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Old Mar 24th, 2011, 03:14 AM
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Motley Crew

Place your applications/character sheets of DOOOOM here. Pathfinder, 20 point buy(from base stats of 10). Character sheets should be Pathfinder. Don't bother with equipment yet.


Your characters later on will have the opportunity to take Racial levels when leveling up. You don't get to now, because your characters are pithy level 1 things.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
A satyr rises in the morning, and hangs the coffee mug on his horns, so that he won't lose it.
The coffee is done, but the mug isn't in its usual spot. Where did it go? He forgot.

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Old Mar 24th, 2011, 11:11 AM
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Old Mar 24th, 2011, 12:10 PM
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Old Mar 24th, 2011, 07:16 PM
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Name:Claw the Swift (You'd be swift too, fleeing the wedgies and wet willies of the bullies in the playground!)
Age:16 (One virgin daquiri, please!)
Gender:Male (Do girls still have cooties?)
Race:Dragon-ish (Sure, I look like a stubby version of a kobold...which...looks like a stubby dragon...but I have wings! Sorta')
Class:Monk (No life in the monastery for this young dragon-thing! He learned enlightenment by being picked on by his friends. They were such good friends *fond smile*)
Personality:Imagine the most pathetic, worthless human child, add a brain that can look in two directions at once (both figuratively and literally), yet he can't form coherent thoughts, a distrust for those he hasn't yet gotten to know, and a misplaced trust for those he has, and you've got Claw. Everything about him is twitchy, his eyes, his limbs, his speech, even how quickly he can jump up and down in excitement. The first impression he leaves on most monsters is reminiscent to first meeting your neighbors yapping chihuahua, and the sudden inspiration to play that human sport with the ball that people kick! Never the first one into a fight, and usually the first one to flee.
Appearance:He's short, roughly two and a quarter feet tall (but he exagerates), his complexion is a sort of dirty green color, almost makes your stomach churn just by looking at him for too long. He could swear that one eye is bigger than the other, but he always points out the wrong eye, but that may be because of his eyes occasional lack of ability to stay coordinated. His head is slightly larger than usual, but everyone knows that the size of the head doesn't correlate with general intelligence. His right top canine is much larger than the left, which if you can finally take your eyes off his eyes, is slightly less entrancingly disgusting. Only slightly.
Background:Before the began, he was much like any other schoolyard nerd, defenseless, wimpy, and just the right size to be hung upside-down so all his lunch money falls out his pockets. And all that was just done by his closest of friends. Oh, the happy days, when his friends would help him train. It saddened him, though, that training always took place right before lunch and after school, he'd be hungry all the way back home where his mother, curse her soul, would throw bread at him and kick him back out into the streets. Ah, to be young again, where the worries of life were not so heavy upon the shoulders. He thought he would inherit his father's job of running the compost yard when he grew up. There were many fond memories of that place, his friends would train him to hold his breath, feel comfortable in scorching heat, and even how to scavenge.

Oh but that was all to change. His father actually had him enrolled into a school that would "likely kill you, but it'll make your mother and I really proud, son." So that's when the scie-...teachers came. He didn't much like how they taught him stuff, and the necklace they gave him stung dearly, but aside from those things it felt much like being at home. They even yelled at him the same! However, he didn't have to worry about running away from bullies, there were none here, only teachers which are supposed to be your friends, too. Right?

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Old Mar 24th, 2011, 09:49 PM
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Name: Heulwen

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Sphinx

Class: Oracle (Lore Mystery)

Personality: For some reason, Heulwin (HIEL-win) has come through her operation largely intact. Mentally speaking, this is quite a surprise, albeit a disappointing one to her scientist keepers. Speculation and rumor abounds as to why exactly this is the case, but even those clever enough to pretend that they know what they are doing are thoroughly baffled. Mostly because they knew very little in the first place, but that is a point irrelevant to her case. Heulwen is still largely the same as when she was human. Even physically speaking, the few human parts still left on her still accurately present a portrait of what she used to look like. Just as when she was human, she still does not like most other people.

