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Old 10-06-2020, 11:41 AM
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Shadows Over Hyrule: The Shattered Triforce

Update: Due to recent changes in my work schedule it's become obvious to me that running this game on top of everything else is not possible for me. I'll restart this campaign later on (most likely in January), and PM everyone who applied here when I do. Thank you all for your interest!
Game NameShadows Over Hyrule: The Shattered Triforce
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeDungeon Crawling, Puzzles and Combat focus
FlavourExplore a new, custom built version of Hyrule as a group of adventurers filling the role of the legendary hero!
Plot Summary
left-aligned image
The cycle of resurrection has been broken. The Goddesses in their capriciousness have prevented the champions of the Triforce from being reincarnated once again, but that does not mean that the influence of the Triforce has been lost.

The Triforce has survived, each piece split apart and imbued in three new champions of Power, three of Wisdom, and three of Courage, and so the cycle has continued.

The three shadow kings, suffused with the three shards of the Triforce of Power, have taken hold of the land of Hyrule. As their fates have guided them they feel drawn to seek out the other six, and claim their dormant power as their own.

One night, a voice calls out, ringing through the dreams of the 6 scattered champions.

"Hyrule has fallen into darkness, your birthright is the light that will rid this land of shadow. Come to me..."

When you wake from your dream, an image is clear as daylight in your mind, of a hidden sanctuary, deep beneath the dungeons of Hyrule Castle

About the DMHey guys! I'm Squid, I'm a relatively veteran 5e DM, having DM'd a weekly game nearly uninterrupted since the game came out. However, I'm very new to DMing PBP, in fact, this is my first time! So please be patient with me if I make any obvious mistakes. I look forward to running a game!

Homebrew Stipulations
A fantastic homebrewed campaign setting has been pointed out to me by Ferdy, and we'll be using it for character creation. The link is available from the creator's reddit thread here, but for the sake of the app, the available races are as follows

Race Subraces
Human Hylian, Gerudo, Sheikah
Zora Ocean Zora, River Zora, Rito
Deku Kokiri, Korok, Deku Scrubs
Goron -
Twili -

If you would like to discuss using a pre-existing race and simply reflavoring into one of these races, let me know!

Please format your character applications in the following way

Familiarity with 5e: I'm welcoming to new players, but since this game will be moderately homebrewed, familiarity with the base rules would make things easier

Familiarity with the Zelda series: This is NOT a prerequisite to being accepted, I'm just curious! Have you played every game? did you pick up Ocarina of Time for a few minutes when you were 8? tell me what you love and hate about the games and their worlds.

Character Concept: give me an elevator pitch of your character. Is he corageous? wise? neither? What should we love about him?

Triforce: The concept of the game is that your character is a chosen champion of either the triforce of Courage or Wisdom. Which trait does your character embody? Does he live up to the expectation? or does he have some growth to do before he's worthy of the title?

Race: Choose any of the above races!
Class: Any published material is acceptable, I'd like to stay away from Unearthed Arcana or Homebrew
Background: Story-wise, not mechanical. What's your character been doing all their life? Did something change in them when they discovered their destiny? How are they handling this sudden news of a "birthright?"
Appearance: Images aren't necessary, if you include one, please try to keep it within reason of the universe's aesthetic. Describe what your character looks like, what other people might notice about them upon first impression.

Additional Information
Posting rate will be once or twice a week, maybe more if time allows. I'm entering a very busy period in my line of work, so don't expect daily updates for most of the holiday season.

Battlegrids will be used for combat, and puzzles and combat will often be happening at the same time

This may be controversial to some people, but puzzles will be up to the players to solve, no INT checks to instantly figure out a puzzle, and progress may be impeded if the players can't solve them. I will include ways of gaining extra hints, explained below.

Homebrew mechanic: Inspiration/FATE points. I like to steal from FATE for my 5e games. The inspiration mechanic will be replaced by a FATE point system, wherein players will start the game with a single FATE point that can be used in the following ways.

