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Old Apr 5th, 2013, 09:12 PM
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Kazmuk Harskson


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Character ConceptName: Kazmuk Harskson
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Alignment: NG
Race: Dwarf
Campaign Trait: Ruin Raider
Class: Rogue (Scroll Scoundrel)
Concept: Eager Beaver that has dedicated his early life to joining the Pathfinder Society
Quote: I bet that will sell for a pretty copper!
DescriptionKazmuk is a typical dwarf of average height and weight for his race. He has medium brown hair with streaks of blond and red shot through, and his beard is usually intricately braided in interlocking weaves. He has dark green eyes that usually glitter with amusement. Kazmuk is not as muscular as most dwarves. While he was forced to take weapons training by his father, he missed as many lessons as he could to explore the city or to spend time learning from the street thieves. His father could never understand Kazmuk's obsession with relics as apposed to stone and metal work.
PersonalityKazmuk is has a very exuberant personality. He's usually happy, and always eager to go exploring. He's also a bit cocky after making a big find at such a young age. He can be deathly serious when working a lock or disabling a trap, but giddy with anticipation as he opens the chest or the secret door. What ever could be in there??
BackgroundKazmuk was born to a middle class dwarf family in Magnimar. His father was a metalsmith specializing in locks, and his mother was a healer. When he was very young, 20 or so, he received his first copy of The Pathfinder Chronicles. He was hooked! He wanted to travel the world finding hidden cities and lost treasure! He dreamed of finding relics of the lost ages in ruined cities and catacombs.

The dwarf then spent every spare moment either working with his father learning about locks, studying the monuments around the city, or learning host to disable traps and sneak around from the local thieves in exchange for information about locks in general(Not about his father's special locks though!)

When Heidmarch Manor was founded as a Pathfinder Lodge, the young dwarf was ecstatic! He pestered Sheila and Sir Canayven incessantly about joining the society. At first they were amused by the young dwarf, but eventually he was just a pest. Finally Sir Canayven made a deal with Kazmuk. "If you can find something interesting in Magnimar that no one has found in the history of Magnimar, I will grant you a Field Commission. Otherwise you will have to join the same way everyone else does. So leave us be until you find something!" Excitedly, the dwarf set out to scour the city, spending the rest of his adolescence searching every nook and cranny for something never before seen. He found many small niches of relics that helped to fund his searching and pay for lessons from thieves, but nothing truly new was found.

One day, as he was just reaching adulthood, Kazmuk was paying respect to one of the monuments, telling it his woes, when his head began to buzz. He had been blessed by a monument! Correctly thinking it was his lucky day, he headed off in a random direction and ended up in the Underbridge neighborhood at the base of one of the bridge columns. Frantically moving the rubble from around the column, Kazmuk uncovered a secret lever. Activating the leaver opened a secret door, which led into a small room filled with relics, and a mosaic map of how the area around the bridgehead looked thousands of years ago. Wait until Sir Canayven sees this! he thought in wonder as he surveyed the find.
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