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Old Mar 21st, 2017, 02:47 AM
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Numenera: Solitary Excursion

Subscribe to this thread so you'll know when I'm open for new participants - this copy is a working duplicate and not meant to constitute an active application thread.

Game Title
A Solitary Excursion
Solo game(s) run by Aeternis using Monte Cook's Numenera

About this GameI am looking for one player to play in a Numenera solo game, or possibly two with a joint application.

I do not have a lengthy plot teaser or foreshadowing for this advertisement, because I wish to tailor my plot plans to the player and character I eventually pick to play with. That does not mean this is a sandbox game - it isn’t. There will be a plot, but I can't exactly tease it if I'm going to adapt my plans based on the character(s) I take on. There are several plot threads I am considering that start at the scene presented, and what character I have to work with will help me choose which one(s) to use (or whether to create some new ones), and how to approach them. To some extent, the application process revolves around applicants telling me what sort of plot they want.

Plot themes that appear in every Numenera game include exploration and learning. Your character constantly finds new things to learn about in the world, be it strange, mutated plants, gleaming, incomprehensible artifacts, or alien visitants. Depending on the character and thus the plot, this game could take on elements of Lovecraftian monsters might or might not drive your character mad.cosmic horror, Certain things might force unasked-for transformations or mutations on a characterbody horror, Heist adventures and the likepicaresque, Noble warrior riding out to find the one relic that can break the curse and rescue his true love, etc, etc.high fantasy, Your character might end up on the battlefield in one of many border wars between kingdomswarfare, sleuth activity - this might include chasing human criminals or sinister, Lovecraftian goings-oninvestigation, Repairing and operating an ancient spacecraft and using it to explore distant worlds, getting lost in a maze of star portals and trying to find your way back home, opera, and more.
About You, the ApplicantYou are a good fit for this game if:
  1. You haven't played in one of my games before, and I haven't played in any of yours. Bonus points if we've never played together in any context, but if we've been co-players in someone else's game and you're far and away the best app, I'm okay with that.
  2. You are probably a more recently joined site member, perhaps in the last year. This is not a requirement, but I have had the best solo game results with newer members, historically. I am not sure why this is, but I'm not going to question it.
  3. You appreciate the relative freedom of a solo game and the deeply strange possibilities of the Ninth World appeal to you. Perhaps you had Numenera on your radar for a while but were just needing an excuse to try it.
  4. You tend to be a "quality over quantity" poster who makes reading your posts rewarding and believe that the narrative aspects of RPGs should take precedence over the rules aspects when the two conflict. You can roll with the unexpected in-game and even hit back with sometimes unexpected but deeply characteristic responses and actions.
  5. You write the application that best fits my preferences as a GM among those complete when I close this advertisement, 20 full days (I'll replace this with a date and time when I know the date and time.?) after it appears in Games Seeking Players.
Application FormatThe following sections should appear in your application.

Descriptive Sentence: A sentence of the form "{NAME} is a {DESCRIPTOR} {CHARACTER TYPE} who {FOCUS}". This sentence represents your high level mechanical choices in the Cypher system - Character Type, Descriptor, and Focus are all choices which influence both character lore and mechanics.

Mechanical Strengths: A phrase or at most a sentence describing your character’s capabilities during an adventure. For example, “strong, durable warrior” or “nature-savvy mystic” would do nicely. I don’t want a paragraph here. After you complete this section, you can stop thinking about mechanics for a while. No mechanical details should appear in any part of the application below this point.

First Impression: Come up with a paragraph or two describing your character. This section includes both appearance and personality details. Be specific and try to avoid using hedged contradictions. A Character portrait is optional, I encourage you to provide one if you have a good one. A good portrait will help your app, but a bad one will count against you.

Character Lore: A brief blurb about your character’s life to date, where it is relevant to any future plot. 1-3 paragraphs should about do it - you can expand as the game progresses if you’re accepted. Don’t pad this - really focus on details you think would be relevant to my plot planning.

Plot Suggestions: Because I am recruiting for a solo adventure, the nature of the character to some extent drives the plot. Please provide some hints (bullet points or a paragraph) about what sorts of plot elements, adventure hooks, or story arcs would fit your character the best. You can also note any setting details you'd like to see explored, any places you would like to have your character go, etc. I can’t promise I’ll use all of your suggestions, of course, but this is your opportunity to tell me what you think your character would be best suited to doing.

Finish the Scene: This part is the meat of your application. Finish the scene I opened the post with (The section titled "The Creature in Glass"). What happens next is entirely up to you, within reason. What does the creature want? What makes a person a suitable volunteer? What will volunteering entail?

This particular solo game hook was created with the Numenera "Into the Night
Into the Deep
Into the Outside
Into the..." expansions in mind, though it doesn't necessarily have to lead to a game that uses them. You don't need to own those expansions to play a Numenera game using them - they're setting guides with material for the GMs to use - but if you have ever picked one of these books up and like the idea of one of the places or things you saw there, by all means incorporate it here. Similarly, while I have some preconceived ideas about what the Creature might be and what it's doing, I will adjust what I have to match your scene if the details contradict.
Adjusting to relocation and new job. I appreciate your patience.
--[ A Guide to Applications ]--

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Old May 31st, 2017, 03:37 PM
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Mace, mechanical warrior who fuses flesh and steel

@Aeternis, I am a big fan of Numenera and the Cypher system. I have a lot of the materials, but never had a chance to play. I am relatively new to the site, but already loving the PbP format. I think it provides an opportunity for more role play and character development than face to face games. Please except this application for when/if the Solo Game re-opens.

Descriptive Sentence: Mechanical warrior who fuses flesh and steel
Mechanical Strengths: Powerful fighter with an intuitive understanding of machines
First Impression:

Character Lore:

Plot Suggestions: 1) Mace requires components to repair - and possibly enhance - his body; 2) Mace is looking to uncover information about his origin, 3) Mace is a free-lance explorer and can be commissioned on adventures into the Wilderness.

Finish the Scene:
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