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Old Apr 6th, 2013, 02:31 AM
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Kyras Montori

Kyras Montori



ApplicationAlignment: True Neutral
Race: Half-Elf (Arcane Trained)
Campaign Trait: Alabaster Outcast
Other Trait: One of (Inherited from his unknown motherElven Reflexes, A "Small" stipend granted upon his exileRich Parents)
Class: Summoner (Eidolon)

right-aligned image

Age: 24
Height/Weight: I'm a metric native, but these represent an "average" figure on the SRD5'11" / 145 lb
Gender: Male
Hair/Eye Color: Blond / Brown
Distinguishing Characteristics: Few major distinguishing features upon his own person. He is recognisable to those who do not know him by the signet ring upon his finger, the Montori crest is well known. Especially since the scandal of Exiling their Scion for reasons undisclosed.

For those that examine him more closely he bears a strong chin, and the pointed ears of his mother will reveal him amongst a human crowd.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None.

General Description: A picture is worth a thousand words, and is very much in line with my image of him, bar the sword. While Kyras is cut off from his wealth, he is still very much a nobleman in stature, a look that, when contrasted with his more recent attire, bespeaks pride and perhaps a little defiance of his new position.

General Description: Kyras is not a good man, though he is hardly the fallen creature the nobles like to gossip about. He would, for instance not enjoy scaring a child for the sake of it. But to offer that same child comeuppance for an attempted theft is something he could enjoy.

Kyras is not a reckless man, at least not to his mind. He will be sure of a course of action before he takes it. But at the same time, he is often hasty, not seeking the viewpoints of others, nor taking the time to convince them of his. Better to ask forgiveness, than permissionPreferring to simply show them that he was right.

Likes: Being Right, The Game of Houses, Dark Purple and Gold, Longcoats (Not obsessively, but he keeps his eye out while shopping), Friendship.

Dislikes: Slime or Ooze or other semisolid materials, Gaudy Colours or other general lacks of subtlety, Socialite, noble, cruel gossipAmy Kaizan

Quirks: Likes shopping for groceries. Can flare his longcoat impressively, particularly when turning on his heel.

Phobias: Being Explicitly Shown to have made a serious error in judgement.

Other notesHis plan has always been to prove that summoning Mellisan was a good course of action, and he was even prepared for the exile, which he is convinced will be temporary. What he was not prepared for was his estrangement from his sister, who had been his close companion for twenty odd years. As a result his relationship with Mellisan, while still servant/master, imposed by the magic that binds them together, also bears a resemblance to a fraternal bond. Mellisan is not just a servant, she is a friend.

But still, this estrangement from his sister hurts Kyras, and drives him, even more than his need to prove his worth to his father.

On a side note for nearly four years now Kyras has had a crush on Emily Liona, a Chellaxian human who studied arcane magics alongside Kyras, a charming but meek young lady who has since taken her vows as an acolyte of Sheyln.

Kyras has never met his mother


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