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Old May 12th, 2020, 12:22 AM
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For the Record

A note taking thread for the players. I won't be updating or editing this after posting; take notes as you see fit.
Constantly updating my custom pathfinder races for my Ascana setting, would love thoughts, suggestions, and constructive criticism!
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Old May 24th, 2020, 09:53 PM
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notes for session of 5/24/20

July 26
visit San Rigel's tower
given envelope--threatening, liable for breach of contract
paid 1200 gp to make it go away
recieved map showing possible teleport location
and notes
get map and lead from Ailen
visit Sandala orc Moonshattering Spear with Riverdancer high priest
scout considering moving tribe here
got in a fight
in a cell in prison
wasting disease caused by curse
can only be cured temporarily
talked City Watch into letting her go early
Anita sent message to Christoph
bought mounts--trained warhorse for Moonshattering Spear
travel till dark
giant bird flies overhead at night
Bloodwolf asked Moonshattering more about curse

July 27
Bloodwolf meets puuka
takes part of ration, candle
gives information on fort in exchange for story
Moonshattering Spear tells more about attackers while traveling

July 28
skip breakfast and lunch for speed
Spear eats one halfling ration
attacked by axebeaks
kill them, drain blood
dismount and have mounts drag bodies
stay outside village to avoid curse
Moonshattering Spear sent to fetch someone
butcher axebeaks--eat some, most as gift

Sandala tribe of Illati
~60 miles E of Cruzario
floodplains, farming--weirdos!
big dogs help farm
sending scouts looking for new territory
Tulok's teleport location estimated about 150 miles W Cruzario
narrowed down to city-size area
center of continent
not any of marked attack locations
possible headquarters for vampire Gilgallen?
Temple of Riverdancer will research & look into it
curse isn't new--magic crystal that protected Sandala village stolen
crystal created by a previous shaman
thieves in fort, Sandala can't capture weakened by curse
curse affects land/crops not just people
leaving doesn't cure it; does entering cause it?
fishing seems to be ok
have Sandala tried negotiating with thieves?
attackers who took crystal
led by son of previous Sandala chief
but mostly not Sandala
various races, pale humans and giants--Valdir
unusual, Valdir usually raid and leave
attack with swords, bows, and drums
bards? or just military marching-order drums?
didn't talk when attacked, just smiled and sang
singing not clearly magical
fort was built by exiled Jikarti nobles (kobolds)
abandoned old gods and worshipped new ones
new ones gave bad advice, got them killed
fort abandoned until thieves took over
is cult affecting new occupants too?
are they sacrifices along with Sandala?
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Old Jun 2nd, 2020, 12:02 PM
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notes for session of 5/31/20

July 28
Sandala party comes to meet us
with emaciated dogs and sleds to carry birds
The Greatest Chief of Sandala
Moon-Shattering Spear reported to him
tribe help us finish butchering axebeaks
question them as we work
learn about curse, magic item, defenders
enter village, mostly tents
magically enhanced bonfire near village center
weakened people lying on blankets and furs
curse sometimes chills people
drop mounts off kennelmaster Windrunner's tent
pass Chief's tent
visit shaman Hawkeye the Unrivaled
learn about history, enemies
go to outskirts of town on fort side
two hunters & dog keeping watch
one, Stormpuncher, tells about fort, secret passage
sketches map
planning attack, Bloodwolf scouts in owl form
Valon shares wine
shaman gives us magic items to help
tells us to use Feast of Ashes on Nameless
stealth up to secret entrance
enter secret tunnel, mucky floor
all get in successfully
sleep in tunnel undisturbed

July 29
wake late morning or mid-day (11ish or noon)

Greatest Chief and Hawkeye think curse won't affect us
affected only crops the first time and at first this time
spread to tribe later
20 years of suppressed curse catching up to them
food from other lands hasn't rotted like theirs
we can wait out here, but many are too weak to join us
Valon thinks that sounds about right
curse may attach to us, but will take a while
they've been eating imported food
[b]magic item to protect from curse[b/]
ceremonial spear, dark red iron about 7' long
made from blood of tribe as offering to Illia
outskirts of Sandala territory
~1 hr on foot from center of village
a hunter (Knucklestone Stormpuncher) knows a lot about it
central building surrounded by another circular wall
wide open plains on all sides
Stormpuncher says hidden passage--how to find
willing to create distraction for us? they'll discuss it
wall wide enough to walk on, but unsteady stonework
~15' outer wall, ~30' inner building
"front door" break in outer wall, (missing gate)
actual front doors rusty, hard to open
hallway with raised platforms on sides
railings with gaps, may have ladders
leads to round room in center, doors on four sides
right door stuck
left door goes to hallways & little rooms
forward door to staircases
second floor, go back to another center room
all lead to big empty rooms
second floor has windows for lookouts
walls much thicker than 10ft
humans keeping watch at windows
jotuns patrolling courtyard with big weasels
secret tunnel
comes out in secret tunnels in walls in fort
almost but not quite far side from village
possible but not likely to see us someone by trap door
trap door under knee-high stone with snake symbol (Jikarti Empire symbol)
down ~20', ladder in bad shape, don't trust it
~20' to a ladder up, magically resealing door at top
ghosts in fort? Chief says they're Knucklestone ****ing with him
secret tunnels follow shape of walls
doesn't remember where they exit
doesn't know whether newcomers know about secret passages
go to small secret rooms on second floor, no tunnels connecting
side w/ secret entrance isn't more heavily watched or patrolled
secret entrance doesn't look disturbed
around 50-60, maybe more
some magic but more martial
archers, swords, drummers relaying orders
buffs & debuffs, drums maybe magic? bards?
some notable fighters
creatures with them: small dog/large snake
more like large weasels with manes, hairless elsewhere
previous chief thought tribe growing soft
became champion of Karshi, blighted lands
chief's son doesn't have name, exiled before he got his
agreed with his dad about champion for Karshi

