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Old May 4th, 2013, 04:33 AM
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People of Interest.

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The Governor, Master Orion E. Svennston
Humanity doesn't know how to protect itself, that's where I come in.

Orion Eugene Svennston was born and raised in Sumdiveas, where he learned Martial arts and Swordplay, he is dangerous man to fight, because he's infamous for winning an entire Fighting Arena circuit and becoming the champion of Sumdiveas in a Measly week.

Orion is a sophisticated man, he has immense knowledge of the Local what-abouts, and has a diploma in Geography and History, He knows everything there is to know about Sumdiveas.

Orion's father lives in the "Citystone Keep" Old folks home, and often receives visits from him.

Orion has climbed his way up the Metaphorical "Politics staircase" and has become one of the five council members, Dubbing himself "The Governor" of Sumdiveas.

Orion seems to show a personal Vendetta against the Popular Criminal, Known as "Corvus", and has publicly denounced and challenged him several times.

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His Lordship, King Vincent Damriel IV
A Man of Steel, Who Rules with an Iron Fist.

King Damriel IV is the ruler of all Sumdiveas, he also has rulership over the four port towns scattered about the Black Coast, along with the villages located in the nearby forest of Wyndwyde. (Pronounced: Win-d-wai-d).

King Damriel is not very much liked by many of the Middle and lower class people, the latter being the most.
However, the Aristocrats and Fatcat upper class business men and lawyers seem to mooch off of his rulership, they pay little to no taxes, have much more privileges over the common city folk.

King Damriel is a father of two, Prince Albert Damriel, and Princess Moria Damriel; He is also the ex-husband of the recently deceased Queen Angelica Damriel.

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Major General Prince Albert Damriel
A young man's sword moves the hand of war

General Albert Damriel was born and raised into royalty, however, his real focus was warfare.
He had a personal tutor teach him about the Art Of War, and several war veterans were personally assigned to train the prince to become a valiant knight.
Today, he governs over the military, as the youngest general to ever live on earth, securing his title at age 23.

Unlike many of the previous noblemen, The prince did not buy, bribe, or use his title to enter the rank of general, instead he joined the army as one of the frontline soldiers, and fought valiantly, winning the Battle of Helmthon for Sumdiveas and settling his place as a War Hero.

Prince Albert leads the Covenant of Paladins as commander in chief, He's one of the only people with direct relations with them, as well as the only person, other than the King himself, who is able to give direct orders to the Covenant.
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