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Old Aug 10th, 2014, 12:41 AM
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Applications for Group Two go Here

StuffLevel 1 Gestalt
6000 GP, no more than 2400 on any one item.
18/16/14/14/12/6 Stats
Same application guidelines as Group One

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Old Aug 10th, 2014, 04:09 AM
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Consider this application inactive. Always sad to not use a character but it is for the best I think.

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Old Aug 17th, 2014, 11:43 PM
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Name: Grrumak
Race: Ursaran
Class: Bloodranger/Druid
Age Category: Adult
Standing just under nine feet he towers over most non Ursarans. His height is a great advantage to him but it is sometimes a crutch preventing him from entering some buildings though most he can squeeze into. His arms are slightly bigger than normal and swing low making his movements with his arms more obvious.

While most of his fur is a dark black the hair on his head and down the center of his back is a pure white. He owns cloths but unless he has to wear them he only wears his backpack so that he is closer to nature. He cares little about his outward appearance but does keep clean so that he does not get sick.
With his raising he is more wise than intelligent and finds himself more attuned to the world than to maters of knowledge. He Knows many things about the workings of nature and uses his knowledge to guide his daily life and to respect all forms of live, no matter the race. Within his family he was raised to be a leader but he never felt that he was wise enough to be one. He constantly tried to step down from leadership until he felt that he was wise enough to be a good leader.

He despises all misuse or harmful actions towards nature and takes drastic actions against those who conduct such actions. He uses his great strength and size to reinforce his actions being able to strike down most men with ease. What he cannot fight with strength he finds a way to combat.

When he is not protecting nature he is actively trying to experience everything the world has to offer with a true want to learn more about the world. He never passes up an experience no mater what it is.
His birth caused great ripples within his family. His relatives had been praying for a great druid to lead them. His birth occurred as a surprise during a large thunderstorm. The older Ursarans told stories to him about how a lightning bolt struck the house the moment he was born but was deflected by an unknown force. Soon after his birth the storm subsided and directly above his birthplace the sun was shining.

From a young age he was much stronger than any of the others and he soon found out about his natural affinity with lightning. His family took this as a sign of him being the answer to their prayers and begun training him to be a master druid. He was taught to become physically attuned to nature and use his inherent powers to protect it from all who would disturb it. As he grew into age he actively protected the forest that his family lived in and stopped multiple trappers and poachers.

When he finally became an adult he decided to wander the world to learn more about other portions of nature and to learn more about the world as a whole. His family tried to stop him from leaving but he was able to assure them that he would return eventually with the knowledge to lead them.

RP Sample:
I placed my hand on the counter and removed it dropping off my payment as I picked up my new supplies and leaving the store finding myself in the busy streets of the unfamiliar town. I could feel the eyes watching me as I walked through the streets wandering without a destination. I could hear nature even here. The footsteps of mice to the calling of the bird’s nature lived here alongside the inhabitants.

Eventually I found myself at an old inn bare and with few visitors. My curiosity getting the better of me I entered the tavern. The building was large enough for me to stand in but there wasn’t much room beyond that as I found the bartender.

“How much for something to drink?” I asked crouching down to speak to the barkeep.

The barkeep was a small Dwarf who was busy washing cups incase anyone stopped by before I entered. He was less than half the size of me and had a beard that stretched down to his knees. His cloths were thick and of poor quality and in disrepair. I could see in his eyes that he was afraid of me.

“Free,” The dwarf stated. “Just don’t make a mess.”

He passed fourth a drink of ale and returned to his job keeping an eye on me. I looked at the ale and reached into my backpack and pulled fourth a good number of gold coins which I laid down before the man and left the drink as I left the tavern to return to my walking. As I left the Tavern I looked over my shoulder and spoke to the Dwarf.

“Have the ale yourself, it’s on me.”
Old Aug 18th, 2014, 08:51 AM
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Can I just use my group one application for group 2?
Old Aug 20th, 2014, 11:35 PM
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Name: Leiden
Race: Drow
Class: NinjaInquisitor
Age Category: Adult
Description: Tall & lean Leiden strikes is an impressive sight to see. Clad in a long black leather cloak with steel shoulder plates, he wears no shirt underneath but two straps are noticed going across his richly royal purple chest. His pants are cloth with knee high leather boots & matching gloves. An impressive longbow strapped across his back is barely noticed as the sinuously spiked chain deftly handled by his practiced hands. It is undeniable that Leiden is beautiful, well almost. Long silver hair drops down to his waist with bangs to his shoulders split to not hide his unusual emerald green eyes, but the image gets twisted once he smiles & he’s always smiling.
Personality: Leiden is driven by his ambition and is extremely wary of those who ask for trust, in a society of cutthroats that is to be expected though. Leiden is generally a silent man keeping in best conversation with himself. Constantly smiling and laughing at inappropriate times tends to lead people to think he is mad, although he has a very cunning brain.

