight of an unseen entity. Slowly the form of the creature took shape, drawing in energy from around it. As Findal said the words for the last time Narmellion stood...looking at his Summoner with a scowl.

"I think we should get control over that. Martial your thoughts little one. Or you will find me naught when you need me most" He said, picking up the halfling and continuing on.

"If the people of Sandpoint will not have me, I am willing to be dismissed until I am needed" He said as they came over a small hill. The town of Sandpoint laid out before him, sitting on the coast.

"It has been long indeed since I have seen the sea" Narmellion said in celestial. Putting the halfling down. The two walked towards the city. Findal checked his pockets and found a small bag of of the few things he had "Liberated" from his former owner.

"This should help" He said, showing the Eidolon the coins.

"Indeed. Though from here out we should refrain from stealing, even from the evils of this land" The creature said...
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Name: Able, originally Thraukur
Race: Half-orc
Class: Inquisitor of Desna (Monster hunter)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Backstory: There was a long moment of silence as the half-orc lit his pipe, drawing in a deep lungful of smoke as the campfire danced before his seated frame. A slow exhale was followed by an almost silent wistful sigh. "So," he began, his low voice barely louder than the crackling fire "you want to know how it is that I sit here this night across from you sharing the warmth of this flame and the cheap brandy in our bellies; what roads I traveled and why it is that I even left my home in the first place. The tale is not a short one, but Desna's watchful guidance will keep us safe on this dark night. You look surprised. I imagine you were expecting 'Me Grok. Me smash things good.'" The half-orc rubbed one his tusks thoughtfully and took another draw on his pipe. "I won't fault you your perceptions. It is a difficult task to break through the actions of an entire race. There is more to people than that though and perhaps that is the moral of my coming tale, perhaps not." Another pause in which only the campfire dared to break the quiet.
"I was born in the lands called The Hold of Belkzen. It is harsh, dry place filled with death and sorrow. The people that call it home, my people, give as good as they get in order to survive. They must... No civilization could last in that place, only the force of nature that they are. That was my birthright and I fought viciously for it. Such is the way of things in the Hold." He took a sip of brandy from the skin and passed it to the man across from him, feeling the liquid warm his stomach pleasantly.
"My mother doted on me extensively as is the way of things. Her name? She had not one. The orcs of the Hold do not name their property. It is far.... easier to live a life of constant battle and bloodshed when those that fall are mere things as opposed to people with dreams and wishes of their own. My father, a mighty warrior of the tribe, had earned his name upon becoming a man. The shaman had bestowed upon him Thrauk, a title meaning Bear. The appellation was accurate in all ways. As is proper, the son should follow in the footsteps of the father and Thrauk beat me mercilessly in order to toughen me up. It was not personal though. He did this to all of his children."
"Ten years. That is how long I went by the name Ut. It means, quite simply, 'boy'. It was Ut that wrestled the other Uts in order to build a tolerance to pain and an understanding of combat. Those that won were rewarded with food. Those that lost were given extra beatings as incentive to not lose. I was beaten more often than not. It was Ut that scaled the mountain peaks to learn the land, the limits of endurance, the knowledge that all one has is himself. It was Ut that watched the beasts of the wild and the beasts of war and learned their weaknesses. It was Ut that learned to stare down those who would prey upon him. Ten years before I was able to take my place in the naming ceremony. Ten years before I was given the opportunity to become a member of the tribe. Ten years and I was given the title Thraukur. Un-bear." He took another long draw on his pipe and it was nearly an hour before he spoke again.
"The name shamed my father deeply and I was cast from the tribe without food and without water, but not before I received a beating for bringing shame. All the men participated in this and it was all I could do to stay conscious. They would have killed me if I had not and they still may. The tribeless are branded and considered fair game for any orc without fear of reprisal." He lightly taps prominent scar on his forehead. "I did what was expedient and left bloody and bruised."
"Days turned into weeks and then into months. I traveled..." He paused for a moment to restuff and relight his pipe. "Suffice to say I traveled. I have laid eyes upon the shores of the inner sea and beheld the majesty of the snow capped peaks of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. I have witnessed the cruelties of Cheliax, the wildness of the River Kingdoms, and the strangeness of Razmiran priests. I bore witness to all of this from behind the bars of a cage, shackled hand and foot for the lessons taught to me by my forebears. I knew no better and passed my time switching between bouts of rage and desolate despair. It was a bitter time." A few more puffs were followed by a light chuckle.
"Your eyes wander to the starknife on my belt. It is part of the same tale. It was in the spring of last year that the butterflies graced my cage. Shortly thereafter, my prison was approached by a woman. Dark of hair and fair of skin, you would have likely found her homely, but to me she was radiant. She asked me why I was in the cage and I responded honestly. The men that bound me were stronger and it was their right to subjugate me. This answer disappointed her. She asked if I enjoyed the cage and I answered no. She nodded and spoke quietly with my captors. They drew weapons upon her and she left quietly without another word. I was perplexed by this behavior. Never had I seen any turn their back to a blade. I thought on this for many days without answer. I did not have the framework at the time to understand the strength to not draw a weapon in the face of bared steel. The woman returned after a week and tossed a bag of coins at the feet of the men. They fell over the pile greedily, while she approached me and asked if I was ready to see the world on my own terms, if I was ready to protect the weak instead of subjugate them, to throw off shackles of oppression where I saw them, to be the best person I could be. I answered yes without hesitation. The other option being to stay in the cage. It was not a choice at all."
"I walked alongside her for months, observing her and learning all that I could. She taught me of gods and goddesses that I had never had the opportunity to discover. She taught me of monsters, magic, and stranger things. She taught me goodness and compassion. She taught me that my youth was not wrong, but misguided. She taught me many things, but most importantly; that I was able to choose which path I dared to tread upon. Simply put, I am Able."

