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Old Aug 1st, 2013, 03:16 AM
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Scurvy Curs

Here is where you make the things!
  • Original thread is here, for rules and lookups and such.
  • 20-point buy
  • Level 5, 10,500 gp. No free traits.
  • Racial prattle will come soonish.
  • HP is max at first level, halved for levels thereafter. so 3.5 for d6, 4.5 for d8, and so forth.
  • The Sheet Code is (SPOILERBUTTON="Character Sheet"](INDENT](NSHEET]38965(/NSHEET](/INDENT](/SPOILERBUTTON], with brackets instead of parenths, and the number of your sheet in that 5 digit slot.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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The coffee is done, but the mug isn't in its usual spot. Where did it go? He forgot.

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Old Aug 1st, 2013, 04:55 AM
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left-aligned image
Name: SUNOSE, the Iron Chef!
Race: FERITA, the best race!
Gender: BLUE as the sea!
Age: Gimme your strongest LIQUOR, I can take it!
Class: WILDER than the strongest maelstrom!


Description: Sunose, clad in silky finery and appearing completely weaponless, might seem out of place aboard a ship. To the contrary; his skills as a chef are unmatched, and just because he doesn't seem to be armed doesn't mean he is. His fur is a mix of cream and saffron, contrasting with the calm colours of his garb, and tied around his head is a green bandanna - because apparently all pirates need headgear. Although he errs on the tall side for his race, he's still as nimble as the rest of his kind. His big blue eyes match the sea, and a toothy maw reminds others that they're still dealing with a ferita - not that they could ever forget, given his behaviour.

Personality: Tactless, lacking modesty and full of boundless energy, Sunose serves aboard ships as both a chef and as a self-appointed morale officer. To him, it doesn't matter how he gets his job done, so long as it gets done - sure, he prefers being gentle, but he's not beyond using force to whip people back into shape. He finds it hard to keep his nose out of other peoples' business, despite not liking other people sticking noses into his. Those who cannot keep secrets are among his worst enemies, the others being those who accidentally call him Sunrose. While he prefers making friends to making enemies, he's ruthless when the things and people he cares for are threatened - unless he's distracted, which is an unfortunately common occurrence. Somewhat selfish and naive, he'd probably be left on land if he weren't one of the best cooks on the seas.

RP Sample:

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Old Aug 1st, 2013, 05:24 AM
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left-aligned image
Nyx Renrut Thunderscreamer




Find it at
(Or by googling pirate girl, like I did, but that takes a wee bit longer )
Original Picture (Not my Artwork)

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Old Aug 1st, 2013, 05:52 AM
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Name: Marduke
Race: Strix
Gender: Blue
Age: Liquor, though he is an adult in his race he is only 15
Class: Manablade 2/Monster 3


Personality: Marduke is in-between being a true bestial monster and a Strix when it comes to other people. The one thing he has laid to rest is his peoples lies about humans….well most humans. He can be a gentle giant when he wants to, which is almost never, but most of the time he is thing of peoples nightmares and acts as such. Strong and silent if he thinks that will work to intimidate the person or harsh and straight foreword if it will get what he wants. In any case there really is no subtle with Marduke, diplomacy in his mind only gets you so far where as fear can get you anywhere you need to go.

RP Sample:
Marduke stands on a hill overlooking the small port town, it had several ships that were a decent size. He stood for a long time on that hill, the sun started to set when he finally moved towards the town. He pulled the hood of his cloak up to hide his face in the darkness that was coming. As he reached the edge of town, darkness had taken over and the shadows, from torches that were flickering because of the slight breeze that had kicked up, gave Marduke a more sinister look.

The few non-drunk people left on the dark streets gave the large creature lurking down the street towards the pub near the dock a large birth. When he got to the door of the pub a half-orc stood as a guard in front of the door with his arms crossed. Marduke spotted the guards weapon of choice for combat outside the pub first, a great axe hung on his hip but the weapon for inside was less visible. The handle of the dagger was barely visible under the sleeve of his left arm. Marduke approached the guard bare handed and tried to pass into the pub. The guard stepped in his way “Pub’s closed for tonight stranger, just keep movin’” he patted his weapon. Marduke could hear the sounds of drunk patrons laughing and breaking mugs.

