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Old Feb 13th, 2013, 12:03 PM
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Any long standing rulings, house or otherwise, will be put here. Basic stuff about pathfinder we need to remember.

Rule #1I won't be keeping track of experience, per say. Leveling will be done whenever I say. This is actually recommended in the WLD book, stating that if characters leveled at normal exp pace, you would get way overleveled in just the first section of the dungeon.

Rule #2On your first death, you can re-roll any character you want, but there will be penalties with your ability rolls and you will not get as good scores.
On your second death, you will get a monster class assigned by me to play. It will be a race specific to the part of the dungeon you are in. You start out with just the monster abilities, then when you level you choose your specific class and proceed along that class's leveling guide.
On your third death... I don't know yet. If you die 3 times, I'll have to think of something else to penalize you... Don't die 3 times, be smart.

Rule #3Try to post at least once every 48 hours. More is encouraged.

Rule #4During combat, every turn will be 24 hours long. At the end of 24 hours, I will advance the turn whether you have gone or not. If you fail to take your turn within the f24 hours, you lose that turn.
At the beginning of combat, everyone will roll init. I will roll init for the monsters. We will average the parties and the monsters init to create 2 initiates, that of the party, and that of the monsters. Then it will be players first or monsters. If you take too long to roll init, I will do it for you. On players turn, you DO NOT have to act in initiative order. Just post once per turn. If someone posts before you during the turn, essentially the turn just plays out whoever posts first went first, so play off of that. Again, there is no order on the players turn.
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