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Old Mar 29th, 2013, 12:28 AM
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When your number is called, step forward and repeat the phrase you've been given.

"You all know the drill... understandthis is a reference to the "line up" scene in "The Usual Suspects."?"
... ahh, it's your breath.

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Jac Winter, Dread Waitress.

Who is your character?Jac is a skinny creature who seems to default to being bored. The nastier things get, the more cheerful and energetic she becomes. Rest is death to her. She thrives on trouble.

She's working at Joe's while she completes a long distance literature degree. She's been at it a while and has a while still to go. She had a really hideous time at what she calls "real" college; After she bit off that guy's ear they asked her not to come back. She insists it was worth it and that the taste was the worst part.

It's nobody's dream job, but it's not going anywhere and the people make it tolerable. She has particular respect for Joe himself, who could have fired her more than once.
She's brutally honest and drinks more than she should, but the boss has always taken the position that if she can do her job unimpaired, it's none of his business. Now and then, a customer will give her a hard time about her appearance or her perceived attitude. Joe has always been supportive. One time only, it got very ugly and she had to hit the guy. Joe told her "Never, ever punch a customer! We keep the bat here for a reason!" She's damn grateful for that.

Jac is far from the sharpest tool in the shed, but she likes to think she makes up for it with effort. Her rules for life are "Don't compromise, don't back down, don't apologise, don't be a dick and try harder than everyone else."

Her family moved over from Britain when she was little. She's largely lost the accent, but can put it back on for comic effect.
What do they look like?Jac is somewhere in her mid twenties. She keeps her head shaved right down to the skin and would not be caught dead in make-up, heels or a skirt. When not dressed for work, she wears boots, jeans and hoodies.
Her build is not mannish, but it sure as hell isn't feminine either. She's pretty much a stick, and a short one at that. She works out, but she's lithe rather than bulky.

As a hero, she'd have a definite gold sheen to her skin, dangerously sharp teeth and claws and dark eyes. While the changes would be subtle at first, her hands and forearms are always much further from the norm than the rest of her.
FavouritesFavourite Food?

Cornbread and anything involving it.

Favourite Experience?

Jac would be the first to admit she's a simple, physical person. It's probably a tie between sex and the various times she's let lose and beaten somebody up.

Least Favorited Experience?

High school was bad, but college was much worse. She was tormented by her peers and ignored by people who should have helped her. If she had to pick a specific moment, the Ear Incident would probably be it.
HeroismIf this character was suddenly thrust head-first, screaming all sorts of nasty things, through a strawberry yogurt flavoured wormhole to another dimension where it was suddenly horribly necessary to become a fantasy hero, what kind of hero would they become?

Dragon Disciple! Specifically, she'd alternate Gold Dragon Sorcerer and Paladin until she qualified at the earliest opportunity.

I know, I know, people already applied with a sorcerer and a paladin. This is what I get for going out for a few hours

Would they become that hero fast enough?

Oh yes. Well, partly that depends on how long it takes to get in touch with your inner dragon and manifest supernatural powers. Either way, she's pretty tough for a diner employee and she has the right attitude. Provided nothing too terrible happens, she'll relish every second of combat.
Ingle Land?
Old Mar 29th, 2013, 01:39 PM
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Gimme the KeysThere was half a cake on the ceiling fan.

Miraculously the fan still spun, glaze and icing-splattered blades wobbling dangerously. Two young men stood beneath, admiring its drunken circuit through the air. Through the dubious wisdom of democracy, the cake was staying up there until Tiff was back with her digital camera and the picture could make the rounds online.

“How does that even happen without someone noticing it?” Robert finally asked, thick arms and trunk-like torso leaning on his mop. Though it was very faint, he still spoke with the slightest hint of a presumably Chinese accent. “Who had the last shift last night?”

“Jay Cubed?” Peter suggested, equally fascinated.

“Ah,” Robert said, as if that explained everything. After a moment longer of staring, he licked his lips. “Do you think-”

Peter instantly shot him a look made of equal parts revulsion and sheer, unadulterated no. “Dude, you better not be considering what I think you're considering.”


His co-worker shuddered. “Dude. No. Absolutely not. That’s disgusting. Who knows how much dust and like, mosquito crap has accumulated on that thing. Plus it’ll be like, dry as plywood.”

“Want not, waste not,” Robert said virtuously. His eyes drifted over towards the chairs. “You know, there are starving children in-”

“If you finish that sentence I will gut you, I swear I will,” Peter said with the frank amiability of those who were perfectly willing to carry out a much lesser version of their actual threat.

“-in this very city,” Robert finished, raising a hand in mock-surrender. “Pete, I might not be as tactful as you, but give me some credit.” Sighing, he shook his head as he gazed upon the remains of the baked goods. “Waste of good pistachio.”

JukeboxUnder Construction!

Q&AWho is your character?
Robert Truang immigrated from Hong Kong along with his parents when he was eight or nine years old and is currently attending a nearby art college. Well, art may be overselling its merits, it’s a college of some sort: Pittston is not exactly a towering center of academia so choices are a bit limited. He is a part-timer at Joe’s Diner and does other odd jobs around town. Interesting facts! His tolerance towards alcohol is miniscule, so he usually ends up as either that guy passed out on the couch or the designated driver. He is also really into bodybuilding, the great outdoors, impassioned discussions regarding fungi, and when young wanted to become one of the Lost Boys. When it comes to plants he's a big fan of the bullhorn acacia.

