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Old Nov 23rd, 2020, 01:33 PM
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So, I think others have dealt with the issue of subclasses and why they shouldn't be removed from 5e.

As to restricting races and classes, I think it's a perfectly valid decision for a DM to make. Particularly if the DM is new to 5e.

Having just done a technical pass on the character sheets for Empire of the Setting Sun, I can verify that this task (and other administrative DM tasks) is made significantly more complicated when the material is sourced from multiple books. I now have a much greater appreciation for why some DMs use the PHB+1 rule.

Additionally, I think one of the ways in which a DM creates a flavorful game is in the decision of which races and classes to include or exclude. For example, if you were deliberately going for an OSR feel, then you could restrict the races and classes exactly as TADGH has done.

I think the danger here is in forcing this on players. If the players are there for an OSR-feeling game, then it'll work. If the players are there to play standard D&D 5e, however, then I pretty much guarantee you'll get some serious griping if you don't let them select from any race and class in the PHB, at least.

It all depends on how well you've communicated your vision of the game BEFORE the game starts.
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Old Nov 24th, 2020, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Wynamoinen View Post
I'd have to agree that limiting feats is no big deal at all. The system is designed to work perfectly without them. Limiting class options is easy enough, and as long as players agree, is totally fine.

Limiting subclasses will create a whole cascade of problems, mechanically speaking. If you take away subclasses entirely, you are making the PCs much weaker. What Zev and Ziether said is probably your best option - just insist that all Rogues are Thieves and all Fighters are Champions. Effectively, pre-build the characters for them. But even then, you'll bump into problems. Clerics need a subclass at level 1. Would you just insist that all clerics are Life clerics? When Wizards hit level 3, how are you going to decide which subclass they get? Wizard and Cleric subclass abilities are tons of fun, and if I had was playing a mystical Diviner-wizard, and then you force me to be an Evoker, I would not be happy. Same if I wanted to be a tanky front-line Tempest cleric, and then you forced me to be a heal-bot Life cleric. (And then if you let your Cleric or Wizard pick their subclass, why not the others?)
As far as wizards go, I probably wouldn't force any choice upon them. Picking a school is more limiting, if anything, than I'd see from a 1st edition mage. Cleric, on the other hand, are historically healers. Could theypick other spells? Yes, but recall that none of the other classes have that healing magic.
It doesn't even matter.
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