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Old Sep 18th, 2020, 08:15 PM
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notes for session of 8/30/20

August 16
San Aspera group
try to hear about disturbances to south
sell trained warhorse
Anita sends message to River Dancer Temple
-recieved message
-success in San Aspera location
-planned travel schedule
stay at inn
Bloodwolf & Full Moon
hang out with Caldero Azul druids
spend the night in druid quarters
August 17
Anita looks at harbormaster's book
it's in ancient Jicarti
historical text, not religious
heathen (not Jicarti) hunt god only briefly mentioned
mostly a story of Elsaduran privateers (who followed the god)
apparently an Elsaduran god of the hunt
Anita reports back to city watch
ship headed to Port Lefente arrives
Valon asks for information about Southern attack location
Valon warns captain about dangers in Port Lefente
informs him about team from Cruzario
Anita rejoins group
night out on the town
Valon visits Valdez manor, meets with worshippers
August 18
ship to le Maravert arrives: Skadaran vessel
lizardfolk captain consults with goblin sailor
sell riding goats, stable Sundrop
buy passage on ship

problem in South
very severe weather lately
main settlement in area Cassidre
le Maravert
storms so bad ship had to skip it
one sailor: storm had giant birds flying shooting lightning from wings
Caldero Azul druids
more magic-leaning, less martial-leaning
ocean- and water-focused
lot of mundane jobs
harbormaster has limited ability to change weather
2 animal companions! large bird and otter
Valdez manor affairs
Valdez had no heirs, why he was so generous with family fortune
no will, other worshippers inherit & try to decide what to do
they don't seem as upset about imposter as expected
maybe they didn't like him as much as he thought they did?

also leader of Storm Walker druids
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Old Sep 18th, 2020, 09:15 PM
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notes for session of 9/6/20

sailing S with Skadarans
Captain Riri
Anita and Bloodwolf asked to do chores
Luchi and Valon not asked because male
Luchi searches ship, finds nothing interesting
a week in
stormclouds on horizon
captain asks us to sleep in shifts to be ready
Valon and Anita one shift, Bloodwolf and Luchi other
3 days of skill checks to help crew deal with storm
Sept 2
arrive le Maravert
rocky cove, not real port, small docks
early afternoon, 2-3
dropped off on little island dock for ships
rope bridge connects island to le Maravert
a villagers comes to meet ship, we offer to help
told about Storm Seers
houseboat patched with personskin
lizardfolk guide explains what le Maravert is doing
gives us a little tour
Melancon finds host families for us, but all separate
Anita asks where group can meet together
island on north side of settlement, across a rope bridge
agree to meet there after dinner
Luchi questions host family about missing woman
Luchi and Bloodwolf scout out tower area as ravens
winds give them much trouble, Bloodwolf switches to albatross
Luchi returns to goblin form, tries to spiderclimb wall
discuss attack plans and every heads back to their host families

expecting to arrive in 10 days, Sept 2
Luchi has a vision? dream? of some sort
Storm Seers
trying to deal with problem
they'll be visiting town in a few days, can meet with them then
Storm Seers think they can fix it
Storm Seers are researchers, recently moved into tower
Storm Seers taking dreamers and not giving them back
new, came in March or April
only one Storm Seer visits town; others stay in tower & unnkown
human women named Orleva
le Maravert's problem
they know about disrupted weather and thunderbird
weather has been supernaturally disrupted for a long time
submerged ruins of people who caused it
searching ruins
people finding a connection to the old people
having visions/dreams
don't know religion of ancients
ancients came from Undercommon, unpopular there
places in tour
Storm Seers' tower:
west and a little south of settlement
points out where digging is happening:
domed roof of old house, thought haunted
farther to sea, near some islands, old compound:
Luchi recognizes from dream
points out ruined buildings to south:
ruined sunken tower, wild animals nest there
host families
Anita: halfling brothers
Bloodwolf: ratfolk woman with small children
Valon: lizardfolk man and old mother
Luchi: two unrelated halflings, tense household
a women's brother and husband (Storm Seers took her)
Adelaid's dreams: researcher at the Lyseum, couldn't remember details
their Adelaid was first to leave with Orleva
almost a month ago
Seers' Tower
fourth floor: through tower window, Bloodwolf sees 3 women
talking or chanting, clumped together
Luchi looks in high window
sees the three women, forms distorting like changelings
two remind him more of hags
hags can form covens: three together become MUCH more powerful
don't confront them all at once!
if one visits settlement alone they won't have coven powers
third floor: climbs down to a lower balcony and tries to go inside
finds a sleeping room with around a dozen people
the missing Cassidre! still alive and not too upset
second floor: leaves, checks another balcony
giant--birds?, bigger than a goblin, too smooth, fishlike?
have lightning powers
fish-bird creatures remind Bloodwolf of kerakinsi
sapient but not bright, dangerous hunters
first floor: Bloodwolf sees giant humanoid inside ruined part of tower wall
first floor, just sitting there
next floor, no windows or balcony but hole in wall
sees the same giant Bloodwolf did--thinks marsh giant
giants are kinda sapient but animalistic
mostly solitary and territorial, will form temporary child-rearing bonds

