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Old May 20th, 2013, 08:45 PM
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Character Applications

Originally Posted by copycatcat View Post
Game NameA New World
Game SystemPathfinder
Plot SummaryYou have been chosen! You must go into another world, one of adventure and mystery, and make decisions to help create the world. When you have finished, we will be moving to this world to help reduce crowding. We believe that you can perform an epic act of bringing the threads of this new world together. Notice- Upon moving to this world, which you heroes may name, your lives will change. You will suddenly have new personality, memories, and belief. Monsters will appear because you think they should appear, and not for any other reason. The fate of the claustrophobic people all around this world depends on you! Good luck, heroes!

Expected posting rate-3 posts per 4 days minimum.
Character Creation

Races-any fair-powered
Classes-any fair-powered
HP- max at 1st, average +1/4 max after
Starting Equipment-as justified(i.e. wealthy has good fine items, poor has only a dagger)
Stats-4d6, drop lowest 7 times. Drop median and assign array.
If you dislike this roll, you may do a 15 point buy.
1 trait
your class/race/traits/feats may be homebrew, but they must be reasonably fair, as accepted by me.
I may edit the required xp to level if your class is overpowered/underpowered in my opinion.
Post applications in secret text.
In your application, I want a backstory created for the new character, one trait you would like to add to the world, a new personality, important memories, any deities you would like to have, and your character's style. Remember that their new personality means that they could be adamant about never changing worlds or planes and still have had a reason to come, and that they remember nothing of the old world, so places in their backstory may be entirely made-up or unoriginal and still exist. Do not include character creation.

Example Application Ailene, Half-Elf Bard
Ailene was born in a small town called Zor. People would come from miles, though, to hear their respected loremasters, and so the city prospered. An important visitor, the only one with a true quality of heroics and uniqueness, was Tarn of Kanj. He asked how he could stop the local wars in his land. The sage Jatch'ka told him to slay an evil threatening both sides. However, Tarn did not follow his wisdom, as even the bravest hero can fall prone to fear. The scale of the war became larger, and eventually, Zor was burned in one of the fights. Ailene was the only survivor, at least as far as she knew then. She also found one slip of paper, on which ink was imprinted to say, "The great secret." She realized this was how the loremasters knew a solution to every problem. She set off adventuring, and as she took a boat off the island continent of Yerk, she met one of the sages from Zor. She was struck with panic and realization, and returned the slip of paper. The sage, Ailene remembered her name was Tiera, refused to accept the slip and stated firmly that it was Ailene's destiny to restore the legacy of Zor. Ailene then set off adventuring to fulfill this prophecy.
Memories-The visit From Tarn, Zor burning, seeing Tiera
Deity-Ien, CN God of discovery, Domains Knowledge, Scrying, Travel, Trickery
Favored Weapon-rapier
Personality-Ailene is witty and reckless, but knows enough and cares enough to pretend to be something else if it improves others' opinions of her.
World Trait-Half-Bloods are common and accepted.
Accepted-MasterMind007, KingOldBoy

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Old May 23rd, 2013, 10:14 PM
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Statset for application.

Characters, concepts, and more
"Player and adjacent target die"
Natural 20's: 4
Natural 1's: 15

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