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Old Jun 19th, 2012, 03:09 PM
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Prominent NPC's and Organizations

THE PEOPLE of ArbilThe city of Arbil has grown rapidly over the past decade, as its overseer continues to guide it to success after success. Presented
below are some of the noteable residents of Arbil and the areas around it.

Mosephi: Enigmatic and prophetic Overseer of Arbil, subordinate of Overseer Arbelle of Lirasse. Uses his abilities of foresight in the best interest of the city.

Sudas: Captain of the Guard of Arbil and personal bodygard of Overseer Mosephi. Rumors suggest she has a closer relationship to the overseer than just bodyguard.

Zorotaer: Elderly seer and former teacher of Overseer Mosephi. Some say he resents that Mosephi has risen so much higher than his former mentor.

Larissa: The spiritual leader of Arbil, Mother Larissa of the Calm seeks to grant enlightenment, both of self and the world, to all she meets.

Arbelle: Overseer of the city of Lirasse. She is rarely seen in Arbil and has only the most tenuous control over Mosephi.

OPHID PROTECTORATEOn the continent of Tion, no nation or culture is as dominating, expansionistic, or persistent as the Ophid Protectorate. For centuries, the Protectorate has used their intentional promotion of psionic power and might to continually increase the control of its psionocratic society. Although the Protectorate is a fairly decentralized government, with each individual Overseer typically given complete autonomy from the rest of the Protectorate, the overall society of the Protectorate is fairly consistent in its structure. Leadership is always determined by psionic might first, and any other factor second.

The society of the Protectorate is primarily grouped into two segments: Protectorate workers and civilian workers. The Protectorate employs most of the herbalists, teachers, soldiers, armorers, crafters, and most of the farmers, guaranteeing work for the most important roles within society, while most other jobs are considered civilian or “free” workers and must eke out a living as best they can. Freelance workers who compete in the same job as Protectorate workers, such as a civilian herbalist, often find that access to the supplies needed is limited at best, as the Protectorate workers are given first choice of supplies and trade. Instead, most that choose a civilian life are of a service-oriented trade.

All citizens of the Protectorate are expected to pay a portion of their earnings in taxation to cover the variety of services the Protectorate offers: education, developed and patrolled roads, irrigation and aqueducts, protection from the wild elements of the world, and medical care. Protectorate workers pay a smaller portion of their earnings in taxation, but typically make a lower salary than the civilian workers. However, Protectorate workers are guaranteed a living wage, which has a tendency to draw in enough workers to fulfill the needs of the society.

The portion of the Protectorate where From the Deep starts is governed by a powerful female ophiduan psion named Arbelle. Although she is an overseer and not an overlord, Arbelle is stronger than Mosephi and, therefore, has a modest level of authority over his actions. More often than not, Arbelle leaves Mosephi to ruling Arbil and focuses her attention on her own city of Lirasse.

There are several more organizations found in the Campaign Setting book but I'm not sure how much of that I can legally post for you.
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