Melancon the Storyteller
lizardfolk man
our guide when we arrive in town
tells about what's happening, finds host families for us
tour pointing out landmarks
human changling Storm Seer
only one to visit town
Luchi staying with her brother and husband
one of the first to leave, months ago
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Old Sep 18th, 2020, 09:20 PM
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notes for session of 9/13/20

September 3
breakfast with host families
Anita asks about ruin digs
easy ruins cleared, ppl discussing riskier ones
Storm Seers politely pressuring more
Luchi asks about missing relative of hosts
named Adelaid, show him crude picture
examine ruins from Luchi's vision
Anita and Valon hitch a ride over
Luchi arrives first, investigates things above water level
three stories
one level still above water
everyone else is an hour later than Luchi
close to noon
third floor full of non-rotted wood and books
tons of magic
some magics auras detatched, floating around
conjuration magic, Valon identifies as Unseen Servants
but Unseen Servants usually only last a few hours
bronze pillars have enchantment magic
magic on books not abduration or any school
books have Arcane Mark on them
cantrip creates invisible rune on them
Luchi tries to read one; some sort of Old Undercommon
Anita looks at some; dry academic texts
one is about Elemental Plane of Water; Anita and Valon look at it
book topics include geometry, astronomy, planes
head down
second floor isn't submerged??
does someone still live here?
"windows" created by evocation magic show water outside
Anita checks books, Bloodwolf searches for scents
Valon tries to figure out if we're under an illusion spell
Bloodwolf finds some sort of organic musk
Luchi smells it as well: faintly reptillian, brackish
books on astrology, divination, magic
Valon finds no illusion auras
but some books have additional auras besides Arcane Mark:
he picks up Scroll of Detect Thoughts
a mechanical suit of armor with no magical aura starts to move
Valon puts to scroll back
but three of them attack
win, check exit route; it's clear
other two scrolls: Anticipate Thoughts, Perceive Cues
magical book is a wizard's spellbook
Bloofwolf tests magic window; it's solid, infinitely thin
we leave scrolls and books behind for now
down to bottom floor
Luchi scouts, finds more reptillian musk
Valon joins him, detect magic
Anita tries talking to whoever
it responds in an unknown language (Anita understands)
Luchi asks if the books have anything to do with outside phenomona
Vrisina figured out the pillars: anti book theft devices
some valuable non-book things: ceremonial cloak & necklace, both magic
magic cloak: weightless, armor, walk on air briefly, Glide
called Gale Armor
necklace: can call protective whirlwind, burst of electricity
called Stormlure
Vrisina picks a book for Anita (and helps read it)
tell Vrisina about possible connection between old director and Storm Seers
she's worried the library might sink and be destroyed
suggest second floor might have more useful books
she comes with us to the second floor

journal of what the researchers were doing
founded by refugees from Elsadur who hid underground
whatever destoyed Elsadur left terrible storms
refugees tried to control and harness storms as energy source
journal full of office politics
but storms kept getting worse
director thought they could fix it

is a snek! a little like Asseri, named Vrisina
she's an enthusiastic scholar, welcomes us when we say we're curious
not her spellbook, probably a sorceror
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Old Sep 24th, 2020, 11:37 AM
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notes for session of 9/20/20