Background: Under the earth there is a game of shadows. With two kinds of people, ones who are useful & ones that aren’t. They all have something in common though, they will try to kill you if they can. The Queen beneath runs everything with her favored houses holding the most territory, unlike many societies primarily women hold power and men are tools to be used and then discarded to die.

Born into a house with its fair share of power and aspirations for more, he was trained from day one to survive. Immediately surpassing all other siblings in combat training, his father Rachsuchtig sought more for his youth. Leiden found himself quickly being taught in private lessons by Dunkelheit whose talents were awe inspiring. Leiden trained day and night, keeping brutal hours. His promise brought him to the attention of the Lady of the house, his mother Dame, and his parents began to take him to royal functions to become familiar with the hierarchy. Leiden knew he was destined for great things.

Leiden grew into his art as a blade is forged for the purpose of ending lives. Leiden always shadowing Dunkelheit during his missions and as his talents with the longbow flourished he began ending lives with his teacher. Leiden’s tutoring didn’t give him much time to socialize outside of the sparse gatherings with other nobles. Awkward at best with conversation, most his time spent training to end lives left him with little to say. Leiden never cared much for these events, till one day he saw her.

The old queen had passed away, and the houses had voted for the next queen to take her place. It was a glamorous affair with every house vying to get the most attention, yet the major houses always stood out as monuments for their years of scheming. The parade was a dangerous affair, as the new queen left from her house for the last time traveled through the streets with pomp to the citadel to live the remainder of her life.

Leiden sat back and watched the festivities, smirking at all the fools wondering which ones he would be contracted to kill next. The Queen’s pavilion was next, noticing her guards’ odd weapons, they carried spiked chains. A rare weapon to be wielded, and yet her whole staff were trained. Then without realizing it the queen was in view, and when he first laid eyes upon her he was left breathless. Closely related to the elves their beauty was undeniable, but his new Queen was something else entirely. The young Queen sat in her chair as if bored, yet her body moved with restrained power as one who has been trained to end lives. Her slender face to him was the most alluring he’d ever seen, yet it was her eyes that really stole the show. Dark red the color of blood spilt in the night, her eyes showed a malicious intellect.

Leiden knew he wanted her, worse than anything else he had ever dreamed of. Leiden would have Dunkelheit train him to be a deadly machine with a spiked chain. He knew he needed to become great to even get her attention for an instant, and he knew it had to be perfect when he did. His house though grand was not one of the forerunners, he would have to make sure the other houses fell. The next day Leiden requested training in the art of the spiked chain, shocking his teacher beyond belief that his student would want to learn such a peculiar fighting style. Dunkelheit proceed to teach everything he knew about the style, although curious as to his pupil’s sudden uncanny interest in foreign studies.

Dunkelheit eventually felt Leiden had learned enough and had him take jobs alone. Leiden’s first task was to kill a high ranking member of another family. The target was a homebody rarely leaving her hold, and concentrating solely on the estate. The estate was plain, a mansion with Large banners hanging from the roof to the first level windows. Leiden garbed himself in the servants clothes sliding his dagger up his sleeve and drifted in with some of the staff. Moving though the household becoming familiar with it and finding guards throughout the household he planned his escape route & waited.

It wasn’t long before wine and bread was to be sent up and astutely Leiden was available. Leiden was to take the delivery up to the mark, and leave as she likes as little disruption as possible. Leiden smiled, thinking he’d make sure nobody disturbs her after he was through. Chuckling all the way up the staircase to the private study the guards gave him quizzical looks for his mirth, but let him though. Leiden came up and saw her sitting hunched over her desk working at scrolls, he set the platter down and proceeded to pour. He was staring out the balcony, thinking this is what her last moments will be like, when she spoke.

“How old are you boy?” Shocked by the question he almost dropped the wine, but composed himself and responded, “My lady I am 130 years old.” Leiden set the flagon down as she looked him over.

The elder leaned back in her chair looked into his eyes and said, “I can’t believe the disrespect some show.” Leiden stared at her quizzically as she resumed. “I can’t believe they would send some amateur to kill me.” Leiden’s confusion was quickly replaced by shock when she screamed for the guards.