Appearance: Able is what could be described as a runt when compared to his mightier brothers. Short and light for an orc, he still manages to match most human men. He has grey skin, sharp brown eyes and short black hair kept closely cropped to his head. Small one inch tusks poke out from his bottom jaw and a pinkish scar resembling a broken axe is prominently displayed upon his brow. Various tattoos in tribal motifs cover his arms in greens, blues, reds, and blacks. His clothing is well worn, but cared for in earthen tones, never quite seeming to lose all the road dust he picks up.
Personality: Calm is the word to describe Able. Highly intelligent and to the point, there isn't much this half-orc misses. As much as he tries to avoid his savage upbringing, he understands that the skills he learned are valuable and he puts them to full use whether he is staring down an unruly mob or letting someone or something that is preying upon the weak know in no uncertain terms what will happen if they do not desist.
What does your character bring to the party, both in a fight and outside of one? In combat, Able is effective in both melee and ranged, disdaining the use of a shield in favor of keeping a hand free in the event he needs to use a heavy weapon or cast a spell. Out of combat, his knowledge of creatures can prove invaluable as can his ability to survive in the wild. Further more he can act as both diplomat and enforcer, with an ability to detect falsehood that can rival the paladins of Iomedae.

How many games are you currently in? Technically 2, but one is on a hiatus until either the co-DM shows up or the main DM finishes his arc in his other game and the other moves slowly, but steadily for for 3 or 4 years now.
Have you ever played Rise of the Runelords before, and if so, how good are you at avoiding metagaming? (You won't be disqualified for prior experience, but I'd prefer you not spoil it for those who haven't played it.) I own it, bought on subscription when my Dungeon and Dragon subscriptions could no longer be fulfilled by Paizo. I've read it, cover to cover and enjoyed it thoroughly. Can I avoid giving away the plot? Yes. If nothing else, I'm able to push the plot foreward. In the Dark Sun game currently on hiatus )foundhere), I was very familiar with the Freedom module. It did nothing to lessen my enjoyment of the game or give me cause to spoil things for other players. Plot points that Thron divulged were fully in the realm of knowledge, prejudice, and suspicions the character would have. And really, that is what your asking. How well can I separate Player knowledge from Character knowledge? In a word, effectively.
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Name: Andrezi "Drez" Iliavantesko
Race: Varisian
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral
Quote: "Worry not Ameiko and pass me another drink. One day I will be the greatest swordsman that ever lived."