1. Gain advantage on any d20 roll
2. Impose disadvantage on an enemy d20 roll
3. Add an element to a social situation (for instance: the blacksmith you're talking to happens to be a family friend, and might offer you a discount)
4. Gain insight on a puzzle or boss (for instance: gaining a hint on a difficult puzzle or discovering a boss's weakness)

One FATE point will be restored each time you level up or clear a dungeon, but you may never have more than 1 FATE point at a time, so make sure they don't go to waste!

This Campaign has been postponed due to a sudden increase in my workload, I'm sorry to everyone who applied

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Familiarity with 5e: I'm a beginner when it comes to 5e.

Familiarity with the Zelda series: I have some glancing familiarity with the Legend of Zelda Series. The most recent game I have played in the series is Breath of the Wild.

Character Concept: This is a Gerudo male who has been outcast from his village since childhood for fear of "Ganon's Legacy" (Everyone assumes that he'll become the next Ganondorf, the embodiment of evil). He seeks out to prove them wrong by helping the heroes defeat the 3 Shadow Kings. He is hard to befriend but once you've established that bond with him, he'll loyally stick to you.

Triforce: He is one of the ones chosen by the Triforce of Courage. On several occasions, he has rushed headlong in order to save his village from monsters and bandits. More often than not, though, he shows more of a foolhardy and blind courage(impulsively leaping into a situation before assessing it). His version of "Courage" requires maturing and applying the phrase "wisdom is the better part of valor".

Name: Gillam
Race: Human (Gerudo)
Class: Fighter
Background: Due to being exiled from Gerudo village as a child, he has had to mostly fend for himself. There were a few "Aunties" that weren't swayed by the village chief and who tried to help him in secret. Being endeared to them, he'd try and bring back any prizes from his excursions to them. Because Gerudo village is in the middle of the desert, it often has to face attacks from wildlife and bandits alike. The Exile would assist in defending the village, often motivated to do it for the "Aunties" who assisted him.

During his life in the Desert, he often contemplated if he'd be cursed to fulfill "Ganon's Legacy". Would he give into despair, along the lines of "If they say I'm destined to be evil, then let me be evil.", or would he follow the advice that one of the Aunties gave him, that "Destiny is what you make with your own two hands." It was always difficult, but it seemed to be worth it to reject these temptations to seize power and make THEM fear HIM. Some part of him longed to have that kind of power, but he'd have to be reminded that this was the attitude his predecessors had in times past before being struck down by the hero of light over countless generations.

With the revelation that he was chosen as a champion of Courage, he was overjoyed! This was the opportunity the Exile had desired, to be able to prove the village chief and her subjects that destiny was not set in stone, that he would not become the villain reincarnated so many times before. Given the chance, he'd become a hero!

Appearance: The Exile is a tall, lean and toned man with deeply bronzed skin. Being a Gerudo man, his appearance often elicits feelings of apprehension from onlookers. Some say he bears a striking resemblance to Ganon. Scars from his time in the desert cover his body. He'll often be dressed in the robes and armor of the Gerudo.

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Familiarity with 5e:
right-aligned image

Familiarity with the Zelda series:
Character Concept:
Triforce: Wisdom
Name: Borambe
Race: Goron (Minotaur)
Class: Cleric (Forge domain)
Background: WIP

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left-aligned image

Familiarity with 5e: Fairly confident with the core rules, and less with the expanded literature... but that could also just mean I know enough to get myself in to trouble lol. I'm less experienced with spells than swords.

Familiarity with the Zelda series: I played the original on NES and then Ocarina on 64 but I never actually completed either of them.

Character Concept: Plucky, and loyal... Even though things don't often I generally have terrible luck when it comes to dice rolls.go her way, she still tries her best to stay cheery and in the moment.

