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Old Jun 5th, 2014, 09:09 AM
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[Overworld] Gielinor

IntroductionTheme: Bella Morte - Fall No More
My name is Lydia Dresden. I'm a budding Thaumaturge and a masterful Evocationist, and daughter of world-renowned wizard, Harry Dresden. When I was just fourteen, I was inducted into an organization that protects humanity from threats unseen. When the sun sets and the moon rises high in the sky, creatures spawned from the Sin and Vice of the 21st century arise from their slumbers and begin to wreak untold havoc in the dark corners of the earth.

You have to understand one thing about Boston. It has two faces. The first is the Old Wold, a world of naked dancing gypsies in the moonlight and blood rituals in the dark of the night. Then there's the New World, a high enterprise built on top of the dead of old. The new progenitors of the 21st century seek to silence the threat of supernatural tentacles that coiled their arms around them in lascivious lust for power, but they can't do it on their own. I'm a wizard, and there are others like me. We use our power for good, to serve humanity. We don't ask for much in the form of gratitude, in fact I'm the only wizard willing to practice openly, we just rest easily knowing that another morning has dawned, and the beasts had been kept at bay.

If you've ever seen the creatures of the night, the Vampires of blood and emotion sucking the life out of the people of Boston, the Faeries of the Nevernever frolicking in the forests of Quincy, a troll rampaging through the streets of Concord, or a dragon taking flight across the skies of Springfield, or if you've ever set the air on fire with mere thoughts, then know that you're not alone. Come to 14 Elliot Square, Lincoln Apartments, and see me in my office. I'll help you find your way.
— Ad in the Boston Bugle, 2016.

Game DiagnosticsRPG System: FATE - Dresden Files Module, rulebook can be found easily, though no links can be provided.
Setting: High Enterprise Boston, plagued by the creatures of the night. Players are Psychics, Evocationists, Holy Warriors, or Thaumturges keeping a sinister and dark plot at bay.
Flavor: Expect cults and blood rituals (Lovecraftian Mystery Horror) in dark techno-punk cityscapes (Think Classic World of Darkness, but 21st century)
Deadline: We'll see.
Posting Rate: Four (4) posts per week. Once (1) a day if it all buffs out.
Power Level: Chest Deep.
Allowed Powers: Anything! Just consult me before you take anything unusual, like Faerie Glamours. Absolutely no evil characters with Dominate, or evil sorcerers that set people on fire. That just doesn't work.
Campaign Length: Less than 8 months with a 4/week rate. No pressure.

Character ApplicationStage I: Basic Info

Name: No long and winded names. Be realistic, and often simple is the best answer.
Age: No lower than 18 or older than 50.
High Concept: Your character's most definitive description, in the form of a single aspect.
Trouble: Your character's worst fear / weakness, in the form of a single aspect.
Template: Wizard, Faerie-Blooded, Psychic, or True Believer. Make sure your High Concept complements your Template, if you're Faerie Blooded, mention which creature's blood you possess. Ask before you pick something weird, like Chimerae or Satyr.

Stage II: Background Aspects




Phases Four and Five (whose paths have you crossed?) are both replaced with a Second and Third adventure (see Phase Three) for the sake of simplifying character generation. You can still have NPC guest stars in your adventures, though, I'll make way for them in the game.

Example Character
right-aligned image

Lydia Dresden
Age: 24
High Concept: Therapist by Day, Wizard by Night
Trouble: Hopeless Romantic
Template: Wizard

Phase One: Lydia grew up daughter of Wizard Consultant, Harry Dresden, and her mother died at childbirth. Soon she was inducted into the White Council (when she showed promising magic talents). Mortified by his wife's death, her father left her in the care of a mentor, Markhimmal Wallace, and ventured off in search of himself. She promised herself that she'd find him once she graduated from her studies.
Phase Aspect: Daddy Issues

Phase Two: When the White Council is attacked by a new Wizard group called the Sons of Ether, Lydia loses her mentor and a great deal of personal friends. Devastated, she summoned her powers to defend the Council's headquarters, killing many of the opposing Mages. For her incursion of the Laws of Magic, she was exiled, although her life was spared for her service to the council.
Phase Aspect: Emotional Magic Time Bomb

Phase Three

Story Title: Amber Blood
Guest Starring: Jennie Coulders
Story: When a new court of rabid Vampires invades Boston and causes wanton destruction in the shadows of the night, Lydia Dresden, acting on her own accord, sets off to stop their leader, the cursed Amber King, Maxwell Grendale, with the help of Wizard Friend and patient thaumaturge, Jennie Coulders. Will she end their rampaging blood spree? or will she fall victim to the curse of the Amber King?
Phase Aspect: Protector of the Innocent

Phase Four

Story Title: Chasing Shadows
Guest Starring: Harry Dresden
Story: When Wizard Harry Dresden returns to Chicago to meet his old friend, Detective Murphy, all hell breaks loose as an ancient curse falls and a dark evil awakens from the catacombs of St. James Cathedral. Reunited with her father, Lydia and Dresden must join forces to save all of humanity. Dresden leaves Lydia with four words. "Not So Subtle, Sweetheart"
Phase Aspect: Not So Subtle; Still Quick to Anger.