The Greatest Chief of Sandala
broad-shouldered orc in 30s-40s
tent highly decorated, large entry
Windrunner the Radiant (Sandala kennelmaster)
tent large, lightly larger than ave entryway
lot of weak people hanging out with dogs
tries to treat our mounts like dogs
will look after and protect
Hawkeye the Unrivaled (Sandala shaman)
tent secluded, small entryway, reclusive
very old orc woman with eye tattooed on center of head
20-30 years older than Chief, Chief nervous around her
agrees events sound like Gilgallen sacrifices
Knucklestone Stormpuncher (a Sandala hunter)
very big orc woman
very affectionate with Chief--spouse?
outskirts of village, tower-side, keeping watch
played in abandoned fort as child
Nameless sun of previous Sandala chief
orc man 35-40yo
uses sacred weapon "Claws of Karshi"
(two sickles attached by chain)
former chief though Karshi needed champion
led charge but not Valdir
shaman claims his magic isn't Karshi's, still divine
protective magic, growing scales, not Karshi
scales from Jikarti dragon god?
Karshi's magic would be only destructive
mohawk-like Sesshuran elf hairstyle?
lit window left (West) wing 2nd floor when Bloodwolf scouted
staring out window
other side of room double bed with dark-haired woman (caster)
Valdir leader
human woman 40s-50s
half-cloak, furs, no armor or weapon, deadly
cold wind behind fists
blond hair in braids
targetting may cause chaos among Valdir
lit window right (East) side second floor
Valdir divine caster
dark hair
mind-altering spells, summons elementals & animals
Chief thought sorceress, Unrivaled says divine caster
corrupting touch
double bed left (West) wing 2nd floor when Bloodwolf scouted
lover of Nameless?
huge jotun with huge polearm
human man trips with whip
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Old Jun 13th, 2020, 06:31 PM
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notes for session of 6/7/2020

July 29
difficult magic seal on trap door
steal lock to prevent resealing
Akkr Dalgaard in "secret" tunnel
took spear but denies knowledge of curse
"none of us got what we came here for"
(riches, glory)
raided food items rotted
learn about "down below" from Dalgaard
Valon can't climb, hard time pulling him up
Dalgaard helps
Luchi finds secret door on second floor east armory
goes to south room, not captain's
pass trap door down on other side
Luchi climbs to west armory
haunted? creepy
haunted by Jikarti ghost
speaks one word when open door
east armory has peekholes
south room has balcony, Valdir watching outside
Captain Bekkr in her room
Luchi leaves backpack east armory
Dalgaard talks them into Anita dueling the captain
they tell everyone Anita's here
but don't attack/raise alarm
Anita loses duel
Captain heals her, willing to talk
wants us to promise not to kill orc boy
don't quite
wants 500 gp
we give what she wants, Valdir withdraw

"down below"
spear "down below"
outsider allies had Valdir digging
nothing good down there
Valdir & allies fighting past creatures
"snake thing" on first floor
tamed something from "down below", watches stairs
"young lady" searching "down below" taking spear to it
keep mental effects
Nilsson full of himself
lots of Valdir change in personality
similar to pooka's story of Jikarti

Akkr Dalgaard
Valdir guard
deserted duties but loyal to crew
badly injured fighting "down below"; we heal
suggests talking & duel with Bekkr
Captain Bekkr
deal to protect Nameless Orc
3 outsiders came, won duel with her, made deal
she thinks one who dueled her may be Nameless's father
same as "funny little red man"?
"young lady" searching "down below" taking spear to it
"funny little red man"
not Gilgallen, not kobold
similar to river hag--fae? demon?
3rd outsider who made deal with Bekkr
(others dark-haired caster & Nameless)
same as one who may be Nameless's father?
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Old Jun 17th, 2020, 05:37 PM
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notes for session of 6/14/20

July 29
does evacuation take snake guardian?
Nameless asks what's going on
Valdir don't answer
someone below (snek?) also asks, doesn't get answer
door to western wing unlocked
but weight leaning on door
it's Nameless, doesn't want to talk
Anita shoves door open
drinks buff potion
"son of the chief, rightful chief, champion of Karshi"
use Feast of Ashes, he makes saving throw
fight him
red light magic empowers weapons
we win, smite evil definitive
take potion of cure moderate wounds from him
armor resists being taken off
Luchi gets it off, all but breastplate vanishes
Bloodwolf takes spell components
Anita ties him up
notes on desk
map of keep minus secret doors
some of map don't recognize, might be Below
can't lock Nameless in his room
north wing top floor is a library?
Luchi looks down stairs of library
sees snake that rears to Luchi height
Luchi finds two secret doors in first floor tunnels
take Nameless to short tunnel under keep wall
stealing lock outwitted magic door
give lock back to magic door
rip down ladder on other side
explore rooms in west wing first floor
no door blocking north room from main hallway
nothing intresting, over to east wing
spiral staircase to Down Below in east wing
party goes Down Below
voice(s) as we go down, singing
old language, Anita can't recognize
strong scent of fresh blood
some blood on stairs
encounter redcap
Bloodwolf destroys cap and kills him
Bloodwolf tells everyone about Feywild

