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Old Apr 19th, 2014, 09:27 PM
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Information about additional NPCs will become available with knowledge checks, and more can be learned about those already known about this way as well.
Mayor Aberian Arvanxi
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If he is known for anything among the common people of Westcrown it is his reputation for using public funds for his own enjoyment: namely the maintenance and rebuilding of various opera houses and entertainment halls that are mostly located in Parego Regicona where most common citizens rarely if ever can afford to travel to. For whatever reason people put up with it. He is the mayor, after all.

Thessig Umbero Ulvaud
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Donít pretend you donít know who he is. Youíve heard of him. Youíve at least seen the billboards. Youíve certainly heard schoolgirls mooning over him. You might not like the rumors about him: that heís a spoiled star that always gets what he wants. You may not have ever even been to an opera. But donít try to pretend you donít know who he is.
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