Triforce: Courage. Having the moral fortitude to stick with something, despite the odds, despite the past mistakes, and despite the probable outcomes, takes a lot of courage. Just because you aren't boasting doesn't mean you are lacking the ability to overcome.

Name: Sarine (Serene)
Race: Sheikah
Class: Ranger (Hunter)

Background: Sarine was always close to the land, which would be considered more common for Gerudo or Hylians than her people. Though in her case, it was more a matter of survival than actual choice. Having to forage for food, shelter, and to keep herself safe, has taken up the majority of her relatively short life. Though the appearance of her first dream has definitely caused more of a distraction to her routine as of late. While she is unsure if this dream is anything more than just a fanciful side effect of sleep, she is curious to seek the answers out... even if it means journeying to the castle, and delving it's dungeons.

Appearance: She has hair the color of clay, and a muddy complexion that could be misconstrued as dirty. This, along with her more wild bend, tends to lead others to assume she is Gerudo. An average height, and slight build round out her stature, though she does have remarkable eyes. Deep, clear, and the color of blood.
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Hey just a heads-up in case you're not aware, reddit user u/ninjabreadbear has created a 5th edition D&D version of this setting and made his sourcebook PDFs available for free:
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Familiarity with 5e: I’m not completely new. I’ve done a few oneshots and I catch on pretty quickly.

Familiarity with the Zelda series: I am very familiar with the series, with my favorite being Wind Waker. I’ve mostly recently finished the Link’s Awakening Remake. I’ve always liked the scenery and the characters that inhabit the world. I’m not too fond of having to go back to the beginning of the dungeon if I die and how the NPCs don’t always react to what is going on plot wise in the game (though this point is getting better now that they can actually put more stuff in).

Character Concept: Talbot doesn’t consider himself wise, but he is good about choosing when to act and when to hold back. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have too much confidence in himself, but he is trying to get better and will act when needed. He just needs to believe in himself and bit more and have someone cheer him on.

Triforce: Wisdom, as far as knowing when to act and when to wait. Though his fear and unsureness often hold him back from fully embodying this trait.

Name: Tabolt Nelsen
Race: Hylian
Class: Artificer
Background: Talbot had a stable life growing up, despite his father being constantly ill and his uncle and father often arguing about the family business. When his father finally fell to his illness, his uncle cast his mother out but kept Tabolt so he could take advantage of the young man’s inheritance. Needless to say, this caused tension between Tabolt and his uncle.

So Talbot spent most of his time in the library, studying, not only because he likes to learn but because his uncle was not likely to be in there. While his uncle never raised a hand against him, he constantly put down his nephew and his abilities.

The night that the revelation came upon him was also the night of his eighteenth birthday. Not wanting his uncle to get a hold of any of his inheritance, Talbot decided to leave in secret. He had been preparing, but unsure when to leave. So he gathered his things and left in the dead of night, hoping to not only leave his uncle behind, but also to save Hyrule, if for no other reason but for his mother’s safety.

Appearance: Neat, short dark brown hair with dark brown eyes to match. He’s a little shorter than the average person his age, but not by that much. He has fair skin, showing his inexperience with being outdoors for long. He is a tad on the skinny side, but will probably fill out quickly.

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Thank you for the heads up Ferdy! I'll read through and update the first post if I decide to use it.
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No problemo!

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Man you are going to have to get up pretty early in the morning to try and get a Zelda game past me here.

ApplicationFamiliarity with 5e: Haven't had a chance to play enough games with it as I like, but I'm fairly solid.

Familiarity with the Zelda series: To much, disgustingly so Hands down my favorite Nintendo franchise. I've beaten all the 3D titles (except BotW which I'm currently working on) as well as the original, and I've had my hands on a few of the other ones.

Character Concept: An intelligent but naive Zora noblewoman trying to bridge the gap between the Hylian and the Zora.

Triforce: Wisdom Zalia is the "bookish nerd" stereotype to a T, and while she knows a great deal she's also never been in a fight in her life.