Nameless's armor & weapons
armor has some magic, connected to bigger power source
armor precursor to Durim, powerful magic
armor resists being taken off
armor not evil
armor resizes, has a phantom weight
armor has some significance beyond protection
enchantments linked to eye symbol in armor
Anita sorta half-remembers eye symbol
associated with tragedy
this resizing retcons, most magic armor doesn't
chain weapon wrapped around armor
red light magic empowers weapons--user? armor?
home of Fey
exaggerated version of nature
sort of extra-nature, sort of very natural
most Fey not evil, like animals aren't evil
some kinds of Fey inherently evil

Nameless orc
Nameless very big, heavy armor
oversized chained sickles
red light magic empowers weapons
"son of the chief, rightful chief, champion of Karshi"
affected by Smite Evil
has Karshi holy symbol but in bad shape
Nameless has a name tattoo over his heart
grey mask
something like "strong mind" or "strong will"
white geometric sunburst
something like justice, righteousness, order
wrong type of ink, not an official tattoo
talks??? voice might not've been irt
north wing first floor
can come up to library
can come into rest of first floor
weird snake, likely not natural
kobold-ish snake
not "funny little red man"
<1', long white beard, red hat
whimsically murderous
jotunn and human corpses
blood from his hat heals him
hat is magic derived from him
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Old Jun 25th, 2020, 10:28 PM
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July 29
little healing after fight
open door, mirror-lined room
Valon detects divination enchantment
enchantment old and broken
communication enchantment?
whimpering creature passes doors
circling us?
being in mirror, small-sized--kobold
snarls at us, vanishes
grodair outside doors
Anita goes to talk to it
flees when it sees Anita
yells (in Sylvan), very afraid
Sylvan a root language of Sesshuran, Undercommon
Anita feels ill, then levitates!
drops when Valon points this out
does another room have better habitat for grodair
concentric circles, like on Luchi's map
Luchi checks his map
map goes to edges of page, partial?
door deep underground
smells like forest on other side
trees growing down from ceiling
dead and rotted
light in room, source unclear
soil on ground, bloody footprints (Medium)
multiple tracks, multiple creatures
mossdog in room
Bloodwolf enters first, Anita second
fight mossdog
defeat mossdog
past mossdog is room with spear
& caster & 3 skeletons
we'll buff and attack full out
we fight them, win
get spear
take changling prisoner

used dire collar
(need to remove buffs from character sheets)

floating fish as big as Luchi
tentacled belly, too many eyes
type of fey
not normally hostile, but dangerous
very small for grodair: baby?
don't normally float
speaks Sylvan
does another room have better habitat for grodair?
large green canine
eyes doing wierd things around it
displacement magic
changling caster
hard to tell her species
she shifts, is hard to look at
sounds like a kind of shapeshifter--no constant form
"funny little red man" also a changling?
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Old Jul 5th, 2020, 12:37 PM
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notes for session of 6/28/20

July 29
decide not to heal prisoner more
head back to keep
avoid grodair
set priestess down A10
snek catches them trying to escape
Anita talks to it
Valdir rude, wouldn't listen to her
left without permission
try to convince her to let us leave
she refuses
not sure what she'll do if I disobey
try to run past her but fail
fight we win
main hall has 3 statues
richly dressed kobolds
a 4th was removed recently
two ladder left behind
only 6-7' each
split party: Anita
Sundrop gets to village 15-20 min
"why is the spear glowing?"
evil aura on it: corrupted?
shaman come out here instead of spear into village
the Unrivaled confirms something wrong with spear
examines spear closely
Sandala needs more from us
volunteers to take the corruption to cleanse it
can try with just one volunteer
probably won't die, she can cast Reincarnate if I do
Hawkeye takes Anita to village center
others help set up ritual
ritual creates dust in mouth, hunger, pain
my god's light pours out of me, purifies and heals
village doesn't have food or Goodberries to spare
Anita heads back to keep
moves more slowly, takes 20-30 min
split party: others
explore north wing
something was moved recently
stairs, pretty simple room
check library and armories
nothing prisonlike
Asseri in E armory (A19b)
bookshelves to blockade library-side exit
Asseri has a satchel
Valon detects magic:
2 magic jelly cubes??
work as potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
scroll of Scare
golden hoop jewelry around tail
jewelry similar to a wand of Bull's Strength (12 charges)
Bloodwolf wear as bracelet
can't cast while wearing, need to hold to cast
Valon explores library
1 pristine book left
large and thick book
he can't read it, but script resembles magical runes
faint Abduration aura, but Read Magic doesn't work
Abduration spell just protects the book from rot etc
collect Nameless's armor and weapons
put in Bloodwolf's BoH
Luchi puts it in, makes it lighter?
gag and blindfold "young lady"
take 10' ladder from tunnels (A5) to tunnel out
tunnel is 20' deep; ladder doesn't go whole ways
Luchi sets up chair in secret tunnel passage outside tunnel
gag and blindfold both humanoid prisoners
party regroups at center room of keep
Valon shows book to Anita
it's Jikarti
time around 5-6
Bloodwolf and Full Moon hunt
Luchi follows them, guarding
get enough for dinner
Anita looks in book
very old, about Feywild
culture and heirarchy of Feywild
nobility and pedigrees of Feywild
Valon appraise check: hard to find a collector, but worth 500gp
everyone eats, closes all secret doors
Valon shares more wine: to victory!
go to sleep in underground tunnel with prisoners
Nameless wakes up during Valon's shift
manages to glare blindfolded
Asseri wakes up in the night
gets out of her cell
slithers through the keep screaming
Sundrop stays in courtyard to avoid her
July 30
changling still isn't awake
Anita channels positive energy
seperate prisoners:
Nameless to passageway with Bloodwolf and Anita
changling stays in tunnel with Luchi and Valon
difficulty getting Nameless up but manage it
changling does seems conscious, trying to get out
ungag Nameless; he bellows
red light, strains at ropes
Bloodwolf punches him
tells us about self (Ironwill), Devil's Pack, spear plan
worried about changling woman, wants to know where she is
says spear plan wasn't her idea
he mentioned in passing childish dream
go back to Madan if failed
tells about Madan
Luchi tells story of how Gilgallen kills all his lieutenants
offers to let her go if cooperative
threatens to take to Sandala for execution if fights
she's very afraid
her changling-ness increases
tells us about herself, Empty Throne plot, armor and spear
wants us to swear to let him go
"back to devil's pack"
will Elessia go back to Gilgallen if released?
she claims not
not needed anymore, and failed, wouldn't be trusted
will Elessia calm down Asseri? if we untie her
untie Elessia
Elessia and Asseri talk, whisper something
attack us?

