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Old Sep 8th, 2014, 07:31 AM
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Places and People


The Pink Blossom
A delightful place for the gentlemen of Lakneral to spend their time and their coin. All manner of entertainment can be found beyond her doors, including fine dining, expensive liquors, the best music in all of Naltoga and beds with pillows softer then the clouds the gods sleep on. However, the real thing that draws the men in are the women. No man will find themselves wanting, with some of the most gorgeous girls simply begging to spend time with them. But it all comes at a cost. Such luxury does not come cheap and only those with swollen pockets are given entry.
Owner: Madame Blossom. A delicate flower who holds men with her words and whims. Few can resist her allure. She has successfully run the Pink Blossom from it's opening day, over 160 years ago. She holds many secrets of the port city and is not an elf you want to upset.
Notable Employees:(Bouncers) Joel Handle, Korat Gruth. (Dancers) Cherry, Summer, Holly, Siren{absent}. (Chef) Matthew Polten.
Notable Patrons: Lord Yarres, Ken Garther, Tordek Hailbeard, Thurk, Ben Tailer, Jarlben Toother.
Fees:Room - 10g/night (includes 1 basic ale and meal). Drinks - varies. Shows - 5g. Private Rooms - 25g. Company - negotiable.

The New Falcon
A merchant ship that docks at Lakneral's port. The ship and it's crew have a good reputation around the city of reliability and trustworthiness, but some accuse the crew of being smugglers, transporting goods to the pirate nations. This has never been proven and is seen as only bad rumor. They trade in cloths, oils and dried foods, but are almost willing to take any stock that they are confident they can sell.
Captain:Malak Thorngear. A hard man that has seen many years at sea. Many sailors respect his knowledge of the sea. When Malak keeps the New Falcon at port due to fears of a storm, the other captians follow suit. He is a master swordsman and a master tactician in sea warfare.
Notable Shipmates: (First Mate) Jarlben Toother. (Shipmates) Harrold Garner, Thomas Kyle, Pot. (Ex-shipmates) Gunther Smyth, Ben Tailer.
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