Goblins.... that's what they call them. Goblinoids.... it makes no difference. The idea is that when they come it's never a good thing. They've got a song they sing. I owe goblins you could say. I owe them for how strong I've become. My family was pretty peaceful. My da was good with a knife, but he never had to use it for more than just show. My sister danced the fire dance with my mother, and me... well I was young and just learning when they came. One goblin would have been no problem for the strapping young lad I were. But when you're in a troup of not more than ten, and over 50 of the little bastards come tumbling at you..... It was horrible. All I remember is the smell of iron in the air, and people getting ripped apart. My sister held tight to my mamma's hands, but all she pulled out of the burning carriage were her arms. There was a sweet smell in the air after that. Until I realized it were only the smell of corpses cooking. My da had hate in his heart then. It would never end.

After that we stayed closer to Sandpoint. My da became and adventurer. He always took jobs involving killing goblins. I wanted him to teach me the knife. He never did. Said I should keep my head in books. Turn my back on the Varisian people and stop dreaming of moving with the other families. He wanted us to become towners.... city folk. It were never in my blood. It were never in his neither. My sis loved being flirty with the town's boys. She never let them touch til she got married. Still romancing til she got a bit of coin was always a good way to bring food to the table. Sometimes I thought it was just another way to forget that horrible night. I grew up with my best friend Ameiko. Never new we could have been something until it was too late. The darkness see..... the bloodlust. That didn't come from being a Varisian. It were hate placed in me by the goblins. It was the same hate that drove my da away from us. He could never focus it. I could.

Swords... out of every piece of rotten weaponry out there the sword is one that was specifically built to kill. It's design was never for hunting or chopping wood. It was a killer's weapon. It was the weapon of a master of war. My first sword I got from good ole Belor Hemlock. When I say got I mean I stole. Nice peace of work that sword. I still got it. Anyways when he caught me he says if I want to keep it, then all I got to do it hit him with it. Well I didn't want to kill him or anything. He weren't no goblin. I swung on him anyway with the flat end. Thought to teach him a lesson and wipe off his smug face. Let's just say it's a good thing I didn't go chasing after goblins that day. Belor whooped me good, but promised I'd repay him for the sword. Each day he had me come in and learn a little....after I did some chores around the town. Everyday I'd try to give back the sword to save my aching back, but he kept pushing me. Ameiko used to come to my training sessions. She would poke fun of me until I was ready to give up. That's when she cheered me on. I didn't see it back then, but she really cared. I guess thinking back I should have payed more attention to her own family problems. I hope it's not too late.

Anyways my first real kill was when a goblin got to the stables at the Rusty Dragon. Ameiko screamed, and I was inside waiting for her to come back. We were playing at a real good game of cards. I rushed out and impaled the little bastard with my sword. Then I started cutting. It felt good to kill him. He deserved it. After I was finished I showed Ameiko his decapitated head. She saw the hate him my eyes then. She was scared that day. I'm not sure if she was scared of what happened or me. It sure felt like me though. I didn't want to know the truth so I ran off. I've kept my distance since then. That was about 2 weeks ago. Now the festival is coming up. Hopefully I can make things right by her.
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Name: Iymkala Hanel (provisional non-official character sheet)


Race: Human

Class: Oracle

Alignment: NG

Traits: Exile (Campaign), Vagabond Child


Appearance: Iymkala has short, thick black hair that is evidently growing out from having been cut short (in fact, most of it was singed off in the fire). Despite it's disordered state it frames her face well, and is obviously soft. She has typical pale skin, although she does have dramatic burn scars on her arms, legs and back (she curled up into a ball whilst everything around her burned). Her complexion contrasts well with her surprisingly deep red lips. She is definitely attractive, and when not wearing armour favours long, swirling gypsy skirts and knotted, cleavage-revealing blouses (at least in Varisia, it's a holiday atmosphere too). She generally, but not always, wears a linen blindfold to hide the rather shocking sight from others, and often carries a wooden stick. She doesn't need it other than perhaps as a weapon, but she used it for a while whilst still truly blind and holds onto it out of habit.

