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Old Nov 12th, 2009, 11:01 PM
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IntroductionThose who head north from Magnimar along the rocky coastline quickly find themselves in a peculiar country. Fog drapes the rolling landscape, floating spectrally along damp and lonely moors. Small woodlands grace the region, their tangled depths redolent of nettles and pepperwood and pine sap, while further inland, river valleys lined by majestic redwoods wind between ragged tors and limestone escarpments. This vastness and the sense of isolation have earned the region its local name. This is the Lost Coast.

As one approaches the town of Sandpoint, the footprint of civilization upon the Lost Coast grows clearer. Farmlands in the outlying moors and river valleys grow more numerous, and the blue-green waters of the Varisian Gulf bear more and more fishing vessels upon its surface. Passage over creeks and rivers is more often accomplished by wooden bridge than ford, and the Lost Coast Road itself grows wider and better-kept. Sight of Sandpoint from both the south and east is kept hidden by the large upthrust limestone pavements known as the Devil's Platter or the arc of rocky outcroppings known as Whistler's Tors, but as the final bend in the road is rounded, Sandpoint's smoking chimneys and bustling streets greet the traveller with open arms and the promise of warm beds, a welcome sight indeed for those who have spent the last few days alone on the Lost Coast Road.

Five years after a tragic fire and spate of brutal murders, the people of Sandpoint eagerly anticipate the Swallowtail Festival to commemorate the consecration of the town's new temple. The coastal town of Sandpoint has faced few trials and dangers over the course of its forty-two year history, but unfortunately, that is all about to change.

Rise of the RunelordsYou might be one of Sandpoint's locals, living close to the town or further out in its outlying farmsteads. You might be a wandering, free-spirited Varisian, a tribalistic Shoanti or something even more exotic. You might be from flashy Magnimar, corrupt Riddleport, prideful Korvosa or even farther afield. Whatever the case, something has drawn you to Sandpoint upon the autumnal equinox with the town bustling in celebration--and certainly not expecting any unwelcome surprises.

This is the beginning of Rise of the Runelords, an Adventure Path by Paizo Publishing. This campaign is hoped to last for the long run, slated to reach at least level 15 before the end. Please don't apply if you plan on leaving anytime soon.

This game will be set in Varisia, a wild, untamed nation to the north of Golarion. To acquaintance yourself with the setting and create suitable characters for the AP, please download and read the (free) Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide. Please put some effort in connecting your character to the world, the setting, and the hints of plot mentioned in this document! More than almost anything else, this will be important for a successful application.

For more information about Golarion, please feel free to ask me. The Pathfinder Wiki may also prove to be a valuable resource.

ApplicationsThis game will be run with the Pathfinder RPG ruleset. This is very similar to 3.5e, but vastly improved. d20pfsrd and Paizo's PRD have all the core rules up for free if you don't have a copy of the Core Rulebook. There will also be a few minor house rules here and there.

Here's what I'd like in your applications:

Race - any from the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.
Class - any from the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.
Alignment - any non-evil.
Background - please include your reasons for going to Sandpoint and attending the Swallowtail Festival.
Posting Rate - please be honest with this question; how often can you really post?

I'm looking for 4-6 characters. I'm also hoping for daily posting, but I'm pretty flexible on this matter. Oh, and please don't bother making your character sheet yet.

Because it will be asked: no evil characters, no Psionics, no Tome of Battle/Magic. If you want to play a race or class besides those in the Core Rulebook, you'd better hope you have one damned fine application.

As far as splatbook material goes, I'm open to almost anything, provided you ask first. However, I have a very strong preference for things from the Core Rulebook. I'm also pretty open to most classes, feats etc. in the various Pathfinder lines. Generally speaking, all 3.5e material will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and this includes the mechanics in the RotRL Player's Guide.

I'm a story-driven roleplayer at heart. Min-maxing and power-gaming annoys the hell out of me. So please keep that kind of thing away from this game.
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