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Old Mar 14th, 2019, 09:30 PM
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Okay, so, if you're looking to go to some major landmark--say, the Beacon tower, the watch headquarters, the high temple of the local guard, you can just go there. (Presumably you would have to ask for directions but you don't need a roll to find those sorts of places.) If you're looking for something a little less well-known, like a shop that sells a particular type of good, a lesser temple within the city, a classy inn, a library, etc, you would need to make a Knowledge (Local) check. I think Anita gets a +2 bonus on that, over what's listed on the skill section of the character sheet, due to her racial ability Everybody's Friend. If you want to just generally investigate, ask around about new and suspicious people, that would be a Diplomacy check; Everybody's Friend also gives a +2 to this type of Diplomacy.

Also, for certain rolls, such as the Diplomacy check mentioned above (but not the Knowledge check) where everybody's working together on the same task, I'd like to handle those with Aid Another instead of just having everyone roll the check and like... shotgunning it, I guess. Basically you'd pick one person to make the lead roll, and then everyone else rolls an unmodified d20 to see if they can boost that result.
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