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Old Jul 4th, 2010, 06:41 AM
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Scurvy Dogs

Repost you backgrounds etc. (and character sheets once they're done) here please.

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Old Jul 7th, 2010, 02:20 PM
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Name: Jackson Daniel
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Alignment and Personality: Lawful Neutral. A heavy drinker, Jackson cares about only one thing: where the next bottle is coming from. An excitable drunk, Jackson wound up an experienced barroom, being able to turn pretty much anything on hand into a deadly weapon. He is quiet and laconic when sober, loud and friendly when drunk.

Short Physical Description: Standing at 6'5", Jackson is anything but small. Nearly two hundred pounds of muscle pad his body, although he does have a slight grog gut. A thick, unkempt beard covers his face, and his long, brown hair flows out behind him in wild tangles. He is 19 years old.

Background (Growing up and how they got to Ademper, 1-2 paragraphs): Jackson was born and raised in the town o Ademper. His father, a dock worker, spent most of his time at "The Drunken Dragon", a local tavern, and, as soon as he could walk, Jackson would join him there often. There he learned from his father the ways of combat, and by age 16, he was a match for any sailor in the place. It was at the Dragon, too, that he developed his taste for the drink. He spent so much time either fighting or drinking that the two began to blend together. Although not a formally trained monk, those who see him brawl sometimes mistake him for a drunken boxer. He doesn't care either way. Just last month he was offered a position as a privateer, and, in anticipation of the money (and through that, grog) that he might receive, he signed on right away.

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Old Jul 7th, 2010, 02:49 PM
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Name: Bob (under construction)
Race: Human
Class: Paladin

Alignment and Personality: Bob is lawful good (note the lowercases ). He tries to always do the right thing, but doesn't enforce his views on others- unless they really need it. He's pretty friendly, and can joke around with the guys, but there are some lines he just won't cross.

Short Physical Description: Bob is of more or less average build, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Not a musclebound warrior by any means, Bob is nevertheless quite strong. He is rarely without armor and almost always has a weapon near at hand.

Background: From an early age, Bob has felt a calling to be a holy warrior, meting out justice and doing good. Once he picked up the sword, he has occassionally felt a similar call to go somewhere or do something. It's usually very faint- to the point it's difficult to tell if he just imagined it. However, every time he's felt a call, it led him to an adventure that he felt was well worth it. Over the past few weeks, he's felt himself drifting towards Ademper. Maybe it's just easier to walk downhill, but Bob thinks there might be something he's supposed to do here.

@oogoa: You need to apply public permissions to your character sheet.

@allu: How much money do we start with? Are we allowed to use traits?

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Old Jul 7th, 2010, 05:56 PM
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Name: Fulix Murtelax
Race: Half Orc
Class: Fighter

Alignment and PersonalityLawful Neutral. Fulix knows his place in the world and that place is guarding the front of Baron Van Kampis’ manor. While he is an intimidating presence, his intelligence is less than admirable. He is polite, but firm, never letting his emotions cloud his judgment, unless it comes to food, as he has a voracious appetite.

Physical DescriptionHis uniform is always up to inspection, though he has not seen his lower extremities in some time due to his tremendous bulk. At 5’10” and 283 pounds, he is a striking figure of obesity. He keeps his light green skin well oiled to show off his impressive musculature. His black hair is cut short and neatly shaved on the sides.

BackgroundFulix Murtelax is the front gate guard for the manor house of Baron Van Kampis. He thinks this has got to be the greatest job in the world. The hours are great, starting at 9:00 pm (just after dinner) and ending at 6:00 am (just before breakfast). On his off hours, he has his choice of slave girls to entertain him (any one over 200 pounds…the bigger, the better!) And of course, the food is delicious, direct from the Baron’s gourmet kitchen. Fulex loves his job. None shall pass through the gates without his authorization.

Phineus Nebulex, Lt. guard captain( and cousin to Fulex) does not love his job. He has missed out on promotion because he had been assigned the half-orc’s “baby sitter”, in charge of training him. He cursed his mother for suggesting he help Fulix into the guard, and his uncle for marrying an orc (What as he thinking?)

On this day, Phineus assigns Fulix an important mission. “Go down to the docks. There is a heavy package to be delivered to the Baron." Fulix is happy to be of service and heads down to the docks immediately. When he arrives at the appointed location, there is no package. Instead, there are two humans and a gnome waiting for him. Before he can act, the gnome cast a spell and Fulix hits the floor, fast asleep. The men curse as the drag the heavy half orc away to their ship.

Phineus smiles to himself. He had given his “half-cousin” a new job and got him out of his hair. His promotion was now assured!

Fulix Murtelax

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Old Jul 9th, 2010, 11:00 PM
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Name: Keln Derilict
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Ranger

Alignment and Personality: Neutral Good.

Short Physical Description: Taller than a average elf (just over 5' 10"), lanky yet built, looks teenish. skin is slightly bronzed from drow heritage, he sports short silvery hair with green eyes, which are covered by the light cloth during the daytime.

Background : Keln actually used to live in the woods when he was a fledgling; His community telling him that the outside world would shun him for many reasons.
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Old Jul 10th, 2010, 01:17 AM
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Name: Javier Ebonmont
Race: Human
Class: Duskblade

Alignment and Personality: True Neutral. Javier is an eccentric fellow, and extremely curious. His desire for new knowledge borders on the obsessive, but is reliable and mostly trustworthy. He has some respect for local authority , but is not above breaking it if if doing so would help his cause.

Short Physical Description: Tallish (just over 6ft), wiry, early 20's. While not ugly, Javier turns no heads, but he keeps himself looking respectable. Long black hair swept back into a ponytail and clean shaven.

Background (Growing up and how they got to Ademper, 1-2 paragraphs):
Born to a minor merchant family in Larshuu, Javier was sent as a teenager to a local Magic college by his parents, in hope that his natural curiosity would help him grow into a powerful wizard, for the good of the family. However, Javier quickly bored of the tedious, repetitive training, and often skipped classes to read strange texts in the colleges library. This continued for a few years , until, plagued by wanderlust and a desire to see the things he'd spent so much time reading about, Javier fled Larshuu and his family, and worked as a deckhand on a ship leaving port.

Life aboard the ship toughened him as he learnt to fend for himself against pirates, slavers and other deckhands that would give him grief. During his time aboard the ship, he weaved the magic he had learnt at the college together with martial prowess during combat to great effect. He also continued his quest for knowledge,and began noting down the things he saw on his travels, anything from sketches of beasts to strange arcane formula, in a small book that he keeps on him at all times. He jumped ship at Ademper after hearing rumours of a library full of obscure texts.

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