What do they look like?
Of average height but heavyset, Robert has been working out and it shows. While not quite a muscle monster, he’s still pretty ripped.

Favorite Food?
He has a sweet tooth that verges on an addiction. Although he will maintain that nothing is superior to dragon’s beard candy, he can be bribed with just about anything that is sweet and full of sucrose and/or fructose. He has been trying to make his own dragon beard candy at home but his efforts so far have resulted in uniform failure.

Favorite Experience?
Ah, now that would be telling.

Least Favorite Experience?
He was kind-of, sort-of disowned. There was quite a bit of shouting involved.

Logical Progression Towards Hero-Dom and not Hero-Doom
Being a ranger is all about survival! Which is good because when stranded on a strange world whose residents can sort of offhandedly break the laws of physics at will, having a bit of basic savvy when it comes to where to get food and which mushroom might kill you is all sorts of useful. Better yet, being able to hit things from a distance and not worry about them hitting back? Priceless!

(Okay, they hit back, and usually with fire, or an assortment of sharp implements but look, it’s the thought that counts)

Being a dude from the modern world, Robert would first whack things around with a big, sharp stick before experimenting with the bow and arrow. Also, he’d definitely be getting some honking big animal as a companion.

The plan would be Ranger all the way up.

Would they become that hero fast enough?
Good question! He’ll have to answer it when he’s off hero-ing.
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Jimmy (James Jonah Jorgensen)
RPJimmy chuckled maniacally as he dragged the 6 foot tall ladder over to the middle of the dining area.

"Freaking frog think's it's funny hiding all my step stools out behind the dumpster… I'll show him what funny really is! Him and his froofy frog 'merde' he tries to pass to customers!" He sets the ladder up under the ceiling fan and scampers over to the door to turn it off. "Those punks always come in together in the morning and turn you on as they walk in, eh Mr. Fan? You'll give them all a little surprise, won't you? Heh!"

Giggling a bit shrilly, he strolls to the kitchen and returns with the left over cake from the deserts. "Ah, thanks Jac, for letting me 'take care of' this for you." He slowly climbs the ladder that towers over his head until he can reach the top and place the cake there before racing back to the kitchen and returning with a tin of anchovies and some fresh habanero peppers. He places anchovies and peppers on one of the ceiling fan blades, then starts shoving them into the cake. "I just know if Richard or Kitten see this, they won't be able to resist the sweets… have to give them a nice KICK to go with it!"

Jimmy places the cake on the blade of the ceiling fan and scampers down the ladder and slowly drags it back to the store room. He strolls back out, wiping his hands on his grimy apron as he heads to the door, chuckling thinly again. "Easy now Mr. Fan" he whispers as he turns the switch to the lowest setting "Come on, gently. Geeeeently" The ceiling fan groans and sparks as it slowly wobbles up to the lowest setting. A little icing drips to the floor, but the cake magically stays in place.

Jimmy shuts off the lights and slips through the door with a huge grin on his face. "Hope you bring a change of clothes tomorrow Vinnie! Now, to home and some good beer!" He laughs loudly as he locks up and strolls down the street, caring nothing about if he wakes anyone up with his guffaws.
BACKGROUNDJame (Jimmy) Jonah Jurgensen has a very wicked sense of humor. His so called jokes usually walk the fine line of legal, the ones that don't almost all couldn't see the line with a pair of binoculars. There are plenty of others that are just plain odd. After a disastrous breakup, he lost his job as a salesman, and became very bitter. He started cooking late nights for Joe because he could cook well enough, and he never wanted to go back into sales again. He makes his co-worker's lives very…. Interesting… especially since he hates being called J Cubed. But at least that is better than the Spiderman References he got as a Salesman
LOOKSJames (Jimmy) Jurgensen is a little teapot, short and stout. And if you say it to his face, you'll most likely end up with his 3 foot long heavy chain (Nicknamed "Dick Cheney") where you really don't want it. If you're a woman and say it, he might just punch you. He's got a full head of hair and a greasy little moustache and looks kind of like Danny Devito in Mathilda.
FAVORITE FOODBeer. If it was good enough for monks to last through their fasts, it's good enough for him
FAVORITE EXPERIENCEThat one practical joke that went over so well… He managed to sneak an exploding container of sewage into the Chief of Plice's office, rigged to go off when he sat down at his desk the next morning. The cops are still trying to figure out who did it.

LEAST FAV EXPERIENCEComing home to find his girlfriend had moved out. With all HIS stuff, including his grandmother's antique engagement ring and several stock certificates from his wall safe. Oh, and every cent from his checking and savings.
THRUST INTO FANTASY LANDFighter all the way. There's a reason they don't ask him to tenderize the steaks… they always end up in the hamburger WITHOUT going through the grinder! As for if he makes it… uhm… He'll just imagine each monster is that Ex, I think he'll be ok...

Jimmy is REALLY sad that no one got hit with the cake... must have been a COLD morning... *sigh*
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