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Old 10-16-2020, 09:47 PM
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Star Trek: The Dying of the Light

Star Trek: The Dying of the Light

Attention: Deadline for submitting/completing applications is 10:00pm EST Sunday 11/15/20

SystemWarrior, Rogue & Mage

SettingUSS Enterprise circa 2269

Plot"Captain's log. Stardate 4513.3. Commodore Riley has taken command of the Enterprise. The helm is locked on its course to Earth. Some of the crew seems to be unaffected by the alien presence. I must take back the ship."

PlotThe Enterprise reported to Starbase 33 located within the Kebelli Cluster, an uncharted nebula. Commodore Riley, the commander of the starbase, requested that the Enterprise take him back to Earth in the utmost haste. When Captain Kirk ordered scans of the nebula as part of the ongoing exploratory mission of the Enterprise, the Commodore assumed command of the Enterprise with the support of Commander Spock. Sulu locked the helm onto its course with a passcode. Chekov and a team of security officers guard the navigational computer to prevent the passcode from being bypassed. A third of the crew remains loyal to Captain Kirk -- the others seem to be possessed by an alien presence.

The Kebelli Cluster
left-aligned image
Kebelli Cluster
This uncharted nebula is on the fringes of Federation space. It is approximately 300 ly in diameter. It contains 750 protostars and 1,500 white dwarfs. Starbase 33 is located on the edge of the nebula. It is dedicated to cutting-edge medical and scientific research. It is manned by 832 personnel. Starfleet has conducted only a cursory survey of the nebula.

Available Races
  • Human
  • Andorian
  • Caitian
  • Tellarite
  • Vulcan

Available Departments
  • Engineering: You are assigned to monitoring and maintaining the functionality of the ship.
  • Medical: You are assigned to practice medicine, as a physician and surgeon.
  • Security: You are assigned to safeguarding the ship from internal threats, as well as for conducting criminal investigations.


Appearance: [2-7 sentences]

Background: [2-4 paragraphs.]
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Old 10-19-2020, 07:43 PM
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ApplicationName: Pollyanna Morgane Esther
Race: Andorian, female
Department: Security

A slim, almost fragile-looking humanoid with pale blue skin and white hair. She has two slightly curved antennas which end in little flared knobs adorning her head. She's rather short and has an almost crazed look about her, accentuated by her red eyes. If not forced to wear a uniform she'll adopt a punkish style. While it is difficult to holster a ushaan-tor, she instead has a hooked Hunting knife She likes to keep on her person, regardless of the number of times she's been told to leave it in her cabin.

Born on earth she had a rather interesting upbringing and was a rebellious child from the start, regularly in some sort of trouble usually of her own making. It seemed the 'utopian' lifestyle chafed on her and often got into fights. Her parents decided it was best to help and challenge her by enrolling her in the Academy. While she did only scrape through the entrance exams once in the Acadamy her grades improved. Though this didn't stop her from causing trouble and she spent a fair amount of time in the counsellor's office. After many sessions, the counsellor eventually pried out of her that while she was little so got to visit her people's homeworld and while there she was beaten up by another child her own age because she was weak and had no warriors spirit. Life on Earth was too easy, too soft. Strength was grown out of conflict, peace makes one weak. So to strengthen herself and those around her she created conflict.

Once this was known, the Academy was able to fine-tune Pollyanna's education, minimising her troublemaking and maximising her drive and focus. Rivalries were set up with other students and she was constantly bombarded with tests and challenges. A war of education was waged upon her and while she was not wholely prepared for it she didn't back down. One such challenge they put her up against was the Kobayashi Maru, an infamous no-win scenario designed to test character. Records indicate that she attempted the test 147 times and watched recordings of other students taking the test 343 times. 23 of her attemps have been noted as 'insane, suisidal, yet plausable'.

While her grades were never fantastic she did pass her final exams and assined a position on board a ship as a security officer.
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