The biggest problem of all is that she remembers very little. She knows things. Stories, recipes, much of her formally learned education remains intact. Her memories are the things that are spotty and incoherent (much more than even the pedigree of the average kobold). So then, it is questionable whether her obsession is because of this acute lack, or a taste she has always had. Her obsession is books. Valued art, generations old, great litanies of philosophical ideals and moral accountability! Epic sagas and Mysteries long thought lost to age or wear! Nothing like that trashy drivel that so many other of her kind-- her former kind, read these days.

Yet, there is some success to her story. Like her new... kind, she is capricious and mercurial at worst, and outright vengeful at best. She is just as likely to have tea and a chat with passersby as she is to challenge them to a riddle-contest-of-death. In four different languages. And even if they win, she might still eat them because she happens to be hungry. Her 'keepers' have since learned to send the dull-witted ones to her whenever they need something.

Appearance: Heulwen was always a 'pretty' girl. She was hardly beautiful, but she was much more than plain, according to the humans, at least. But their taste is... lacking. At best. But now! Now Heulwen has exactly what she never had! The lithe grace of a feline, a slow, sultry movement than any rightly thinking female would kill to own! So what if she was made mostly-cat to get it? That is a sale compared to some would pay for such... exquisite grace and beauty! It is a fair shame that she still bears such appearance to her old, squishy and pink self. Now she has claws and teeth!

Background: Heulwen was a peculiar child. Always, she has acted like there is a burden on her shoulders. That there is something that needs to be done. She believed in the gods, but she payed homage not to one, but all of them. Why? "Because maybe only one of them is right," she once said. If she could remember those words, she would truly believe them now that she has been changed.

Heulwen always was an inquisitive girl-- in the same way that an inquisitor would get any answer they wanted to hear (namely by means of cake. Or so Heulwen claims. Regardless, she is an excellent dessert chef.). She is also mercurial at best, and polite and considerate at worst. So the monsters had to work on training her for their undoubtedly nefarious purposes. What good was a ferocious monster when it insisted on having 'tea' with guests. Plain, normal tea! No poison, no acid, not scalding hot, not even a lack of cream and sugar could cause annoyance to a guest! It had to change! She needed to be shown the error of her ways! But she was stubborn; the monsters needed to bring in the 'trainers', the most gullible creatures that could be coaxed into instigating something big enough to eat them in the vain hope of tasting horrible enough to instill some form of direction to their charge.

The first 'trainer' was following proper etiquette for a formally arranged tea sitting by the end of a week. The second, worse yet, eventually came to indulge a little too greedily in her cooking. Not only did the kobold need to be rolled out of the cave, but they were required to enlarge the entrance to the cave to fit him out. The last, disastrously, tried to bring her to heel by a more professional approach-- by altering her reading material. Her books, and the information therein, is a precious commodity to Heulwen worth more than she can accurately estimate. It was replaced with adolescent female graphic novels and trashy romance stories. They still find chunks of kobold littered around the cave from time to time.

Unknown to most of the other monsters, Heulwen herself could be considered something of a... volunteer, to the cause. The true reason she reveres all of the gods is because she has claimed to been spoken to by some of them before. What exactly they wanted, she never did understand. But it sounded important. If only they could speak in something besides half-assed riddles. No wonder every prophet is mad off their rocker. When she was 'captured', Heulwen was enduring a boring and droll 'adventure' with a suitor in the 'wild'. The fop considered himself a grand knight-- so grand, in fact, that he soiled himself, shrieked in terror, and fled headlong back to civilization when he thought he saw a goblin.