September 3
second floor of Lyseum with Ryssina
metal from clockwork servants being repaired by unseen servants
won't be done soon, could be days or weeks
we take a head
say goodbye to Ryssina
convince her to let us take spellbook and scrolls
3ish in afternoon
swim back to town, not staying together
near Luchi water bubbles and voice (Erisala) yells
two living waterspouts come up
Luchi turns into raven and flies away
meets with Anita and Valon; everyone decides to get together
Full Moon picked up and deposited on little island
white woman Erisala approaches her and calms her down
Bloodwolf heads towards them
Erisala is waterspout
talks underwater to Bloodwolf (in bull shark form)
asks Bloodwolf nicely not to eat Full Moon
Bloodwolf circles island keeping an eye on them
Erisala confused by Dire Collar
Luchi, Anita, and Valon eventually catch up
waterspout woman Erisala confronts them
names her grievances and demands
lets us go but watches us leave
Bloodwolf thinks the woman is some sort of fae
Anita asks her host about fae
question makes her nervous
"did you get her name?" no. will ask Valentine Melancon
she takes Anita to Melancon's home but he's not there
arrives pretty late, accompanied by Ingedda
describes encounter; Melancon gets stressed
tells about Erisala
will send out warning to townsfolk
Luchi and Bloodwolf return to Storm Seers' tower
Luchi as raven, Bloodwolf as constrictor snake
Luchi arrives first, hides on balcony and waits for Bloodwolf
when Bloodwolf catches up, Luchi checks top floor for Coven
sees Coven's spell
returns to Bloodwolf, who tries to speak with townsfolk
none of them speak Ascana, but a few a little Illati
questions them
Bloodwolf counts: 28 villagers
try to return to village
Luchi runs out of raven form
Erisala attacks when he returns to goblin form

names of Luchi's hosts: Leopold and Eulalia
if Breath of the Sea doesn't mean wind, no ideas from Melancon
bronze pillars
Luchi can slip scrolls and spellbook out around pillars
leave them on staircase for now
but trying to retrieve from stair gets Luchi zapped
but Bloodwolf can throw them farther onto staircase
which works
Erisala's grievances and demands
the weather's always been unnatural but now it's getting worse
it's driving everyone crazy
and you're going to stop it!
they've stolen the Breath of the Sea
she demands a Storm Seer's head to talk
says we can go back to the town once
but will confront us if we return to ruins/natural area around town
Coven's spell
four figures in room, not three
one is glowing and floating, lightning crackling
she doesn't seem to be hag or changling; kind of translucent
hag looking over spoons (looted from ruins) on a table
questioning Cassidre captives
"just a druid passing through, do you need a hand?"
"can you leave here if you want? have any of you left here?"
yes, no
work not done
"how will you know when work's done?"
storms better
all Cassidre helpers stay together; Galsic helpers stay elsewhere
Galsic helpers visit sometimes
"any messages for friends or loved ones?"
let them know we're fine and we miss them
"has something else been trying to get in here?"
not here, the kerakinsi and things above

(not Vrisina)
lives in bay, came here to shelter from storms
ate last month, she's fine
an oceanid
most powerful fae in region
white woman on land; legs merge into water when in water
can merge to the extent of seeming a waterspout
has a companion of some sort
calls us names:
"betrayer of nature, defiler of air and water!"
"cease torturing seer's sky or face my fury!"
Jotun woman with false leg
the Jotun Ingedda might be interested in clockwork head
Miss Broin
elf who visits yearly, but isn't here now
time of year she usually visits, but she didn't come this year
closest thing to druid or shaman
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Old Sep 30th, 2020, 12:07 PM
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notes for session of 9/27/20