Devil's Pack
Madan is the devil of the Devil's Pack
devil's pack considered urban legend
band of criminals ppl tell wild tales
in reality they're not that malicious
take in outcasts, unwanted, they do as they please
Elessia's original mission Bres Madan, turn him into a shard?
thought couldn't, or wouldn't be worth it
Ironwill gave her plan to attack Sandala instead
Empty Throne plot
it's drawing to a close
Elessia thinks we're too late to stop it
but thinks telling us is likely to get her killed
something wrong with the world, missing
thinks Iron Will has nothing to do with this
says Gilgallen benefits from killing his lieutenants
spear allows Iron Will to stay removed from her plan
want to sacrifice souls to create pieces of gods
Gilgallen holding power temporarily
will give it up when plan is complete (claims Elessia)
power goes to the Empty Throne
Gilgallen isn't a cleric but is loyal to the Empty Throne
Empty Throne is only sometimes a god
Empty Throne falls (becomes mortal), and rises (becomes divine)
wants to end cycle, make Empty Throne permanent god
thinks Undercommon too tame these days, impure
does the Empty Throne know?
thinks she has some idea
plan been preparing for centuries
armor and spear
"why is the spear glowing?"
evil aura on it: corrupted?
Hawkeye's ritual purifies it
Ironwill knew spear would bring back blight, planned to amplify
Gilgallen kills his high priests to gather harvested souls
spear allowed a workaround
Gilgallen can get power from spear instead of priest
Iron Will's armor named Witness, Elessia gave it to him
Gilgallen had it lying around
studying it for the spear
prototype for a piece of god encased in item
researching it and keeping Iron Will safe

snek talks Jikarti!
(old dialect)
fussy snobby snek
thinks everyone rude
agreement with "the young lady" (Elessia)
to guard place
calls her "a good friend, very kind"
sickening gas, area breath weapon
Ironwill the Righteous
in love with Elessia
claims Karshi adapts and gives protective magic
"is this what a true chief does?"
he doesn't have a good answer, putting on tough face
"tried to let it go. all of it! it's in the past."
"chance at vengeance, at setting things right. it's not right!"
felt good for a day or two, then didn't
in love with Ironwill the Righteous
changling, "young lady"
working for Gilgallen because they have common cause
(the Empty Throne plot)
unafraid of death, willing to die for her cause
also willing to negotiate for Iron Will's life
Bres Madan
"funny little red man"
leader of Devil's Pack
Madan takes in unwanted people
he's Sessuran--an elf? changling? both
takes in unwanted people

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notes for session of 7/5/20

July 30
Valon learns Elessia's spell was Charm Person on Anita
win easily
Asseri runs away, we let her
Valon offers to let Ironwill take Elessia back to Madan
he accepts, we escort them out
go downstairs to finish exploring Down Below
find a lab! for building constructs
guarded by a wooden construct
decide nothing valuable, so leave
storeroom has a crying fae or elemental
small handprint burned into wood
we can't find the creature, leave
corridor with sap of yellow musk creature
vine that can puppet dead bodies
very wet, not very flammable
follow corridor, room with creeper & 2 animated bodies
fight & defeat them
broken waterwheel in room, used to power Down Below
find chest with magic loot
giant domed room with metallic ooze
it's mercury! Full Moon is poisoned
find old Jicarti liquor in rubble
room with more magic machinery
kobold-headed giant spider vanishes
reminds Valon of phase spider
predators from Ethereal Plane
move between Ethereal and Material at will
cast Bless and enter room to investigate
phase spider tries to attack us, machine resets it
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notes for session of 7/12/20