Name: Lady Zalia of Lake Hylia
Race: Ocean Zora
Class: Bard (College of Lore)
Background: Hatched and raised in the Zora Capital in Lake Hylia, Lady Zalia is the youngest child of a family of lesser nobles. Even as a young child, she showed a penchant solving word games and riddles. She would spend her days in the libraries reading, or on rare days she would venture out to the older part of the old city and examine the ruins. Her parents nurtured this behavior when she was young, but as she grew older they began to try and "correct" her to the proper way a young noblewoman of the Zora should behave. She tried to go along, to make them happy and to try and fit in, but such was simply not to be. Despite reaching and passing the usual age of marriage, Zalia was still one with her books, her strange naive ways having turned away a few suitors. As her family struggled with what to do with her, she was sstricken with a strange dream one night after passing out reading. The idea of leaving her home for some type of adventure seemed an acceptable compromise to all involved.
Appearance: WIP

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Hey Saint Squid!
Loving the pitch, looks like a fantastic roleplaying adventure. I've written up a brief WIP character pitch below:

"Dyriok the Malcontent, Paladin of Hylia and Hero of Hyrule!"


Familiarity with 5e: I've been playing in TT campaigns for a few years now, so I'm right at home with the 5e ruleset. On here, I'm fairly new to the whole Play-by-Post system, but it's been a load of fun so far.

Familiarity with the Zelda series:
Not much. I played a little Breath of the Wild but not enough to get super familiar with it. Nonetheless, I'm always willing to dive into a new and exciting world. (Let me know if the character needs thematic adjusting if I've misjudged the feel of the Hyrule setting or your campaign in particular!)

Character Concept: An aging veteran of the Hylain Second Civil War, who abandoned his post for a life in the wilderness. Years later, he reluctantly decided to take an oath of devotion to the Godess Hylia, and is now stuck having to uphold it as her begrudging champion.
I see him as an older, world-weary adventurer, who could provide an interesting contrast to some of the younger members of the party, and offer a different perspective on the world of Hyrule. The consequences of discovering your 'destiny' much later in life, the weight of responsibility an Oath of Devotion might hold, and the implications of becoming a God's chosen warrior, when you often doubt that very God and her followers, are all potentially interesting role-play hooks!

Triforce: Courage! Dyriok is very much a champion of courage, chosen by the Goddess Hylia for his unwavering (if curmudgeonly) commitment to compassion, honesty, and the protection of the weak. He is more likely to display his courageous qualities through action than words, and is fiercely critical of those who do not. Despite his age, Dyriok has much to learn about himself and world, particularly from those younger than him.

Name: Dyriok
Race: Human (Sheikah, whose clan was once sworn to protect a noble Hylian house)
Class: Paladin (Oath of Devotion)/possible Warlock multiclass (Celestial patron)

As a young man, Dyriok served as a low-ranking, unremarkable, soldier in the army of a Hylian noble, fighting for his lords in the Second Civil War. After months of brutal and unending combat, Dyrion came to see the conflict as senseless. On the eve of a great battle, he fled south into the Deku Woods. Here, he spent many years as an outlander, renouncing the Hylian nobility, and the gods they worshipped. One cold winter, while hunting in the forest, Dyriok ran into a band of Bokoblins ambushing a merchants' caravan. Despite his new outsider status, Dyriok knew the travellers needed help, but that he lacked the strength to provide it on his own. In an act of desperation, he called on the blessing of Hylia, a goddess of Hyrule, and vowed to uphold her teachings in exchange for the power to protect the caravan. Infused with divine energy, Dyriok defeated the Bokoblin band single-handedly, and was left shocked at his newfound abilities. After accepting the thanks of the travelling merchants, he returned to his reclusive forest home, but was unnerved to find that the Oath still held power over him. Despite a plea for freedom, Hylia refused to release him from his duty as her champion. Now Dyriok reluctantly upholds his Oath as a journeying adventurer, the Sheikah champion of Hyrule.
These days, Dyrion has been experiencing strange dreams, full of voices that talk of his role to play in the fate of the world. The aging paladin has responded with mixed emotions. On the one hand, his Oath is already a heavy enough burden to bear on its own. But on the other, news of his destiny has brought a strange sense of clarity to Dyriok's life...