Reaching up and drawing back his hood revealing his heritage to the guard who took a step back and took up his weapon. “Now you done it. Git yer ass outta here now.” The way the half-orc held his weapon Marduke could tell that he knew how to wield his weapon with skill…a great challenge.

The patrons in the bar heard a scuffle outside and quieted down to listen, the next sound was the pub door crashing through and splintering inside the building as the half-orc was used as a battering ram. He laid unconscious on the pub floor as Marduke came through after him. His hood still down the patrons were all shocked and fell over themselves trying to get away from the monster that had just came through the broken door. Only two patrons stayed in their seats, a man in a fancy hat and his large human cohort. Marduke walked over two the only two in the place that didn’t seem to be afraid of him and he took a seat at their table. “So I take it by your none reaction your looking for some muscle, or maybe just someone that looks scary.” Marduke said in his deep voice and as he said it the man in the fancy hat began to smile. “Sharp aint ya.” the large man said “Now now luther, this creature may be just the one we are looking for." ”Marduke is my name.”

After a conversation, during which time the other patrons stayed crowded in the corner of the pug staring at Marduke, The man in the fancy hat, the large man who was his first mate, and Marduke left for one of the ships in the town harbor. Marduke had a job on a pirate ship heading towards Glastor
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Old Aug 1st, 2013, 06:18 AM
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Name: Robin Erasmus John Wilbur Horsefeather, Doctor of Archaeology
Race: Ferita
Gender: Blue as the big blue wet thing
Age: "Both, silly! Then you get cocktails and never have to grow up!"
Class: Archaeologist "Bard" 4, Gunslinger 1

Background: Robin studied ancient cultures at the most prestigious university in Isalian. He had to blag his way through many of the drier parts, but he's always been good at that, so he made it out with a first. This landed him with a problem: He was apparently grown-up now, and his parents (an exotic dancer and an entirely legitimate businesswoman) expected him to start earning a living.
He eventually caved in and took a job for the government examining the ruins on a small island in the middle of nowhere. The journey revealed a new side to him, one that thinks boats are cool, enjoys shooting at pirates, detests large boulders and neglects to tell the government about extremely valuable golden idols. Since then, he's been a treasure-hunting, gunslinging scholar who backs up his fighting skills with the forgotten magic of dead cultures.
Seeking the lost city is an obvious decision for him. He believes he's better qualified to find it than anybody and it combines his passions for learning, shiny objects and occult power into a single juicy macguffin.

Description: Robin is distinctive because his hat is not the hat of a sailor. He has a brown hat with a brim from the mainland, which he insists is better for shading his eyes. Other than that, he wears a simple jacket and pair of pants, with a revolver and a whip at his belt. He's usually smiling. Sometimes he accessories with a parrot, but they always abandon him before long. His family coat of arms (purchased by his mother at great expense) is depicted on his belt buckle. It's a pegasus flying away with sacks of your money on its back.

Personality: Robin's not a bad guy by means. He's not shy about violence, but he's unlikely to start it if you give him a choice. He'd much rather think or talk his way out of a situation. Hie's very unlikely to hurt or rob innocent people himself, but he doesn't mind the company of those who might. The way he sees it, there are no rules that matter and people can do what they please.
He's easily distracted by valuables, ancient relics, tubes he can fit in, climbable surfaces and ferret ladies. Other than that he's nearly dependable.
His chief fears are imprisonment and doctors. People trying to kill him don't scare him much at all because he can be an idiot sometimes.
He calls out the names of his spells as he casts them. Sometimes he lies.

Trivia: He's allergic to dairy products. He once ran for mayor of the town where he grew up. He lost the election but won the bet by getting eleven votes.