July 30
defeat phase spider
Valon thinks Call Lightning damgerous, should try subtlety
everything else fails, we attack machine with Call Lightning
and acid
Bloodwolf temporarily turned part elemental
gravity back to normal, grodair gone
use leftover lightning to help destroy wood golem
check on storeroom: crying elemental also gone
return to keep second floor
ghost armor room!
Luchi opens
only person opening the door can hear a ghost voice
so Anita opens it
ghost voice says "Kneel" in Jicarti
Anita kneels; ghosts fade
of armor, 2 magic & 1 masterwork
magic armor has Transmutation magic instead of normal Abduration
when we try to take magic armor it attacks us
nonmagical armor is old, Jicarti, bronze
check out last secret tunnel
just leads between passages and courtyard
head back to Sandala village
people look better, fields the same
giant bird statue on top of chief's tent
made of glass or translucent stone
it's a construct, flew in, statue until retrieved
Hawkeye examines Witness
stop by kennelmaster's to check on mounts
all in good condition
around 5-6 evening
Bloodwolf, Full Moon, Luchi go hunting
get food for 6 ppl, no spare for Sandala
Valon, Anita, Sundrop plan in tent
July 31
wake up, finish healing
orc woman talks to Bloodwolf, summons party to Unrivaled
the Good Inks (magic) prepared
new tattoos for one person at a time, privately
Bloodwolf first
the Unrivaled might've been a hunter
offers to train me here
or send part of herself with Bloodwolf
"will you lead or follow, Bloodwolf the Epic?" "Lead."
a tattoo sends power into me
1 additional Wildshape per day
Anita second
warrior and peacemaker
"Which comes first, word or kind deed?" "Word."
permanently gain effects of Comprehend Languages
Valon next
"which do you need in this time? Courage, or wisdom?" "Wisdom."
permanent effects of Pendant of the Souk
Luchi last
she sees him as a raven
"Which tempts you more, scent or shine?" "Shine."
+1 deflection bonus to AC and 7xday, 10min per time, turn into raven
ceremony takes about an hour each, better part of day
Bloodwolf & Full Moon hunt, get food for 7 people
by sunset, clanging magic approaches
Devil's Pack? party heads out to meet them
checked on Ironwill the Righteous last night
know he's free, will get things sorted out
Madan mostly here for the bird
Anita asks Madan to accept Elessia into the group
he thinks she has somewhere to go home to
Anita rides ahead to calm down the villagers
Luchi almost recognizes gnome woman
Valon does recognize dwarf man: from Valon's village
Madan calls bird statue back to himself
gnome asks Anita to point in Ironwill's direction
hands parchment in return
they plan to track down the Valdir
Anita says the Valdir kept faith, don't act against them
Madan not interested, but ratfolk says will talk to him

kobold-headed creatures
phase spider has been magically modified
changd to image of someone else's head
forced on it against will
Asseri resembles creature from ruins
don't normally have kobold heads
likely created from kobold eggs or something
magic engine
magic engine trying to augment summoning spells
but very broken, still trying
randomly dragging & sealing creatures from other planes
machine shoots out chaotic magic as attacked
creating gravity weirdness
blight and spear
purification ritual permanently cured blight; spear no longer needed
wasn't possible until attackers tampered with protection spell
spear had remants of a god dead
Witness has seeds of a god that is not yet
seed of an idea that could one day become a god
not forged from death, but grief and memory
safe to wear, power grows with wearer
can Gilgallen's group track it? probably not
power not manifest from labor but reverence
next stop
one attack location S, might be near San Aspera
much farther than Cruzario, but good roads short travel times
one attack location NW, Cruzario would be short detour
similar distance as Cruzario
travel time might be faster on rivers

Bres Madan
leader of group, with small gnome woman
checked on Ironwill the Righteous last night
know he's free, will get things sorted out
Madan mostly here for the bird
Devil's Pack
led by very big hunched skeleton as mount
ratfolk (Cassidre?) and old goblin riding it
dwarf with shaved head, no beard
two people lead group:
small gnome woman
Bres Madan
dwarf man from Valon's village
only survivor of cave-in, blamed for it and escaped execution
intentionally killed entire clan, planned it as suicide attack
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notes for session of 7/19/20

July 31
Bloodwolf visits Moon-shattering Spear
nobody has goods to barter
Anita checks paper from Devil's Pack
it's a recipie for wildberry tarts
Valon examines stone he found
strong Conjuration aura, no other details
there are towns on the way South
2 Ascana, 2 Cassidre, assorted Galsic
drink 1/4 Jicarti liquor
August 1
Anita puts on Witness for the first time
collect mounts from kennelmaster
thank him for caring for them well
put Luchi's and Valon's backpacks on spare
spend most of day reaching road
camp by side of road at night
Valon tries Identify again: related to summoning?
August 2
ironblooms for breakfast
meet courier heading to Cruzario
report to Temple of Riverdancer
gather, smoke-dry mushrooms
Valon tries Identify
August 3
more ironblooms
small signal tower
Ascana town around it
reach outer wall 3-ish
buy rations, one potion of cure light wounds (cl3)
August 4
add Sundrop to watch rotation
during Valon's shift, fog covers camp, new island in ocean
wakes party
Bloodwolf and Luchi turn into owl and raven and scout it
hard to navigate, strong winds
Luchi makes it, Bloodwolf crashes onto shore
try again, Bloodwolf crashes into sea
Bloodwolf swims to nearest beach, Luchi follows
they're on island
decide to look around
entire island is full of Conjuration, mist Illusion
voice from the mist; neither understand
slightly familiar to Luchi
Luchi: "we come in peace"
arrow hits ground in front
retreat to beach
Bloodwolf returns in porpoise form, Luchi follows
water & wind help us leave
head back to camp and report
party decides to leave island alone, go back to sleep
August 5
island still there
continue south; mist thins out
pass lizardfolk & ratfolk travelling north
August 6
moar shrooms
people working ricepaddies
Cassidre village
August 7
meet not-information-broker
trade info about Jicarti keep for info about:
Caldero Azul, Queen of Revels, Florenia Reyes, Maljan, Port Lefente
August 8
pass Cassidre settlement
August 11
as we go south, land gets lightly forested
as we get ready to make camp there's music
Bloodwolf sees someone behind tree playing string instrument
Luchi and Bloodwolf move towards creature and dance
Sundrop and Full Moon a little affected also
musician and hidden person attack
chase them away
Bloodwolf pursues
Luchi follows, loots
Bloodwolf and Luchi discuss what to do
satyrs aren't normally violent
is this related to Queen of Revels disruption?
drag satyrs back to camp, tie them to each other