Dyriok's features are bold, but seem weary; dark eyes and a furrowed brow, framed by a few tight coils of greying hair that defiantly cling to the back and sides of his balding head, and finish in a pair of thick muttonchops. Over his heavy frame he wears a full set of dull, golden plate mail trimmed with fraying red fabric, and adorned with the holy symbols of Hylia. He carries a large travellers satchel, made of dark leather, and full of the various supplies necessary for a life on the road.
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AppFamiliarity with 5e: Very familiar, with a few years experience.

Familiarity with the Zelda series: I have nothing but nostalgic love for this series, it was such a big part of my childhood. The Ocarina of Time and the sequel Majora’s Mask are the only two games I’ve really dabbled with, but they definitely left a strong impression. The Forest Temple and the Lost Woods always struck me as very mysterious and magical, so I’m drawn to that origin for my character.

Character Concept: Elz is a cheerful, quirky Kokiri that brims with child-like curiosity and wanderlust. She knows what was, but desires to see the world that will be and aid those that will shape it for the better. While closely guarding the wisdom of her teacher, the Deku Tree, Elz strives to become an outspoken voice and strong advocate for her kindred; for, the Deku are peaceful and kind, a minority that is often overlooked, but for everyone’s sake the war must end—before the world burns!

Triforce: Wisdom. When faced with a dilemma, Elz often relies on her own inborn magic, but there’s always room to grow.

Name: Elz
right-aligned image

Race: Kokiri
Class: Wild Magic Sorcerer
Background: Elz has had a very quiet, albeit strange life. Isolated deep in the forest, there’s not much to do in Kokiri village aside from tending to flower beds and vegetable patches. When a budding plant grows teeth and wriggles, the Kokiri thing to do is water it and hope for the best. Leave the chompy-thing be, maybe it’ll behave better tomorrow! However, one day Elz awoke from a blissful haze, only to see that chompy-things had near infested the entire village! The voice of the Deku Tree called out for help, perhaps for ages, but the Kokiri had carried on without knowing. Something had to be done, so Elz poked and prodded the other Kokiri until they listened; and, together they bashed and clashed with the chomping weeds, battling with what gardening tools they could muster together. When the last thistly foe had been destroyed, none dared to disturb the sacred glade of the Deku Tree. In truth, they feared he might be corrupted by evil magics (like before), or worse, he might be angry.

However, someone had to go check. How else would they know how bad the problem is? Elz volunteered, to the absolute relief of everyone. Elz scampered into the glade, armed with nothing but her staff, finding the baby Deku Tree choked by chompy weeds. With fervent gusto, Elz hastily knocked the bulbous offenders into oblivion until the threat had been thoroughly quashed.

How did this happen? Well, the Deku Tree explained that the previous guardian had disappeared long ago, perhaps they had faded? He did not know. However, Elz heard his call, those who hear him certainly had the gift for magic. Her magic was wild, however, inborn and dangerous. The Deku Tree revealed what she could not know—that a piece of the triforce had taken up sanctuary within her. He offered to teach her how to control her wild magic, while the spark was yet a flickering flame. Elz gladly accepted and expressed her gratitude, but in reality it was all quite unnerving to think about. What did it all mean? Sure, to be blessed by the gods like this is an honor, but it seemed like an awful lot of responsibility for one carefree Kokiri to handle. She no longer had time to play with friends or frolic in the labyrinth as before. Meditation and magic consumed her waking existence, sometimes adrift for so long that moss climbed up her back, and earthen roots wove around her. For years she tended to the Deku Tree in his glade, flourishing alongside the Old One as his arms reached high and his roots delved deep. Elz was content simply watching time flow, marveling at the cycling seasons, living in the shadow of the Deku Tree…but, as all things do, times changed. Dreams, disembodied voices, and visions of an old castle tickled her mind, very annoyingly so. When she regaled this fact to her mentor, with solemn warning the Deku Tree bid that she leave the safety of the forest and answer this mysterious summon. There is much to do in the wide world. Yet another apocalypse may threaten to overshadow all, but let it not be said that the Deku Tribe are have no champion to send.

