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Old Mar 30th, 2014, 06:23 PM
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Westcrown, City of Twilight.

More details are available with suitable knowledge checks, but for now this is basic information that most people would know. Except for maybe the map, but you probably can't read the fine print anyways.

Glossary Adel:A small, personal barge.
Dottari:the Chelish city guard.
Durotas:a captain of the city guard.
Duxotar:the commander of the city guard.
Haloran:a lantern-bearing staff.
Pyrahje:Man-sized torches that light major areas of Westrcrown by night.
Parego:"Great region," one of the three major districts of Westcrown.
Rego:a region or neighborhood of Westcrown.
Vaneo:a Chelis manor house.
Vira:A Chelish estate.
Wiscrani:A resident or something from Westcrown.

Timeline4606: Aroden dies. Civil War broke out. It would last over 30 years.
4640: With the backing of Hell, the House Thrune gains control of Cheliax. The people of Cheliax did not want to be ruled by Hell, but it seemed a better option than the anarchy they’d lived through for the last three decades. The Queen moves the capital of Cheliax from Westcrown to Egorian.
4708: Now.

GeographyWestcrown is a city of 114,700 88%mostly human residents that is divided up into three greater regions and additional neighborhoods within each of these regions.
Parego Regicona: Encircling the 8 canall-riddled islands are the Regiconan Walls, the Chained Arches spanning each of the canals piercing them. Many of the city's population never see inside the walls built by their effots and coins, so rumors run rampant of what happens within the Regicona. This region has three divisions: Regio Corona, Regio Laina, and Regio Aerum. A knowledge (Nobility) check is necessary to find out more about these regions
Parego Dospera: The abandoned ruins and downtrodden slums of the northern shores of Westcrown. The roads are often in disrepair, and there are many threats hidden in the shadows of the unlighted streets. The northern sector is entirely a ruin, while the southern sector acts as the buffer zone between it and "civilized" Westcrown.
Rego Cader: A dangerous part of town: there are legitimate businesses here, but there are also numerous bands of humanoid gangs, roaming monsters, and general lawlessness.
Rego Crua: low-end or less desirable businesses like tanneries and slaughterhouses, as well as much of the slave trade are located here: anything that would produce a bad smell or lots of waste. The area is well patrolled, particularly the walls that separate it from Rego Cader. Things become nicer closer to Parego Spera
Parego Spera: contains the still-thriving sections of the city, once looked down upon by the city's elite and now recognized as its money-making lifeblood. There are nobles here, but they are more concerned with trade and coin than with the politics of Parego Regicona.
Rego Scripa: this area is mostly populated by trade warehouses and ship related businesses.
Rego Pena: houses the more lucrative trades, a few lesser nobles, as well as a rising class of rich merchants who haven’t quite attained noble status yet.
Rego Sacero: An area filled with many shrines and other ecclestiacal real estate as well as some government buildings, including the massive mayor’s mansion. The double plateau rising more than 2oo feet above the rest of the surrounding city was once the focal point of Aroden’s worship and is called Aroden’s Rise. Many in the city refer to the uppermost plateau as the Vacant Throne, an allusion to the God who never returned.

Government and Authority FiguresThe Dottari: The city’s guards. They are easily recognized by the city’s mark- Aroden’s Eye-stenciled in black over a red field on a shield or tabard. Officers wear a reversed mark (red on black field) on their left arms. If you break the law, you will have to deal with them, though depending on who you talk to that could be bad or worse. There are rumors that money can solve lots of problems with them, but you wouldn’t know how true those rumors are without at least a little bit of money and some problem you needed to get out of.
Mayor Aberian Arvanxi: if he is known for anything among the common people of Westcrown it is his reputation for using public funds for his own enjoyment: namely the maintenance and rebuilding of various opera houses and entertainment halls that are mostly located in Parego Regicona where most common citizens rarely if ever can afford to travel to. For whatever reason people put up with it. He is the mayor, after all.
Nobles: The real power moved to Egorian with the capital. Those nobles that are left are mostly perceived as fussy old men who can’t let go of a past that few, if any, of them actually remember. Still, they do control a lot of the commerce in town, and it’s hard to say how much influence they actually have on town politics, especially if the mayor is so enamored with his operas.
Order of the Rack Hellknights: stationed somewhere just outside of town, they are not popular among most people in Westcrown. Many view them as too rigid, too extreme, and with too close ties to the House of Thrune. They are often considered to be part of the problem with things in Westcrown instead of part of the solution.
Imperial Navy: stationed in Gemcrown Bay, and answering to the powers that be in Egorian, they have a reputation for being suspicious, perhaps afraid that there are groups in Westcrown that want to bring the power center back here. At least that is the obvious rumor.
Council of Thieves: Hundreds of years ago there was a very prominent underworld in Westcrown, but it was eradicated before Aroden’s prophecied return. Still, you’ve likely stumbled across a delusional merchant that claims they are still around.

Westcrown at Night.For as long as any of you can remember, Westcrown has not been a safe place to be at night. Beasts stalk the shadows and the only thing the government has done to stop them is enact a curfew and make vague promises they have never fulfilled. Dottari are said to patrol between lighted areas of the more affluent parts of town, and there are halorans available if anyone absolutely must travel after dark. But doing so is often considered foolish, as there are always tales of those who go missing in the night.

Laws of the Land Laws of Cheliax

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