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Old Aug 14th, 2021, 10:20 PM
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notes for session of 8/8/2021

September 28
Luchi scouts ahead hallway south
blood and rot beyond door, heavy shuffling noises
door locked, not trapped
some blood was fresh, so we check room
looks like a prison
guarded by girallon
two of them
also the horned, chest-mouth one previously mentioned
Valon identifies girallon
fight them, we win
surviving charmed girallon dissapears
it was summoned by mouth-chest
check cells that were guarded, find Neill Haodha
we get him out
(lightning + water to crack metal)
feed him
grateful, not sure how to help
ask him for information
tells us about foreigner, Sunette, teleport door, magic stone
and his crisis of faith
Anita tries to reassure him
tells about basements
Valon shows him Domh's book, asks about plan, Mountainbreaker
Domh moody and distrustful as other founders died old age
or retired
tried to open Door, was driven out
we take Neill to library
we escort Haodha back to Mourner's shrine
werebears group hug Haodha

25 minutes from finding library to releasing Gathuspia
(Valon took journal with Domh's plans)
Haodha was told prismatic sphere in lighthouse decorative
dealing with Haodha about 10 min
big ape-thing with white fur
no mouth in chest? four arms
too normal to be an abberration, too earthly for outsider
jungle predators
dangerous claws
magical beasts
four-armed kinda natural
horned mouth-chest
mouth-chest one not natural
mouth-chest paralyzes people
teleport door
teleport door led to other door
but that door's been destroyed in Domh's time
Haodha doesn't know how destroyed
will explode if opened, safe if left closed
magic stone
magic stone was Sunette's, spent years on it
Haodha doesn't know what it was
Abbey basements
only 1 level below this one
Domh door there, with Door
2 ways down, 1 right 1 wrong
wrong way goes to a pool
might go to lake, contains wild animals
right way curls around staircase to offering room
door to right
follow it straight to 4-way passageway
take another right
goes straight to Door
one door requires two magic keys, not just one
it's the one going to The Door
there must be one more subordinate with a key
Luchi asks for instructions to use keys
6 turns: 1/2 left, 3/4 right, 1/4 left, something right, not sure
Domh's journal
Domh moody and distrustful as other founders died old age
or retired
tried to open Door, was driven out
other passages written over the same way
Mattias and Sanette other dead founders
worried new priest don't really understand dangers of Door
remaining enemies
likely more qlippoths
animated dreams
ghostlike creatures, almost illusions
not undead, incorporeal
magic puts people to sleep
nightmares on sleeping
nightmare-themed curses also

Neill Haodha
one living prisoner
small skinny elf man
strange welts on skin
he doesn't ping detect magic or evil
was a priest, fairly high ranking
but doesn't remember clearly?
Haodha is a caster but doesn't have holy symbol
can't cast Summon Planar Ally from scroll
he's lost his faith & can't do magic
Domh upset with Haodha specifically
Haodha was Domh's replacement
both priests of Midiran
Sesshuran god of summer
ambition, determination, intensity, passion
the foreigner
enemy still has "the foreigner" captive
"the foreigner"
big catfolk, long name, strong accent
Regis? Martin? Galdur?
the foreigner captive same floor as Haodha
Sunette probably still alive
but not one of us anymore
seems on good terms with invaders, not mistreated like others
powerful spellcaster
multiclass arcane & divine
combines the two in interesting ways
Sunette goes all over, Haodha doesn't know where
we think Sunette has second key
who was the "she" from Domh's journal? Mountainbreaker
another founder, Illati, worshipped Hacchi
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