Appearance: At first glance, Elz resembles a Hyrulian child. She is four feet tall with wispy brown hair tucked back into messy twin buns. Her eyes are green and playful, amused by pretense, hiding in plain sight. Like moths that blend into their surroundings, feigning to be leaves or bark, Elz knows that she is more than what she appears, for she is a magical, magnificent sprite, a living extension of the ancient forest she calls home.

Elz wears moss-woven trousers and a flowing green poncho riddled with flowers and roots that have been collected on a whimsy. She is very tactile, so carrying simple mementos like this is a great comfort. Atop her tousled head is a floppy magician’s hat. Like all Kokiri children, Elz is plagued by a buzzing knat—Riff, her violet-winged faerie. Can’t miss her, really. If one tries they might even hear the melodious squeaks of Riff’s shoutings.
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Familiarity with 5e: I played two sessions of a campaign that I think was fifth edition? I'm definitely still a newbie, but I think I'm somewhat familiar with the base rules and mechanics of the game.

Familiarity with the Zelda series: I. Love. Zelda. I rushed to make an account shortly after finding this site just for this campaign, I love the Zelda series so much! I've just always been drawn to the world and the lore, not to mention the games are just a ton of fun to play! I love the feeling of exploring this fantastical world. One day, I'd like to have a complete collection of all the Zelda games.

Character Concept: Kumo is feeling very at home in the role of trickster rogue they've adopted since crossing over into the Light Realm. Whether it's tricks or games, they're all about playing. They're the type to explore dungeons for fun and to go treasure hunting to sate their fondness for novel and shiny things.

Towards other Twili, they are very courteous and friendly. Towards most anyone else, they tend to be a mischief-maker who loves getting a rise out of people. They're the type of Twili who will pretend to be a ghost haunting some abandoned house they stumbled across, just as a prank on some poor villagers. Which they have done. Once or twice.

Triforce: When a mysterious voice came to Kumo in the middle of the night and called them to their destiny as a champion of Courage, Kumo thought to themself "Hm. No, that doesn't sound right." It's not that they shy away from adventure, nor do they cower at the slightest sign of danger; they love a little excitement as much as the next roguish wanderer! But to risk their own lives for the sake of complete strangers? That's never really been their gig...But hey, if the voice of a supposed deity projects directly into your mind to tell you that you need to go save the world, what are you going to do? Argue?

Name: Kumo
Race: Twili
Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster, if that's on the table.)
Background: Kumo grew up in the Twilight Realm in a peaceful, close-knit community. They enjoyed this peace, and they enjoyed their community. They spent their days contributing to everybody's daily lives and practicing tricks to entertain themselves and others. They look back on these days fondly.

Around the time of their later teen years, they started noticing tension amongst some of the Twili they knew, from their own and neighboring communities, or from some of the Twili that would pass by on their travels. For some, it seemed to be a simple wanderlust that urged them to cross into the Light Realm. For others, there seemed to be more bitter sentiments at play; resentment towards the Light Dwellers that had driven away their ancestors.

It didn't take much longer before Kumo themselves felt the pull of the Light Realm. They haven't quite made up their mind about how they feel about the Light Dwellers just yet, but so far they tend more towards mischief than outright malice. For now, they're quite content to take life one night at a time and explore this before unknown world for the fun of it.

