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Old Aug 27th, 2011, 12:06 AM
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Plot Summary’Don’t be so melodramatic; None of this is real anyway. Just pieces on a gameboard, moving as you command.’
- Dr. Kelvas, Professor of Illusion, explaining an enchanted chess set.

The skies are murky, and the fall air is a little too nippy to stay outside for long. The football crowd is going to a local game, but… let them go. Tonight is a perfect night… for Magic & Mystery™! You and three to four other friends have gathered to start up a new campaign, one of drama and suspense, one of learning and triumph, and possibly one of leveling up your characters and acquiring phat loot.
So settle back into your chair, gather up the chips and mountain dew, and let’s go on an adventure!

You will be making two characters for this game. The first is an ordinary human-folk, who has gathered to join the game. We will refer to him or her as the Out-Of-Game Character, or OOC. One of these players will randomly be selected to be the DM for this game, though they’ll still join the rest in making their ICs, or In-Game characters. Both will be important, but statistically, we’re more concerned with your ICs.
The campaign will begin in the fantasy realm of Alomaria. A charming, developed place, where real men are real men, real women are real women, and the bats are few and far between(though they make a good beer). No one’s tried to kill them in the longest time, and generally the monsters are nice enough to die to adventurers when they’re told to. You get to be part of this lovely country, as a person or thing that has some special talent for being adventurous, and is not currently dead/jailed/incapacitated. Coincidentally, this character will be undertaken right before Bad Things happen, because such is just how things go in adventure games.
Important NotesYour characters come with three additional things: A Boon, a Curse, and a Flaw. A boon is just that: a thing your IC has that is cool and snazzy. They might be high-class(giving them status or money), well trained(extra proficiencies or spells known), or have some nifty item their parent gave to them in a dramatic manner.
A curse is something that's not necessarily bad, but your OOC would see it as bad. Maybe the OOC is a dude, and the IC is not. Perhaps the OOC likes the finer things in life, and the IC couldn't care less. Obviously, you might end up with more than one of these, but put the one that would be most important to your OOC.
A flaw is something mechanically bad. You're blind, and use some sort of magic to detect things nearby. You're young, and haven't developed those strong muscles or grown tall enough to be respected. You're illiterate, and need someone else in the party to tell you what the road signs say. That sort of thing.
HouserulesNo favored class stuff. Pick whatever class you will. In exchange, you get a bonus based on what Noble House you are(or more likely, Aren't) affiliated with.
You need to fill out that boon/curse/flaw section. Boons and flaws will come with mechanical effects, curses will not.
Starting gold is average for your class, modified by a High-Class boon or a Second-Class Citizen flaw(or something else of the sort).
Ask me if you want a non-core book, as I might not have it. Pretend the in-game DM is poor, or something.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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