Phase Five

Story Title: Chic Flic
Guest Starring: Maria Morte "Psychic Extraordinaire".
Story: When a snuff film containing a hypnotizing spell is passed around the internet, thousands of young teens are compelled to form together to perform the greatest blood sacrifice and awaken an ancient primordial chaos that slept for eons. How will Lydia stop this outbreak of lunacy? She'll need the help of an old friend, she thinks, as she flips through the Phone Book looking for the "Psychic" heading.
Phase Aspect: Out of Sight; Out of Mind.

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Old Dec 10th, 2015, 06:14 AM
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IntroductionKindred are nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing. They are a facsimile of the lowest most incomparably pathetic excuse for a civilized existence. The Ivory Tower, New York City's beloved World Trade Center, where the Camarilla rules with an Iron fist and a golden dime. The world of these kindred is one frozen in time. They do not — Cannot — accept their fates as monsters and cling on with every fiber of their being to the immature idea of humanity.
You are immortal. You've escaped god's judgment. You are forever sentenced to an agonizing hell-bound existence. Not fair, you say? You didn't ask to be what you were? Well, tough luck. God is not just. God is not a man, who can feel love or jealousy or make judgments based on emotions.

God is a machine, and machines don't care about fairness.

Welcome to Vampire: the Masquerade. One of the most exciting and well-designed role-playing games, and yet one I seldom see played on this website. (Too many of you are off LARPing it to enjoy it in Post-form.) However, the game originated as a hat-tip to Anne Rice's amazing books on Vampires, and as such, I seek to recreate that same feeling. I'm looking for competent players to play a massive Vampire game. There'll be four groups of players, and the game will be taking place all over America.

The Gypsies is a coterie of wanderers, and while it may seem like a derogatory term, the term Gypsy is often used by the Coterie itself, citing that it prefers the name as it pertains to its unusual nature. They almost never stay in the same place for too long, traveling light and keeping on-the-go. They're often expelled from cities anyhow, maybe for their clear disrespect of the law, or maybe because they're often lousy troublemakers when they hang around established cities for too long. Regardless, the Gypsies are loving, rebellious, and questing in nature. They follow the wind wherever it may lead, and they don't let the law of man stop them from having a blast, or finding what it is that they truly desire. Often times, a character in the Gypsy Coterie has multiple simple short-time goals, and one huge long-time goal that it chases throughout its vast unlife.

Ravnos: The most common sight next to Gangrel, the Ravnos are on a constant run-around to feed their hedonistic desires and sinful vices. While some Ravnos take the Gypsy path on some quest to find inner piece, redemption, or salvation, most are in it for the thrills and the kicks. The Ravnos found on Gypsy coteries are probably the most classic image of "pot-smoking hippies" that originated in the 60s, though recently they've transitioned to Hard-Rockin' Mohawk-ridden Bike-Gangers.

Gangrel: The sons of Ennoia are fierce and rural, and it shows with their constant desire to flee the urban landscapes and jump onto a Gypsy caravan, driving off towards a bloodsoaked sunset. The Gangrel see acceptance among the Gypsies from kindred of other clans, which may be an exciting prospect. Either that, or just getting the opportunity to see the world. Most Gangrel take the form of rugged truckers or on-the-road bikers.

Malkavian: Believe it or not, Malkavians enjoy being on their feet. A lot of the time, they masquerade as Tarot Readers, Psychics, Mediums, or any other variety of charlatans (which is ironically cruel, considering they could probably do much in the way of psychic tricks if they wanted to.) They are devil's advocates and thrill-seeking daredevils. Some are Nihilists who run because they can, and some are tuned auspicers on a quest for a deeper understanding of their mind and condition.

Ventrue: Some Ventrue have been seen as Gypsies before. The ones sick of playing Accountant and Lawyer, and the ones who are trying to give a big middle finger to their obnoxiously posh sires. Either way, Ventrue are a rare but not impossible presence among the Gypsies. They usually appear as travelling farmers and merchants, but some stick to the "lost boy" persona. Let's just say that life as a hitchhiking runaway is simple when you've got Dominate on your side.

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