Oh, and save the world from evil, maybe? If it comes to that. They guess.

Appearance: In true Twili fashion, Kumo tends to evoke the image of a shadow come to life, with elongated arms and long, spider-like fingers. Through illusion, they can quite easily stretch themselves out to look taller than they are, or hunch to appear shorter, while their true height is closer to that of an average Hylian.

Though their sunset pink hair drapes over the bloodred eyes of their heritage, the pale grayness and glowing markings of their skin speak honestly of their Twili race. On occasion, Kumo likes to lean into the sense of "scariness" this tends to evoke in others less accustomed to the Twili; looming ominously and showing off sharp teeth with wicked grins on purpose. That said, they also enjoy donning masquerades from time to time, whether it be elaborate costumes or simple but effective disguises. When passing through lively places, they usually wear a hooded cloak to obscure their Twili features.

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Opheina, Sage of Nayru
right-aligned image
May you find wisdom and purpose win the light of the goddesses!

Familiarity with 5e: Extremely familiar, having played in and run many games. Also watched every episode of Critical Role to date.

Familiarity with the Zelda series: I do not believe I have missed playing a single game, including Hyrule Warriors and Breath of the Wild most recently. I did watch the TV series and owned the Crystal Trap at one point.

Character Concept: Opheina is a humble Hylian Cleric of the goddess of Time. She is humble and meek in most aspects of her life, though socially awkward and naïve as she has spent most of her life in a library studying. She sees herself as a supportive addition to any party called by the goddesses, which she is grateful to be called to join.

Triforce: Wisdom! She has always strived to be worthy of whatever plan the goddess has for her. She believes that it will take a lifetime before she ever has a chance of being worthy of such a calling.

Name: Opheina

Race: Human (Hylian)

Class: Cleric of the Goddess Nayru (Knowledge Domain)

Background: Opheina has spent her life studying at a library dedicated to Nayru, the goddess of Wisdom and Time. One day, the Goddess Nayru told her very directly and specifically to join a group of others, and Opheina obeyed with joy in her heart.

Appearance: Opheina is slender and fair, with straight blonde hair that never hides her long pointed ears. Her expression is almost always kind, even in sadness, and her resting face while in thought showcases a small smile as she stares off into the distance.

(did my best to find an accurate picture for the setting)
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Well, excuse me princess!
Familiarity with 5e: I'm fairly familiar, I've DM'd it for a few years now, but have yet to be a player for longer than a session or two

Familiarity with the Zelda series: I have played every game except those coming out and Breath of the wild (I do have it though). I even have the original animated series on DVD and the adventure book The shadow prince (forgot I had that) Ooo... and the manga box set.
I love the puzzles and the challenges.

Character Concept: Helina is a fearless Gerudo warrior! Here to kick pots and take Rupees! oh... and save the world I guess...

Triforce: While she is a champion of the Triforce of Courage, she is perhaps too courageous and needs to learn a bit of wisdom.

Name: Helina
Race: Gerudo
Class: Hexblade Warlock
She grew up as a rough and tumble child who needed constant supervision lest she causes trouble. From this early age, she was trained to be a guard like her parent before her, despite her tendency towards irresponsibility. Being chosen as one of the champions was a life send, no longer was she fated to become some stuffy old boring guard. Not waiting to see what anyone else thought about this she ran away to seek adventure! And you have to admit those weird powers she got are super cool, right?

Like most Gerudo, she has dark skin, golden eyes and red hair. She's not overly tall betraying her young age, nor is she as muscular as her kin. She dosn't wear as much jewery as her sisters.
I have time...
Nothing survives contact with the players... Nothing.
Sir Elmendarr Kitsumari, Ebony
My timezone is AEDT (GMT +10/+11)

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Whew. Just realized I barely managed to get my application in before the deadline on this game.

Good luck, everyone!!
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