elemental gem of earth
crush it to summon earth elemental
Anita puts on Witness for the first time
everything around her is gone, scorched earth
black smoke blots sky, faint light through it
constantly aware of its weight, like embrace
giant flaming stone falls towards her
armor feels satisfied, something is finished
meteor has angry eyes
vision ends
everyone else saw magical girl transformation sequence
it automatically gives her bare feet
Witness doesn't want to come off
it retracts into a breastplate form that doesn't cause fatigue
toggling between forms takes about a minute
Maljan, Lost Isle of Elsadur
at night fog covers area, new island in ocean
hard to navigate, strong winds keep visitors out
water & wind help visitors leave
island in the mists, sometimes present, sometimes not
sometimes in different locations
people who leave can't find their way back
information network doen't know much
Caldero Azul
little NE of San Aspera, right on coast
its own patron god, Queen of Revels also popular
4 Queen of Revels followers killed in past few weeks
hearts cut out
1 victim unaccounted for: Florencia Reyes
Queen of Revels
patron of Veratuna
popular throughout Ascana
defiant joy, happiness despite hardship
solstice celebrations in Veratuna (& Queen temples) reversed
winter big celebration, summer subdued
Port Lefente
Cassidre port
ocean rising more than usual
nobody's around for the past few weeks
a few people still there
city is inhospitable!

not an information broker
halfling man
he wants to know lots of news
claims he's not part of information broker network
but knows people in information network and is willing to sell info
not-information-broker, just storyteller
has information broker cards
Florencia Reyes
priestess of Queen of Revels arrived month ago, went missing
not-information-broker doesn't know why she came
she didn't come alone; others left without her
Raoul and Horatio, neither Gigallen nor Tulok
she arrived after the solstice
came to Caldero Azul with Reyes
human man named Raoul
member of Veratuna City Watch
went back to Veratuna
came to Caldero Azul with Reyes
gnome named Horatio
from Veratuna, beacon technician
went back to Veratuna
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notes for session of 7/26/20

August 12
interrogate satyrs
seem confused themselves
influenced by weird divine energy?
convince us they'll go back to camp & get drunk if released
hope to dispell divine energy so agree
fork in road, right to San Aspera, left to Caldero Azul
take left, reach city soon
guard asks our business
investigating disappearance of Reyes
leave, eventually return with a guard
guard asks if we're hired help, we agree
takes us to headquarters to fill us in on case
two angry halflings interrupt and demand to talk
Anita promises to talk with them after talking with guards
guards not sure Reyes case and serial killer case connected
3 more killings since our last report; accelerating
attacks on single drunk people coming home from parties
parties held by Valdez at his manor
parties even harder, every night, in defiance of killer
guards agree to help us set up a trap
can provide costume to help bait fit in, Comminique Rings
Valon will disguise as new potential convert
attend party, stumble back through attack region
Luchi and Bloodwolf stealthily keep an eye
Anita waiting nearby on Sundrop
rings to let Valon & Anita talk at distance
help get convincing outfit for Valon
Valon asks what kind of person is Valdez?
would bringing own liquor to share be good or bad? good
will try for three night before changing tactics
Bloodwolf will scan whole area, not just Valon
dwarf man Sol Hernandez explain how there's victim testimony
Speak with Dead
talk to halflings
they don't have information, just impatient
Anita asks to see the old temple tomorrow
will be overnighting at Valdez, meet in morning
Valon goes to party with halflings
stable horses in inn inside attack location
Luchi stealthy near Valdez manor watching people leave
Bloodwolf watching area in owl form
Anita and Full Moon in stables at inn with Sundrop
talks with halflings on way to party
Valdez manor 30-40 minutes away, closer to sea & dock district
few dozen people at party, small compared to manor
leans more human & halfling, less dwarf
Valon greets Alejandro Valdez
offers Jicarti liquor, shares with everyone
tells editted story of Jicarti keep
crowd gathers, people impressed
last 4 hours, how heavily drink?
2 drinks an hour, buzzed but not badly drunk
party starts fading 3-4 am
Valon leaves, might be back next night
contacts Anita to make sure she's ready
Resist Energy Fire, Frost
pretends to be more drunk
goes past inn & wanders around "drunk"
goes with Bloodwolf to near manor, then split up
Luchi approaches manor, turns into raven when gets close
finds good vantage point
when Valon leaves party, follows as raven
Bloodwolf patrols area in owl form
quiet night
large bird (large vulture/eagle) takes off rooftop, flies away too fast
keeps looking even after Valon returns to inn
sees bird (?) again, batlike, red, large condor size
carrying something, flying away very fast
halfling or gnomes
makes note of what direction it goes in
towards the coast
flies toward area it came from to check for evidence
another victim in alley
Valon regroups after he returns to inn
Luchi lands and regroups
Bloodwolf takes longest
August 13
Anita gets up early, removes fatigue, meets people at manor
everyone else sleeps in to noon
learns about Queen of Revels worship
Anita cleans headstones at old temple
looks inside temple, nothing of note
gargoyle on nearby rooftop, go to check it out
batwings, little bigger than human
large building, looks like a business
merchant guild, Anita acts friendly, asks about statue
dig through records to find out about statue
says bought from traveling merchant from Cruzario
but Anita thinks she can't find records and is making something up
Bloodwolf and Valon report to guard about last night
guards will protect other routes to encourage killer to Valon's route
Luchi sells stuff
Bloodwolf, Full Moon, and Valon head in direction of creature
pass old temple (but don't recognize it)
head back to bazaar to meet with Luchi
Anita also goes to Bazaar, meets up with group
report to each other, sell stuff
Anita sends signal tower message to Riverdancer about Port Lefente
head back to inn and set up for the night's party
set up ambush for the night