RP Sample: Robin crossed the crowded pub floor in his customary manner, the one where he bumps into people and acquires their drinks by mysterious means. He screwed up his face as he took a sip. Damn it! Cranberry juice again!
He placed the offending beverage on top of a door he'd left ajar and took a seat opposite his contact "So." he said "You say you can give me passage to Isilian?"
The man seemed displeased, glaring at the Feriti with stern dwarven eyes topped by stern, dwarven eyebrows. "You're drunk, Horsefeather."
"Slander." Came the response, "I've barely even started your drink."
"Ugh. Whatever. Anyway, the answer is no. I'm not going to Isilian."
At this Robin struck the table with his palm and looked daggers at the dwarf "Damn it Goldman! You made me a promise!"
"We're IN Isilian you demented whoreson! I offered you passage to Glastor!"
At this Robin's ears pricked up. "Glastor you say? Well, what a marvellous coincidence! That's precisely where I need to go! This voyage is going to be such-"
The end of his sentence will forever remain a mystery, for he was drowned out by a terrible scream from outside. "Robin Horsefeather, you lyin' jackass! I know yer in there! Time to pay up for what you done!" The screamer entered to the sound of a slamming door and the crash of falling glass. "What? Cranberry juice?"
Robin tisked and shook his head. "You'll have to excuse me, my dear Goldman. I just need to shoot someone's husband."
Ingle Land?
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Old Aug 1st, 2013, 05:52 PM
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Name: Thaddeus Starchaster (Assumed)
Race: Naga
Gender: blue?
Age: 25
Class: Witch

Description: Hmm I suppose my looks are fairly average, although at a total length of seven feet I'm somewhat short for my kind. My upper scales are deep bronze color while my under belly scales have been compared to a lite caramel. Along the end of my tail there are a few healed scars, they look as if with some shedding there's a chance they'll fade more. I tend to keep my red hair tied in a braid going to the middle of my back. My upper body has lightly tanned skin that I like to cover with a long crème colored shirt. My face isn't exactly worth much mention, green eyes and a nose that's slightly flat.

Personality: Are ye a scallywag, or an angel of the ocean? Perhaps a scallywag might describe me, for I'm no angel. I used to be looking out for people on general principal, let's just say that I've soured out of those traits mostly. Not that I'm trying to be cruel on perhaps, normally, but I'm not about to going to go out of my way to help people on my own unless there is going to be some type of exchange involved. Although I suppose helping my … fellow crew members will always come first, after all we'll be needing one another for our own ends. And perhaps I act like I know more than I do, but that is half of the soothsaying game.

RP Sample:

“Here's what you do Missy. Go to your young man and tell him your feelings.” Thaddeus said as he laid one wooden card over the other, a small smile as his finger brushed over a painted sword.

“That's it? That's all I have to do? There has to be something more I should do.” The young human woman across the table said in a huff, her blond hair brushing her crème colored dress as her hazel eyes started to squint in annoyance at the traveling fortuneteller.

Thaddeus gently tapped the sword card with his index finger. Hmm but it's not that simple dear, you have to make your move as soon as possible. This card whispers of a rival seeking to take your place, after all you know you're not the only maiden who finds the young Andro'sen a catch to have...

The young woman blinked and frowned. “You don't mean Martha do yo-”
What I mean is that you should be moving to go stake your claim. As an extra I'll even wish you Good Fortune. But if you wish to stay and lose your chance to other than ask questions please go ahead. I'll still be here.”

She stared at Thaddeus for a moment before laying the coins down on the table before leaving the tavern quickly. She didn't hear Thaddeus chuckle softly as he gathered up the cards. The fruit bat that had seemed to be dozing on his shoulder spoke up as he kissed the top of the deck before putting it away. “Don't you ever get tired of telling those lies?”

“Hmm and what lies did I actually tell Sasha? She'd never have a chance with the boy if she didn't make a move, and a rival is just as likely to take him as anything else. She certainly thought of someone as one when prodded.”

Thaddeus stopped talking as the tavern server brought his order; stew for himself, a plate of fruit for Sasha, and a pitcher of water to be shared. He thanked her and paid her with the recently left client's fare. “Besides either way she'll most likely spread word and we'll get a few customers we could use.”

Sasha stopped eating a bright red berry to look at Thaddeus. I take it we'll be here a while?
“Just long enough till we find the ship we need, after all we can't find a lost kingdom on our own...”

Character Sheet: WIP

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