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Our Party

Please post your characters here in this Thread including Backstory and everything else you have written down and please also put a link to the character sheet in your post.

Only one post per character, please. For questions or discussion use the OCC Thread.
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Marlo Timbers
left-aligned image
Marlo "Whizbang" Timbers
Forest Gnome Wizard | Character Sheet | Deity: Lurue

Physical Description: A diminutive 3'3" tall, Marlo has become accustomed to looking up to his companions when traveling away from home. He has light hair, bushy eyebrows, and a troublesome twinkle in his eye that is usually the portent of some kind of mischief.

Personality: Marlo is impulsive, a practical joker, and has a very gnome-like capriciousness. He finds joy in almost every experience, but is forgetful and easily distracted, making him unreliable. He doesn't easily acknowledge authority - not because he's rebellious, but because he just doesn't understand authority, or why some people have it.

Character Backstory:
Marlo has always been curious, well past the tolerance of nearly anyone else who wasn't also a gnome. An impulsive practical joker, he is optimistic and usually happy occupying himself with whatever new trinket he'd managed to get his hands on.

While his village was not much to speak of, they did boast their very own local wizard, who had set up shop in a treehouse that was fascinating and wondrously full of mystical trinkets.

As a young gnome, he accidentally found his way into her study one evening while she was traveling. By the time she returned, Marlo had managed to rearrange all of her neatly shelved books into much more easily accessible piles on the floor, put creases into her scrolls (he sat on some, also accidentally), and spilled a bottle of ink onto the carpet (not accidentally: he just really liked the color).

The wizard, very pragmatic for a gnome, started to tell off the young Marlo, who surprised her by impulsively demonstrating an act of prestidigitation -- he cleaned the ink up out of the carpet. Impressed that he had mastered a spell in the process of destroying her study, she decided to take him as an apprentice.

For the next fifty years, Marlo studied wizardry, building his repertoire of arcane knowledge while slowly driving his mistress mad. When, eventually, she suggested that his education was nearly complete, Marlo began packing immediately. The next day, he was gone, into the world to seek his fortune. Although his mistress hadn't intended that he set out so soon, she wasn't about to split hairs.

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Old 06-17-2017, 01:21 PM
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Anhurhotep is 5'11" and 175 pounds. When he removes his cap and aventail he reveals a shaved head with just an off-centered to the left top knot of black hair. His skin is bronzed and his piercing eyes are hazel.



Initial Attitude Towards Party

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right-aligned image

Paerniel - Female Half-elf Warlock

Born in Waterdeep to two scholars, Paerniel was destined to be intelligent and bookish. Her mother, an elf of exquisite beauty, and her human father who was a priest at the House of the Moon. There they met, married and raised their daughter to be a scholar. And study she did.

An avid researcher, Paerniel grew in knowledge... with that knowledge came ancient secrets. At her parent's insistence, she became acquainted with the fey who associated with their deity, Selune, especially those fey who revered the stars and moon. From them, she gained additional knowledge... and power. She vowed service to Selune and was apprenticed to Mistress Velir, a lorekeeper in the House of the Moon.

Her parents were extremely pleased with Paerniel's love of academia. They hoped she would follow in her father's footsteps and serve Selune as a priestess or even a wizard. Her mother preferred a scholarly life to one of service to the fey (as she did) since that service also brough about several... risks. But before they could see her reach the fullness of her capabilities, her parents were sent away at the request of the Harpers to investigate rumors of a new cult to an elemental prince causing problems in the North.

She hasn't heard from them since and that was five years ago. She would have liked to have gone searching, but Mistress Velir forbad it, saying that the Harpers were investigating. Which, of course, led to the discussion of the Harpers (of which Velir was one) and the various forces at work in the world... and above it.

Since that time, she has dedicated herself to her studies, almost at the expense of everything else in her life. She has no close friends and spends most of her time reading. Mistress Velir tried on numerous occasions to get out more, but Paerniel just ignored the advice, preferring her search for knowledge. However, one day her search for knowledge almost got her killed... or worse. On a late night as she was on an errand for Velir, she took along a book to study as she walked and only looked up from her book when three men stopped her with obvious ill intent on their minds. They quickly grabbed her, but she was at least lithe enough to get off a good rake of her claws at one of them before they threw her on a garbage pile in an alley. Angered, the struck man drew a dagger and swung it at Paerniel, who quickly ducked, but got the angle wrong and the tip of the blade slashed her cheek and pierced her eye.

Her beauty marred, Paerniel's pending violation enraged Tatiana of the Seelie Court, with whom Paerniel's mother had made a pact and promised would look out for her daughter. Fulfilling that bargain, Tatiana gave Paerniel the choice: receive the power to overcome these male predators, or face them on her own. Naturally, Paerniel chose to accept the power.

That was when she realized the true power of the fey. She had known of their beauty and light, but that was only half of what she was able to gain from her pact with Tatiana of the Summer Court. Suddenly, she was able to grasp the utter eldritch power they fey grant in this material world. She unleashed her fury upon these men, killing one with a quick reaction spell which unleashed hell-fire upon the man. She immediately took the next with a series of eldritch blasts. Seeing the quick death of his companions, the third tried to run away, but Paerniel stopped him with a horrifying illusion of his companions burning which she dropped right in front of him. He stopped, giving the fledgling warlock enough time to set him on fire with a volley of fire bolts. In less than a minute, Paerniel slew three men, but at the cost of her eye. But what she gained was a new sight of understanding and power.

And so Tatiana asked for her price: Paerniel's beauty, which rivaled that of any Faerie. Tatiana refused to heal Paerniel, but ensured that the girl would never again be compared to her or they fey. In return, Paerniel would be granted knowledge and power. Paerniel knew she was beautiful, but in her mind, that was a small price to pay for what she gained in return.

Still bleeding, she returned to Mistress Velir who as wroth to learn of her bargain with the Summer Queen. Horrified, the Lorekeeper knew that Paerniel would not be allowed to stay in Selune's service and sent her to Neverwinter to seek out some Harper contacts of hers.

But Paerniel took her time getting to Neverwinter. Along the way, she grew in her knowledge of the arcane. Her own pursuit of knowledge and power required her to circumvent the law on occasion (steal forbidden books, lift necessary components), but never the intrinsic rights of another. She valued light and life, but was not above using fire and force to blast someone who truly deserved it. In the back of her mind, Paerniel knew that Tatiana taking her beauty was only the beginning. The young warlock new that a greater price would soon have to be paid. But if it meant power, Paerniel would gladly pay it.

Allowed in the Harper ranks, Paerniel was sent to Oakhurst to investigate rumors of activity at the legendary Sunless Citadel.

Character Development: At this point, Paerniel is CG. Having lived such a sheltered life, Paerniel has begun to experience the harsh brutality of combat and grow jaded the more she sees. Her personality won't change drastically, but it will definitely move away from the idealistic little-miss-prissy she is now to one more stern and battle-hardened. As her pursuit of power increases, she may be willing to do less-savory acts to gain it, but that may manifest in time. She is not turning evil over the course of time, but she may do things that may not be considered wholly "good".
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Cecil – Human Paladin of Týr

Cecil stands a strong 6’2” with chin length blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and a muscular physique.





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