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Old Sep 25th, 2012, 02:37 PM
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Posting Guidlines

Rate: Please strive for 1/day during week days, weekends are optional, I will only be able to post on Sundays an weekends.

In Game: Please put in speech in Bold, and thoughts in Italics. All dice rolls for a should be done in TT tags with a description of what the rolls is for in the visible text. Thanks.

1. Hit the Red TT button

2. Put the "[dice]" tags in the bar that pops up.

3. When the TT tag is created, put the text you want to show (Attacks, Swings, Initiative) whatever in between the quotation marks.

Combat: We will be using the group initiative ruling during combat. When combat begins I will roll 1 initiative for the Monsters and include that number at the bottom of my post. Everyone else then roles initiative, anyone who beats the monsters' roll can immediately take a turn, then all the monsters will go, then all the players including those who got an extra turn, and then monsters, players, back and forth till one group is dead :-)

Any questions feel free to post them here or in OOC of send me a PM, thanks.

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