possible rewards for helping catch: 3000 gold or Communique Rings
(Caldero Azul around 7000 population)
victim testimony
Speak with Dead
(spirits can lie or refuse to answer questions)
stabbed from behind, only one got a look at killer
small, pale person
before pain couldn't hear their footsteps
Silence spell?
was there any elemental damage to corpses?
no, but less blood than expected
Queen of Revels worship
Queen of Revels used to have a temple
high priest got killed, guards didn't prevent
temple still destroyed, still no proper priesthood
no seat on council
old temple in direction of shore/docks
100-150 years ago
old priest trained in Veratuna, died very petty way
abandoned building and garden/courtyard
3 headstones, middle one broken
one of them (old priest) a Valdez, one Nico Aguero
current Valdez descendant of priest Valdez
Aguero's granddaughter is the guard we met
nothing of note inside temple
gargoyle on nearby rooftop
killer's flying creature
batlike, red, large condor size
carries killer in and out
flies very fast towards the coast
gargoyle on rooftop of merchant guild, near old temple
same direction as creature's escape
batwings, little bigger than human
merchant guild lacks records of commission/purchase

city guard investigatig Reyes, serial killings
granddaughter of important Queen of Revels worshipper
Florencia Reyes
some looking into Reyes-as-killer, others consider conspiracy theory
Alejandro Valdez
parties held by Valdez at his manor
possibility Valdez is killer? most witnesses too drunk to provide alibi
Valdez was attacked (or claimed)
his description of killer doesn't match other victim's
rich, old money, sometimes frivolous, generous
throws parties every night to show unafraid
Valdez manor 30-40 minutes away from watch house
closer to sea & dock district
Sol Hernandez
dwarf man
priest of Solemn Judge from San Aspera, can Speak with Dead
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notes for session of 8/2/20

August 13
repeat party bait trap
Valon tries to find things out, fails
takes bait, attacks Valon
walks in to attack
gargoyle swoops in for retreat
heads in direction of old temple
gargoyle statue gone from roof
brief city watch on what happened
decide to follow and look for it before it gets a chance to rest
all this takes past midnight, so it's the next day
August 14
head to area of temple
approaching sunrise, all fatigued
search old temple, Luchi finds secret compartment
while examining door for traps, gargoyle attacks us
Luchi tries to unlock door; it's hard
Anita smashes it open

not earth elementals, but infused with earth/ties to earth plane
drawn to cities
not usually this fast
not usually bright red, face is wrong
this one: powerful evil aura, evil damages all, sickens good chars
silver & cold iron don't pass its DR
not an animal, animal spells don't work
has magic resistance

small pale woman, gnome maybe
assassin is arcane spellcaster of some kind?
blade is obsidian or something
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notes for session of 8/9/20

August 14
opened door leads to staircase, too narrow for Sundrop
Anita has her wait under tree cover
Luchi's and Valon's backpacks tied to her
hide gargoyle body in ruined temple
go down stairs
fight 3 wights
Bloodwolf badly hurt, 2 -levels
Bloodwolf and animals retreat; Luchi, Anita, and Valon continue
attack party
trap, Luchi sets it off but avoids damage
find altar room and assassin
Valon friendly fires Luchi
find a cell with a prisoner, strongly resembles Valdez
asks for a way to defend himself, tries to backstab Anita
it's "Red Queen"
teleports away
a ****ing demon comes down the hallway and attacks us
we win
Red Queen still here
assassin fatally wounded in fight
Red Queen mind controls Luchi, orders to heal her
Valon summons earth elemental, has it kill assassin
escape from Red Queen alive
she kills elemental with Vampiric Touch
retreat party
we'll do this next week

can drain levels
not permanent, can be removed more easily than Valon's
can sleep it off
turn you into them if they kill you
type of demon
acidic coating on skin
difficult to harm
vulnerable to cold iron
spell resistance
summoned by Red Queen

serial killer
is squish
"Red Queen"
magic red tattoo over her torso, succubus tattoo?
Valdez just an illusion; orc/goblin woman
she resembles a Queen of Revels incarnation
tattoo can form protective wings
owns ice elemental spear, can cast Vampiric Touch
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notes for session of 8/16/20