Luckily Leiden wasn’t ill trained, and he had his dagger out and plunged into the old hag’s neck before the guards had burst down the door. Yet that left him in a tricky situation of having a knife in their master’s neck when they entered. The guards stood shocked if only for a second before they came charging across the room. Leiden knew he couldn’t take two fully armed guards with just a dagger, so he ran to the open balcony. It felt as if the guards were right on his heels about to capture him and as soon as he reached outside he ran to the side railing and jumped. Three stories is a long way to fall, but it’s not so bad if you successfully grab onto the thick house banner and slide down. The guards stood gawking over the side rail as Leiden giggled his whole way down and disappeared into the town.

Dunkelheit obviously not happy with him getting made on his first trip, yet the job was done successfully. Dunkelheit continued to train and guide Leiden till there was nothing left but a deadly assassin. Leiden took to his work with gusto and quickly began only targeting the houses above his. With each kill he felt himself growing in his superiority, dreams started to resurface. His skill became well known and was hired for more and more prominent work, yet he always strove to reap more rewards. With gods being dead & religion a heresy, he took to hunting down believers.

Leiden took to checking temples above the surface constantly searching for believers. One day he walked into a temple and found an Aasimar standing at the altar. Aasimars the holy people, most Drow look upon them with disgust. An Aasimar would bring a kings reward if captured and ransomed to the right people. Immediately Leiden laced his arrow with poison and fired. The laced arrow knocked the Aasimar unconscious. The Aasimar turned out to be a young adult, and Leiden proceeded chaining the Aasimar up for transportation back to the Dark Citadel with his other slaves. The Aasimar eventually awoke and promised riches to Leiden, proclaiming she was a daughter of one of the council members of her people. Leiden immediately gagged her & hooded her, he knew this was his ticket & was dangerous enough being an Aasimar but also a daughter of nobility. With plots and schemes turning about in his head Leiden started to laugh out loud.

Leiden used every contact he had & did dirty deeds to obtain an audience with the Queen Beneath. A dangerous play, without being of high importance it was very risky to request such an audience with one as dangerous as the Queen. Eventually audience was granted, he just had to hope this risk would bring him into to top tier. Captive walking beside him he entered the great hall lined with the Queens elite troops on either side. The Queen never speaks in the chamber but whispers to her handmaiden only known as the Voice.

The Voice boomed across the hall, “Who are you to request and audience with her majesty?”

Leiden promptly responded, “I Leiden, son of house Duskryn. I come bearing a humble gift for our Queen of queens.”

Leiden rose unveiling his prisoner, showing a scared and quivering Aasimar. The Voice carried with it a discerning tone asking, “What paltry gift do you think a mere slave will bring you other than death for wasting our queen’s time?” Leiden knew he should be afraid, but he had worked his whole life for this moment.

“A gift fit only for a queen, for this Aasimar is the daughter of their elite council members, caught practicing her faith in one of their temples!” Leiden knew he stood on shaky ground, he just had to hope the bait was sweet enough.

After a long silence the only words that came out were, “Favor has been granted Leiden. Return on the fifth day our Queen has a task for you.” Thinking to himself great things were in store for him just as he always knew. As he left the hall and on his way home he couldn’t help but bursting into maniacal laughter.

RP Sample: The world below others is a dark place with faint glowing orbs and unearthly stones to be the only light. Rough stones and debris litter his way as he advances towards the top of hill strewn with most of the building missing. Leiden glides over the terrain with ease, leaning against a pillar he readies his bow and arrow. The waiting never bothered him, he actually preferred it. Leiden just had to remember to not be so funny, he was always daydreaming.

The narrow bridge was ideal to hit his target with little escape and less chance of failure, and sure enough just on time his victim cautiously started moving closer and closer. Just as he was about to get safely across the bridge Leiden lets his arrow fly. The Drow panicked as the arrow imbeds itself into his armor.
The Drow knowing it won’t make it back across the bride decided to charge Leiden, but the Collapsed building was protecting Leiden as was the debris. Leiden put his bow away and pulled out his spiked chain and began to swing. The Drow turned the corner and charged forward with a rapier. Making a wild lunge, Leiden easily wrapped in his chains deflected and smashed the other end into the Drow’s chest. The Drow thrust and past Leiden’s defenses and pierced into his shoulder. Leiden looked at the wound and spun his chains around and smashed both into the Drow’s chest. Leiden’s victim fell to the ground unconscious. Leiden wrapped his chains up and grabbed the fallen rapier and shoved it up through the Drow’s mouth into his brain. Leiden couldn’t help but whisper, “How does that taste buddy?” and immediately Leiden burst into hysterical laughter as he dug out the package.

not sure how to link my other than this way.

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