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Old 01-16-2019, 03:04 PM
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Race, class, background, etc.
Water Genasi, Druid, Outlander
-A link to your completed character sheet.
-What about this game concept appeals to you?
I love a good dungeon crawl
-Is there anything about this game concept that doesn't necessarily appeal to you?
-Any questions you might have?
All good
-Experience with 5e.
Fairly Experienced
-Expected post rate.
Daily or every second day
Characters: Mavion Caprian
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Old 01-19-2019, 11:22 PM
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Name: Dragomir
Race and Class: Goliath Fighter
Background: Soldier
No questions, have a bit of experience with 5e, can post daily most days

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Old 01-20-2019, 08:08 AM
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Name: Xargu Maluk
Race and Class : Half-orc Warlock
Background : Crinimal
Char link : https://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=77531
Appeals I'd like to get into a more dungeon focused game.
- i have no questions
- i've read all the rule books and played a few games
- can post daily, most days

extra: i might be interested in being a DM, following a conversation with who manages these games.
Garruk | Ashyra | Caius | Ragnar | Xargu
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Old 02-11-2019, 12:08 PM
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left-aligned image
Jayce James
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Monk
Alignment: NG
Background: Far Traveller (Wanderer)
Role: Punching things repeatedly in the face

Character TraitsPersonality Trait: I begin or end my day with small traditional rituals that are unfamiliar to those around me.
Ideal: Inquisitive. Everything is new, but I have a thirst to learn.
Bond: I'm fascinated by the beauty and wonder of this new land.
Flaw: I have a weakness for the exotic beauty of the people of these lands.

Q&AWhat about this game concept appeals to you?
Pace of posting and chance to indulge in a good old fashioned dungeon crawl. Plus it reminds me of Diamond Dogs by Alistair Reynolds and Sword Art Online, both of which are positive things!

Is there anything about this game concept that doesn't necessarily appeal to you?
Nope, seems like a good change from the standard pace of PbP games.

Any questions you might have?
Not at this time

Experience with 5e?
Played in two face-to-face campaigns for 5E (and have been playing D&D since 3rd Ed came out in 2000) and planning on DMing another.

Expected post rate?
Characters: Jakkitt Redeye - Goblin Ranger, The Everlasting Unknown | Ixtli - Yuan-ti Pureblood Shadow Sorcerer, West Marches | Jayce James - Human Monk, Dungeon Dive

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