He was right, of course, though it was only Heulwen staying to have a polite conversation with her soon-to-be-captors that spared him from being captured on his own. If personality was anything to go by, he would have made a fine book-end in the cave. But, in the end, Heulwen came all but willingly, though she no longer remembers the event anymore-- her most recent true memories were waking as she is now, and finding a bunch of tiny, tasty-looking creatures in dirty white coats cackling giddily.

Sadly, they did not prove to be very tasty.

Fine Print
Picture is copyright to Sandara from DA. Definitely not me.
Assume I am a bear that woke up from a five-year-long nap. Three minutes ago.

That is how I feel.

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Old Mar 25th, 2011, 06:14 PM
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Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Naga
Class: Sorcerer (serpentine bloodline)

Personality: Khalla suffers from serious stockholm syndrome, among other things. She's got it into her head that the so called civilised humanoids are crap, but that she can be better as long as she becomes everything her new masters want her to be.
Since she believes she would be dead if she hadn't been picked up by the scientists and their experiments are the source of her powers she feels indebted to them and idolises them almost to the point of worship. She loves the scientist who "made" her and is happy to work for no pay and be though of as an awesome pet.
Khalla has all the intelligence, common sense, morality and subtlety of a sledgehammer. She was dim and weak willed before, but her transformation has endowed her with the brain power of a small reptile and her experiences have left her dependant on others to tell her what's right and wrong.
She likes biting people, helping the scientists out, eating fish, sleeping and pleasing her owner. Some would also say she likes crushing halflings in her coils until their spines break and eating their flesh while the poor creatures still live. Khalla, a more innocent soul, would say that she squashes them and then gobbles them up. It's not like they're real people anyway.
Since she's much bigger now that she's been transformed, she is convinced that she's giant. She doesn't understand why people don't run away when she acts scary.

Appearance: Khalla is reasonably attractive, although not in any particularly quantifiable way. She's reasonably well muscled, reasonably well fed, a little pale, has nothing wrong with her face and would describe herself as "normal looking". Presumably she means normal for a naga, but it's hard to say for sure.
The main change made by her transformation is of course the large snake tail. It's dry, smooth and a greyish-brown with orange and yellow dots. Other changes include nasty oversized teeth, the creepy eyes of a snake, little claws instead of fingernails and a tendency to hiss when she's irritated.
Her hair is an unexciting brown and she has taken to wearing it in dreadlocks. She thought it would be a good idea at the time and now it seems like it would be a waste of effort to change it.
She's far from vain, but she's convinced that she's beautiful. The scientists told her so, so it must be true.

Background: Khalla was a halfing with "some stupid halfling name" which she has now forgotten. She had a pretty bad time of things, with bullying parents, bullying priests, bullying teachers and bullying peers, so she ended up with a pretty bad impression of people in general.
Eventually, she was told that she damn well better get engaged to this particular guy and realised she wasn't going to talk her way out of it. Being more than a little gay, she ran off.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the wilderness turned out to be worse than the halfling village and she would up lost, cold and waiting to be killed to death by some animal.
That's when the monsters found her.
The way she saw it, these strange people had saved her life, given her a new home and were amazingly smart. Much better than her fellow halflings. Fine, they were pretty rough, but she was used to that and sticking around to help out was the least she could do, so what did it matter if they gave her no option to refuse? Who cared if the experiments hurt like hell and turned her into a snake creature? Being a halfling hadn't really worked out anyway. She just wanted to be a good subject for their demented tests.
During the process, one of the scientists put the soul of a snake into her, giving her the power of serpentine sorcery. The team were delighted when it worked, because it had turned an expendable test subject into a much more valuable adventurer without having to capture anybody who was capable. They're still attempting to repeat the success, but they've just made a lot of people who think they're snakes and some soulless nagas who make excellent doorstops.
Ingle Land?

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Old Mar 25th, 2011, 07:09 PM
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Hey if I took poison kit and craft Alchemy would I be able to 'milk' Khalla for free poison?

Bah i tried to remove this post to put in the other thread and I accidently reported the post on myself. Twice.

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