Personality: Despite her status as former resistance, Iymkala has many strong traits identifying her as Chelaxian. She is cautious and conscientious, and she prefers to use careful consideration and planning whenever possible. She also feels responsible to those she cares for. Since joining forces with the resistance in Cheliax she has come to consider a much more pro-active approach to opposing evil as necessary.

What does your character bring to the party, both in a fight and outside of one? In a combat, she provides healing and also potentially fire-based offensive capabilities. I was considering potentially investing a point or two in rogue skills to represent her background, so there's a back-up there if needed. Outside, she provides a careful outlook, and being a Charisma-based character can probably provide a party face if required.

How many games are you currently in? I am DM of one and playing in six. However, three of those six have drawn to a halt and two of the remainder are substantially slowed down.

Have you ever played Rise of the Runelords before, and if so, how good are you at avoiding metagaming? I have never played it before and am relatively new to the Pathfinder game and universe.
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Name: Niknik Nillstar
Race: Gnome
Class: Summoner
Alignment: Neutral
Backstory: As a child Niknik was often teased and harrassed for his weight, and thus secluded himself in his father's library for hours on end. One day he came upon a ritual that would summon a bodyguard to his side who would be at his beck and call. He worked for two weeks upon the magic, and finally finished the ritual, drawing to his side a magnificent beast. Upon that his life changed, and he took to bullying the other children, becoming the town bully. Finally people were tired of his charades and manner, and upon reaching maturity Niknik left his home feigning disgust at the backwards people of his town but in reality ashamed about his behavior. However, he as-of-yet knows no other way to feel valued and respected, and thus uses the only way he knows how, by being a bit of a bully, though there's no fight in him should his eidolon be banished.
Appearance: A hair over three feet tall, Niknik is rather pudgy for a gnome. His hair is often hidden beneath the hood of his cloak though his face is easily visible, tanned skin and soft features often gregarious and sometimes a little cruel when being his arrogant self. However, when cowed his posture quickly collapses and he shrinks in on himself to appear smaller and less of nuisance, sometimes whining a little when in danger.
Personality: Niknik is often overly prideful and arrogant while he has his eidolon, though he's not overly wise and is easily manipulated due to his arrogant nature, something that is readily apparent to all but the thickest of individuals. However, he is actually a coward at heart, and should his eidolon be defeated, he quickly become subdued and easily cowed, bowing and scraping to whoever defeated his summoned beast. (Note: Rather than for evil, this will be used more for humor and laughs.) What Niknik truly wants is to feel respected and accepted and a sense of belonging and secretly hates himself for acting this way, but continues to act as he does due to his lack of a full range of social skills and his childhood.
What does your character bring to the party, both in a fight and outside of one? As a summoner, Niknik uses his eidolon as a front-line combatant meant to take hits and beat foes into submission. In tandem he's an adept user of arcane power, mostly in the form of buffing his allies. Outside combat he can use his magical items in order to have a wide range of utility powers to help the party in whoever they're talking to, as well as investigate strange occurences and such. He also has much knowledge of the arcane, and can often identify spells on the fly to warn his companions before they drink that strangely-colored goo.
How many games are you currently in? Two, though one of those appears to be comatose.
Have you ever played Rise of the Runelords before, and if so, how good are you at avoiding metagaming? Never played it, though I was supposed to play in one game and read over the player's guide for setting background.

(Character sheet coming soon)
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