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Old Apr 6th, 2013, 05:08 PM
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Darrius Rikkenisi


ApplicationName: Darrius Rikkenisi

Race: Human (Chelaxian/Ulfen)

Campaign Trait: Monument Scholar

Class: Wizard (Teleportation School - APG Conjuration School Option if allowed) - Controller Style

Age: 20
Height/Weight: 5'9" 170 lbs.
Gender: Male
Hair/Eye Color: Bright white hair, Dark brown eyes
Distinguishing Characteristics: Sharp dressed, but dishevelled.
Marks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Piercings in his ears, traditional for the Ulfen tribe and heritage his mother came from.
General Description: Darrius doffs the crimson bowler, tossing it gently onto the counter top where it slides a few inches before the felt grips the surface. A tangled and matted mess of short, shock-white hair tops the head where the bowler was previously resting, above a face framed with an equally white beard: full and thick, but trimmed just short enough to avoid being mistaken for a vagabond or hermit. Pale hands reach for brass cufflinks, then roll the pressed sleeves neatly up to the elbows exposing equally pallid arms. He slides the cufflinks into the pocket of his brown, pinstriped vest and pats it almost habitually. He then exhales loudly, scratching his beard at his right cheek and furrowing the brow beneath that matted, ivory mane in frustration.
"Not sure what you'd like to drink?" The bartender asks with a smirk, after allowing the gentleman a few minutes of perplexed thought.
"No." He answers, with a look of legitimate bewilderment at the assumption. "Not sure how much."

General Description: Darrius is a proper man of distinguished dress, posture, and intellect; but a fiery and compulsive composure that undermines the initial image he projects. It's not that he's vulgar, just wildly uncomposed and seemingly "distracted" from society's expectations and mores. In spite of this, he goes to great lengths to tailor the image he projects. He's immensely curious, not just of how things work, but why they work. To understand something is to control it. We seek to understand personalities so that we may manipulate and direct that person, to understand history and politics to avoid the same mistakes and direct the future, and to understand the way a blade slices and curves through air and sinew in order to drive it in the most efficient and potent manner. This curiousity feeds an endless fount of skepticism in Darrius, as if something's reality hinges upon his ability to grasp it. He loves books with an almost unnatural obsession, but views music as a trivial pursuit: "It's wildly inefficient and pretentious. The most effective way to convey information is the written word - which is deliberate, concise, and measurable; where music is heavily restricted by the need to rhyme, fit within contrived rythmic patterns, and alter pitch to match a melody rather than proper sentence structure. Only a fool would measure the value of information by the intensity at which it causes you to tap your feet or clap your hands"
He finds a peculiar delight in things that are small, and greatly enjoys a good ale. For this reason, Dwarves fascinate him.

Likes: Order, Reasonable thought, Mysteries, Ale, Short things (or smaller versions of things... that mini-chair is "fascinatingly adorable")
Dislikes: Music, Artistic Expression, Mysteries without answers, Being wet or dirty
Quirks: Somewhat contradictory in appearance and personality, he takes great pride in appearance and clothing but is often quite disheveled in composure. He leaps into opportunities without regard for consequences often, and cares very little for the rules of greater society and what is "proper" or "mannered".
Phobias: Undead... am I right?! (Not so much ghosts, or vampires, or even the bleached bone skeletons... as the messy decomposing ones)

BackgroundOriginally Wiscrani, the Rikkenisi family was one of reasonable wealth and prominence in the town of Westcrown. Gino Rikkenisi, Darrius' father, was an alchemist and historian employed in the Scribe Section of the Parego Spera. Though the city was only a shadow of it's former glory, it was one where his father managed to prosper; and also where he met his breathtalkingly tall and fierce Ulfen bride, Ynessa. They had three children: Darrius the firstborn son, Alloden the second son who died a week after birth, and Lynessa the thirdborn and first daughter. All of whom had brilliantly white hair like their mother.
Darrius followed after his father in intellect and curiousity, but not in application. What his father sought to accomplish with the raw, physical materials of creation, Darrius sought to do through his own force of will. His passion in wizardry was fostered well, even if not entirely embraced. Which is what lead to Darrius' exodus from Westcrown.
It was difficult for Darrius to progress in his craft, struggling to find proper mentors and step out of his father's vigilant criticism. And those things his aging father could teach him in the ways of Wizardry were purely conceptual, and thus quite limited. The predominance of the Council of Thieves, and especially the shadows that stalked the city at night limited progress and fed a growing, fiery wanderlust. He leaned heavily on his father's notoriety in Westcrown to obtain some connections with the Pathfinder's Society, fighting hard for the opportunity to assist the new Lodge in Magnimar. His request to travel there was granted shortly after his recruitment. He spent a month in study, pouring over old tomes of his father's scouring for any obscure reference to the history, architecture, and discoveries surrounding the coast where Magnimar is nestled.
It was the monuments that intrigued him, specifically. Massive statues of battles memorialized, heroes and heroines revered, massive weathervanes and maps, and perpetually burning fires. All of which contain the forces of magic, waiting to be unlocked. That's where Darrius focused his studies, and where he hoped to unlock the growing power in himself.

Darrius' mother and father still live in Westcrown, with his younger sister Lynessa who is 7 this fall.

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