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Old Nov 10th, 2012, 05:11 AM
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Grace will share what food she can with those who did not figure to bring their own food.

Once the group arrives at the town, Grace goes to stable her horse, handing out money for two days, saying she'll come back later should she require more time. Once that is done, she returns to the group. "We should probably find this Jimmy person, and resupply if we require a hasty leave at some point", she says, motioning to her now empty ration pack.
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Old Nov 11th, 2012, 12:41 PM
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Lyssa sighs to herself as she alights from the coach cab, thinking of how she misses the grand dinners back home. She wonders fleetingly if there might be a bank in town from where she could remove a little of her family's money in order to at least get a half-decent meal instead of this... peasant food that she kept on having to eat, but steeled herself against that course of action; she was not so far gone that she needed to show her family that she was weak, unable to even feed herself when on the road. Nevertheless, she agreed privately with the other woman that it would be a good idea to stock up on supplies just in case.

"Very well," she says, making a shooing motion towards the cab to be on its way. "I suppose since we (apparently?) traveled together and have the same destination we may as well go shopping together as well. This tiny settlement of a town can't have the kind of things that would require much money--especially if we are simply refilling what supplies might have been..." she sneaks a side-long look at Desmond, "consumed on the journey."

Sighing to herself mentally once more that she must bring herself down to the same level as these peasants, Lyssa stops a man on the street. "My goodman," she says, "We are looking for some sort of general store where we might refill our supply of travel equipment. Is there such a general store in town? Oh," she adds before she might forget, "and we are also looking for an individual of the name of 'Jimmy'; might you know of such an individual?" she asks, hoping that the man they were looking for was human.

Dice Diplomacy Check:
1d20+15 (15)+15 Total = 30
Diplomacy to gather information.
+6 bonus if the subject is Human
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Old Nov 13th, 2012, 12:39 AM
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Desmond had failed to introduce himself back at their previous locale, so he thought after several days travel it would be better if he got to know his companions. "While on the subject of the one called Jimmy," he intoned, looking particularly at the females as the other male was of little consequence regardless, "My name is Desssmond." Again the s seemed to elongate itself rather unnaturally when he spoke. Perhaps it was just a lisp though. He sounded so lovely otherwise, it seemed a pity to mar his speech so. "Might I know who you are?"

He'd had food, but he preferred to ration it out to himself according to his own needs. Plus he was generally able to get handouts like these from people who thought he was a beggar. He often looked like a beggar, and always looked blind. The others may have noticed that he certainly didn't move like a blind man though, able to seemingly tell things quite well at close enough viewpoints.
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Old Nov 15th, 2012, 12:25 AM
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As Grace heads off to stable her horse, the other three of you unload the carriage. Standing next to your luggage, you look around at the people moving around the small village. Handing the driver his pay, he nods his hat at all of you before setting off back towards the city. Once Grace walks back up to the group, you all stand around until the women of the group take action. Lyssa stops a nearby worker making his way back from his lunch.

Stopping and staring at the four of you, he takes a second look at Lyssa. Realizing who she was, or at least what she appeared to be. Hastily tucking in his shirt and trying to fix his hair with his hand, he answers in a nervous voice Yeeaaah, he is always around the tavern or the inn. In fact, I just passed him Madam. He is sitting back on the porch there. Turning around, he points at a man on the patio who is smoking a pipe. He stands up when he sees the four of you, and calls something back into the house he is sitting in front of. Then he heads down the dirt road to you. The man pauses for some seconds as he sees Jimmy heading towards you, then continues. Yeah, um store, yeah just another 30 feet past the tavern. Can't miss it. First building after the tavern, before the blacksmith. We ain't in no trouble are we? We don't want no trouble up here.

Looking back down the road, the four of you see Jimmy within yelling distance. He is frowning, and behind him comes another man. Or at least it appears to be a man. Every so often so reflects brightly from his body, casting a bright rainbow of color around him. Soon they have walked up to the four of you.

OOC Okay Lightened has joined the group. He is the second one, and Jimmy the main NPC is the first.

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