August 14
retreat party
fails to find any guards quickly
attack party
Anita puts Luchi on Sundrop
parties reunite
Valon checks; Luchi still enchanted
Anita finds guard who refers her to Lt Aguero
rides ahead on Sundrop running
Anita convinces Aguero to help
defensive perimeter
Aguero offers cells as defensible location
tell about possible attack on Valdez's manor
ask for help from Priest of Solemn Judge
can't restore negative levels
can remove dominate spell tomorrow
disarm Luchi and put him in a locked cell
everyone else in unlocked cell
rest in jail cell
wake up about 6 in evening
leave Luchi behind
Aguero meets us in a bad mood
Valdez missing, no party tonight
Aguero offers Oil of Bless Weapon, can bypass damage resistance
party goes out to eat
Anita talks to Valon about possible divine influence on him
can elementals be healed normally? Valon thinks so
Luchi turns into raven and flies out of cell
Luchi heads to docks
stops for food
doesn't find healing items, so heads back to guard station
group comes back to find Luchi missing
decide to attack temple without him
Sol Hernandez comes with us
help investigate, deal with undead
run into each other on the way back
Sol needs two tries but does dispell the Dominate
re-arm Luchi and head toward the old temple
serial killer's cloak still here, only weapon missing
Anita breaks down sleeping quarters door
Sol Hernandez casts Commune with Dead on Valdez
Hernandez wants to stay with the bodies
we go check out the Valdez manor
search the manor for magic, evil, secret doors, etc
desk drawer with hidden bottom
contains travel belt, pouch, dagger
find and follow Red Queen's scent
go back to the temple, get there 2-3am
gargoyle corpse buried in fresh grave inside ruined temple?
August 15
return to inn
a letter for us! from the beacon tower!
news of Caldero Azul
letter from Tulok
go to guard station, check picture of Reyes
"conspiracy theorist" excited we want to know about his theory
tells us more about her
Hernandez can have another Commune with Dead by sunset
if the killer was Dominated, might respond
but Hernandez thinks not Dominated
go back to inn and sleep

lent guard 48 cold iron arrows
speaking with sacrificed souls
sacrificed souls don't go *to* the god
sacrifice about what the mortal loses, not what the god gains
Valon Identifies:
Cloak of Elvenkind
Flask of Reconcoction holding Potion of Remove Fear
Valdez's murder
"What can you tell us about the motives behind your murder?"
"I dunno, man."
"What can tell us about Florencia Reyes?"
"She came to see me. Pale, pretty halfling girl."
Red Queen's act
human Valdez scent and Wrong scent both strong in room
they both permeate house
human scent older, Wrong scent neither
follow most recent scent trail out of the manor
probably from day before, goes into another house then keeps going
Anita knocks on door
friend of Valdez, he comes by daily
they try to figure out what's going on with the killings
he chats with all his guests daily
temple ossuary smells like her, but no scent trails out of there
Tulok's letter
in headquarters August 1st
he's ordered to stay in headquarters until new crystal created
Gilgallen has a prophecy
Tulok sent us a copy to piss off Gilgallen
but this copy is illegible; good copy in Cruzario

Alejandro Valdez, for realz
rotting body in cell
human with heart cut out
to Valon it looks like Valdez, two weeks dead
Reyes has a little Celestial blood, aasimar
questionable background before entering clergy
church helped her reform, supposedly
a thief and mugger, not a killer
rogue/cleric multiclass?
Hernandez thinks not Dominated, since ceremony needs intent
critical to the ceremony that Reyes was a traitor priest
conspiracy theorist guard
Florencia Reyes enthusiast
excited we want to know about his theory
more interested in good stories than truth
Sol Hernandez
Priest of the Solemn Judge
handles affairs of the dead
can remove Dominate spells but not negative levels
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notes for session of 8/23/20

August 15
Anita listens to guard talk about Reyes
rest of party goes over map and travel plans
August 16
harbor, talk about ships
meet with harbormaster, learn about shipping schedule
decide to wait for ships, get information about S problems in San Aspera
around 2 pm
Bloodwolf asks about satyrs
Bloodwolf asks to accompany a group searching for rougue fey
visit old temple
give holy symbols back to worshippers re-burying the dead
Anita's sword and shield left behind
Hernandez casts Speak with Dead on killer
Bloodwolf visits Harbormaster, asks about god of the hunt
find satyrs, they're normal and depressed
teach us some new dances
everyone else spends all day travelling to San Aspera
Luchi sees roadblock; crude Galsic pit trap
fail to intimidate them into leaving; fight

problem down S: involves storms
travel by ship
scheduled to have northbound ship in about 5 days
through Port Lefente
2-3 stops on the way
several days slower than 2 weeks
could arrive in Lefente in about 3 weeks
vs about 4 weeks on horseback
ship heading south arriving in 6 days
could arrive in area in about 2 weeks
vs 3 weeks on road
the Storm Walker
patron god of Caldero Azul
more interested in weather and fishing than city stuff
followers mostly druids, like Illati
serial killer's god
why? "for the thrill of the hunt"
reminds Hernandez of a god of the hunt with red feathers

dwarf woman, tidy beard, rotund, cheerful
has a book that mentions god of the hunt
Galsic Power Rangers
this is a thing now
they do less fighting foam monsters and more robbing travelers
their brightly colored armor sells for a lot
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