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Old Jun 7th, 2011, 06:56 PM
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SettingThe people of Varlka have been subjected to the tyranny of vampires for more then a few centuries. Those few who had knowledge of the world before the arrival of the vampires have all gone into hiding. Fearful of the elven hunters who seek them day and night. Humans have become somewhat a mix between slaves and food for their vampire and elven rulers. Most humans work then a night to fulfill the desires of their masters. Else they simply become another juicy snack for their lord. The kingdom of Varlka is heavily excluded from the rest of the world. Between it and the nearest kingdom of Pilition lies the mountain range known as Crimson Tips. Few dare travel the mountains and so little to no one visits Varlka. Those who do are often capture within minutes and promptly eaten. Yet not all hope is lost. Few hidden settlements who are free from the tyranny of the vampires still exist. These hidden burrows once design my halflings are now inhabited by humans. These humans live everyday in fear that one day when the vampire and elven hunters will find them. Yet they prepare themselves and still fight against their tyrants. Those few who still have some bravery left are known as the Goddess Resistance. Originally started by a paladin of the goddess, who's name has been forgotten. This resistant front work mostly in the day when the vampires are unable to come out and hunt them. They fight against elven followers to free humans slaves or if ever wishing to try a riskier operation, to slay a vampire lord. Only the former was ever accomplish. Everyday the resistance fight for a future that is slowly fading away. Everyday the vampire lords become stronger. At this point a miracle is needed. Some say the Goddess will return one day to aid the good people of Varlka but with so many centuries without answer, hope is becoming a little more then a forgotten word.

The GoddessThe Goddess was what it to believe the ancient deity of the kingdom of Varlka. Now her presence has disappear but some still worship her. Wherever or not their prayers are reaching her is unknown, her followers still gain powers. Many have abandon the Goddess believing she's a lie and a fairy tell to bring hope to those who need it. Many in the burrows have abandon her and now believe self-reliance but she still has a large enough group of believers.

Races in Varlka

Classes in Varlka

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