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WIP, pay no attention to the man writing a Brood Korrigan Monk behind the curtain.
And for those asking: Yes, I am in fact mixing the real-life budhist rebel Shinran Gutoku with Blade: the Vampire Hunter, and am loving the ensuing mess so far, hopefuly MeredithS will too.
Spelling and grammar mistakes will be corrected before submitting the final version of this application.

Vampire Monk!
right-aligned image

Name: Shinran Gutoku
Race: Male, 544, Brood Korrigan
Class: Monk / Way of the Open Hand
Alignment: True Evil
Guild: Orzhov (Given the setting and Shinran's backstory, I'd imagine the aspect of the council of undead ancestors ruling from the shadows would matter more to him than any banking operations. Maybe Gruul would be a better thematic fit, having the brood turn to the Izzet against all honor and tradition, but for the love of me, I simply cannot make that choice from an aesthetic perspective. Some re-flavoring could be done either way, but I guess that depends on how close we are playing the guilds to their original forms.)
Appearance: Even in the eyes of the Korrigan, Shinran is ancient: a walking corpse that has witnessed countless generations blossom only to turn into dust. His flesh has hardened with the centuries, his fangs have been broken more times than he cares to count, and his face is barely able to display emotion anymore, yet his voice is as terrifying and commanding as it was in the days of his youth, and the fire burning within his unbeating heart had never been brighter. There is purpose visible, palpable even in the way the old man walks and speaks, as inexorably and unnaturaly he is driven to fulfill one last task for the honor of his brood.


I refuse to abandon the old ways, and I will not allow others to corrupt our teachings.

"...Hence, from now on there shall no longer exist parental relations with you; I cease to consider you my brood. I declare this resolutely to the three treasures and the gods. It is a sorrowful thing. It rends my heart to hear that you have devoted yourself to misleading all the people of the broods in the Wildlands, saying that the heritage of our blood is not the true teaching. Rumors have reached my ears that you have denounced the old ways and embraced the heretical practices of the lesser kinds. It is deeply deplorable..."

I’m a monster that destroys other monsters, and anything else that gets in my way.

"...Therefore, reverencing the traditions from our past and relying on the exhortations of the religious masters, I, the Bald-Headed Fool Shinran, abandon forever the once proud path of our brood, and separate myself once and for all from the promise of rebirth promised by the final dream. I turn to the true path, the basis of virtue and brood, and give rise to the aspiration for a true birth to those who protect our ancient calling. Now I have utterly abandoned the expediency of the false new paths, and have converted to the mysteries of the origin of our blood. I have separated myself straightaway from the aspiration for rebirth that would tear us apart from what we are, and I long to attain our promised birthright, no matter how difficult for you to fathom..."

Background: Haunted One

History: WIP

RP Sample: TBD

Posting availability: Daily if need be, may slow down a tad during the weekends.

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it would be you.

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