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Old Apr 5th, 2013, 09:48 PM
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Tulius Kaddren


Name: Tulius Kaddren
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Alignment: LN? (He has little respect for authority, as his background shows, but he has a strong personal code of honorable combat such that when he fights someone, they will know he is there and be able to defend themselves. Once the fight has begun, however, if they cannot keep hold of their weapon or anticipate his tricks, that is their problem. His honor requires only that fights begin equal in terms of readiness)

Race: Human (Chelaxian/Varisian mix)
Campaign Trait: Alabaster Outcast. Serpent Runner.
Class: Fighter (Buckler Duelist archetype)

Appearance: Tulius, like the others in his immediate branch of the Kaddren family, takes more after the Chelaxian part of the bloodline than the Varisian. As such, he has pale skin, eyes such a dark brown they are almost black, and hair the color of a raven. He has medium-length hair that he often keeps pulled back out of his face in a ponytail. Before a fight, he would always put it into a top-knot. Less to get ahold of. For similar reasons, though he does not make the effort to stay clean-shaven, he keeps his beard short. He regularly gets hold of it and cuts it with a knife a short distance from the skin. His flesh bears no scars, as his only fights have been in the arena, thus he was never so far from a cleric as to not be healed before scars could form. Some might call him handsome, in a rugged sort of way, though he is far from captivating in his appearance. He often wears an armored coat of excellent quality, which has the Kaddren crest expertly embroidered into the back (as well as on a smaller patch on the front). With somewhat cheaper craftsmanship, Tulius has arranged two red serpents (similar to the cindersnake totem of the Sklar-Quah Shoanti, and also evoking the Serpent's Run) crossing like swords over the crest in both locations, something he thought would be fitting for his own house in exile. He carries a well-made buckler and a wicked-looking falcata with him.

Background: Tulius Kaddren--the name evokes respect, even fear, within the city of Magnimar. Well, the surname anyway. Tulius is a man of noble blood, the Kaddrens being one of the founding families of the city, and he was raised in the lush surroundings of the Kaddren Villa in the Alabaster district. Perhaps these surroundings were also in some way responsible for Tulius's current position as exile of said noble house. But then, perhaps the problem has always been within him.

The path to Tulius's fall from the family's graces began innocently enough. The Kaddren Villa is close enough to the Serpent's Run that as a boy he would often hear the fighting and cheers from the family garden, and he made his way to see the events as often as he could. What he most loved were the gladiatorial combats, especially those between the fierce Shoanti warriors, and he became irrevocably obsessed with the idea of becoming a gladiator himself. If he had been born an Indros or a Derexhi, this might not have been a problem, the love of combat soon channeled to Family interests. But alas, Tulius was born a Kaddren, and Kaddren are to love knowledge and magic, not combat.

Tulius was expected, like all Kaddrens, to travel abroad to a prestigious magic school, there to gain knowledge and bring it back to the family. What he did was quite far from expected. After refusing to leave, he went a step further, joining up with gladiatorial events in the Serpent's Run. He did not join the Decathlon, to which all noble families contribute, nor even the respected monthly combat held by city watch. Tulius started with the lowly events, training and competing alongside the likes of commoners and Shoanti--a disgrace. In response, he was declared exiled from his family. Whether this was permanent, or simply a brief attempt to teach him a lesson, it has most certainly become permanent now.

As Tulius garnered more and more victories, he became arrogant and boastful (despite the fact that he was winning in the lower classes of events). He began to openly mock his family during the events. This, they would not stand, particularly not his spiteful elder brother Zaneric, who despite his relative lack of talent still towed the family line. The events could not be fixed, that would draw the investigation of Jorston Droaeb, who runs Serpent's Run with a fair hand. But it was arranged so that he had no fights to win. Opponents would mysteriously drop out, events would be cancelled. Tulius's brother all but told him they were behind it, and he was humbled. Though he briefly considered trying backalley fights in less reputable parts of town, Tulius realized that just as he would never find happiness with his family, he would never find his true calling in the arena. That was when he joined the Pathfinders. He now has a sense of greater purpose in addition to his obsession with the glory of honorable combat.





Personality: Tulius is clever, inquisitive, and often arrogant. Standing alone, those qualities would seem to make him fit quite nicely with his family of mages. However, all of that was channeled at an early age towards other pursuits (his family would say lower pursuits)--combat, the arena, the culture and tales of the "lower" castes of the city. Even without such passions, he isn't as intelligent as most of the Kaddren family (though truth be told neither is his brother), though he remains smarter than the average person. Despite his intelligence, he doesn't always think things through in the long term, and sometimes makes brash decisions. He can be quite serious when it comes to honor or combat, and especially when the two meet. Yet, he also likes to have a good time, to drink and celebrate and enjoy what comforts he can.

Likes: Combat techniques (whether the exercising or the viewing of), Shoanti culture, glory in battle, fine wine and food, women, lively, boisterous people

Dislikes: Studying subjects he finds boring (anything unlikely to help him in battle or help him enjoy himself), being chided for his decisions or pursuits, trickery and treachery (except in combat, where tricks and misdirection are a valid technique, the expert use of which should be respected), cowardice

Quirks: His passion for Shoanti culture and gladiatorial combat influenced his life in an unusually strong way, enough to be considered a quirk, his resistance to learning certain things even though he has far more than the base mental capacity required to do so, his arrogance (while humbled from what it once was) is still something he struggles with

Phobias: Tulius has no phobias in the common sense of the word, although you might say he has a fear of failure. If he personally sets out to do something and fails he takes it harder than many.

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