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Old Sep 15th, 2015, 07:26 PM
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The Rules of Battle

The Rough Rules of Iron DM

  1. Sixteen contestants will compete.
    Contestants will be chosen from entries made in the initial "Round Zero" competition.
    Four alternates may also be chosen from those entries. These "alternates" may be used if a contestant is not able to complete their work on time. The Chairman reserves the right to choose an alternate if a chosen contestant’s schedule becomes too inconvenient to work around
  2. The Chairman determines who gets paired with who.
    This is based on the availability of the contestants, and on whatever other factors he deems appropriate to use. This is done in private.
  3. The ingredients consist of up to six items.
    They are typically (but not limited to), one or two monsters (like bugbear and bulette), one or two persons (a mayor or a blind bard), a place (a grain mill or a haunted marsh), one or two things (like a wand of magic missiles or a sharpened spoon), and an abstract concept or event (fear or a birthday party).
    If you think it necessary, list the ingredients, along with a brief description as to how they were used, at the end of your submission. This should be no more than a sentence per ingredient, and won't count towards the word limit.
    In the final round, the Chairman may include “bonus ingredients” in the ingredient list. The contestants may use as few or as many of these ingredients are they like. Bonus ingredients will be judged whether there is a tie or not - but their use will not be counted against you if used poorly.
  4. The competitors are to use the ingredients to design an an encounter or adventure.
    They should try to either give the items equal importance in the adventure, or ingenious and pertinent ways to incorporate into the adventure. They are free to add and create any other elements of the adventure, but the use of too much filler to bring unrelated objects together will likely lead to a judgement against the creation.
  5. The length of an entry is of utmost importance.
    If competitors go over the word limit, they may very well have forsaken their entire entry - it may be better to cut it off at the word limit than to go over and complete the piece. The judges have been given leave to be pretty harsh on those that go over the word limit, so take special heed of the posted limit for each round! Use a program like Word to count entries before submitting it. Do not worry about supplying stat blocks or other mechanical information, and don't include any images, or have any links to outside information.
    Being too long and too specific can work against the entry, for if the judges are bored, they are likely to give poor marks. However, being too short and too vague can also work against a contestant, as leaving too many pertinent questions unanswered is a sign of a weak adventure.
  6. Take your time, proofread, and start early!
    Contestants have a week to create their works. This means that no matter what time zone, availability throughout the week, or surprise visits / assignments / late shifts, contestants should have plenty of time to complete the adventure. It should not be left to the last day, though - it is advised to work on it early, and have enough time to go over it once or twice before submitting it. If a contestant plans to be out of action for a week or more over the next month or two, please discuss this with the Chairman directly.
    For all rounds other than Round 0, contestants should feel free to PM the judges involved, to let them know that the post has been made.
  7. Secret Text and spoiler button your posts
    Obviously, one contestant has to post first. Ensure that the post is hidden from the general populace, and especially the other contestant(s). If you are a mod, make sure not to read before you post.
  8. The Chairman reserves the right to disqualify any entry due to:
    Being ineligible. Poor formatting or atrocious spelling and/or grammar, which makes reading the entry too difficult to be worth it. (An entry has to be pretty bad for this to happen, but still, the warning stands.)
    Editing. Once your entry is posted you may not edit it. Any editing is grounds for an immediate disqualification - no entry post should be edited, in any way. If something is so terrible that is has to be fixed, PM the chairman about it.
    Being Late. An entry posted even one minute past the deadline is disqualified, unless the Chairman sees a reason for an extension to be called (boards going down, for example).
    Comments and questions are welcome from those watching; however, commenting on ingredients before a match is completed can shade the judgements - or even the entries. So, please leave discussion until after the match is finished.
  10. All judgements are final.
    Judgements are direct and honest and can often come off as harsh. Some are even asked to be harsh! Contestants scenarios will be picked apart. Deal with it: it is part of the fun. If you do good you will also get gushing praise, but a poorly used ingredient will be pointed out like a gigantic glistening yellowed zit on someone's nose in home economics class.
  11. Eliminations are final.
    Each round is single elimination. However, the two losing contestants from the semi-final round may compete against each other for the 3rd place position if they so wish, and if the judges have time to facilitate the match.
  12. The winner of the fourth and final round is crowned “Iron DM”
    He or she will be guaranteed a seat in the next Iron DM tournament (which will be run next year). Last year, Ion2Atom won (see the final match here), and so can automatically compete.
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