September 3
Luchi and Bloodwolf attacked by Eryssala
escape using invisibility and gaseous form
Luchi waits at island we use for meetings
Bloodwolf doesn't meet with him; checks people for charm spells
Luchi asks Anita to meet
she grabs Valon, they head to island
debriefing, sharing information
find Bloodwolf at her host family
everyone goes to bed
Luchi dreams about Lyseum again:
pointless meeting, wants to get back to research
very long meeting
September 4
Bloodwolf asks about numbers going with Seers
and how many they need
everyone meets on island to discuss plans
visit Melancon, ask where to find Ingedda
mother of Valon's host family yelling at him when we arrive
visit Ingedda, show her the clockwork head
thought the ruins were mostly magic, impressed they also have clockwork
we tell her where we're staying if she wants to meet with us
but the flooded bridges are even harder with a prosthetic leg
Anita makes tarts with host family
in afternoon, Melancon approaches
he tried to talk with Errysala, gives advice and supplies
can loan watercraft, train a bit in using
waterbreathing items
spend the rest of the day training to use our skiff
it has both sails and paddles
Valon asks Melancon about thunderbird
Bloodwolf asks how many helpers with Storm Seers?
argues we can't trust villagers, should keep plans secret
September 5
before we go Melancon buffs our swim checks +2 (not Anita's)
head to Southern border of village and call Errysala
ask her for permission to pass through her lands
we try to convince her what we've been doing to fight the Seers
tell her what we've learned by scouting their tower
we give promises, she gives permission

Anita has +2 diplomacy for next 24 hrs
fourth coven member
Anita thinks might be a ghost?
Valon reminded of types of dead spellcaster
neither can narrow it down
what if it's a dead hag bringing back for a true full coven
le Maravert/Seers relationship
le Maravert villagers not under spell
Seers have a few dozen, want everyone with dreams
Melancon confirms 28
they don't seem to actually trust Storm Seers
resigned, making best of things, unhappy with arrangment
Storm Seers sometimes able to push storms back, they get better
and the more the town helps the better they do
Melancon is being diplomatic, holding something back
protection racket?
thunderbird: cause or effect of the storms? unclear
bad either way, damages and deaths in village
is it searching for anything? Melancon says maybe
not always attacking: must be doing something else also
Melancon thinks it's intelligent, but villagers don't speak its language
are elementals people? some are, some aren't
some can't be killed away from their home planes:
very strong ones or ones summoned by magic
promises to Errysala
try not to make things worse
leave ruins mostly how we found them

Ingedda Stakt
Ingedda's staying with a few lizardfolk
several ships from Valdir fleet sank in storm
they were going to raid le Maravert
Ingedda has ideas on defending the town
with cannons salvaged from Valdir wrecks
she's used to training recruits
but nobody wants to learn, and Errysala doesn't want salvaging
she's fickle, can change her mind quickly
too dangerous for most villagers
but we might be able to talk her down or fight her off
can offer advice and supplies
she's vain: compliment her but not fake about it, also confident about self
she's frustrated that she can't confront the Seers directly
she might be able to help us:
temporarily calming storms, clearing water from areas, waterbreathing
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Old Oct 11th, 2020, 08:34 AM
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notes for session of 10/4/20

September 5
Errysala follows us to ruins
Valon asks her about thunderbird
she's not sure either
bad at sailing, takes hours to get there, Errysala impatient
arrive around noon
tower with domed roof, almost completely submerged
no openings above water level
Errysala lowers water; top third of tower revealed
tie up skiff and swim to crumbled tower
waterbreathing will last 3.5 hrs
check old stairs
Valon learns the building was a divination amplifier
head to main tower
Galsic villagers, giant reptile of some sort
Luchi lures them back to the group
tries to talk to them in Galsic sign; they know it
ask what we're doing
Luchi asks if he can help them
Luchi tries to lure them into tower air bubble
one comes, one goes to inform "Kuro"
Luchi gets one alone and backstabs him
Bloodwolf stabilizes
Luchi takes prisoner out of the tower
back to skiff
failure on swim checks
Valon washed away, Errysala retrieves him
Luchi's prisoner swept away
close to 1pm by the time we regroup at skiff
Luchi and Anita argue
Luchi tries to get Errysala to capture the goblin for us
she refuses
back down to tower; takes 10 min
time a little past 1
Anita heads into domed room
2 Galsic call us intruders and attack
tylosaur attacks too
one Galsic unconscious, one retreats to Kuro
tylosaur retreats, rips open big doors

Galsic said "1000 years of storm;" storms have been 4000 years
strongly connected to weather
might be nullifying Errysala, it's angry
underwater tower
circular building with 3 protruding towers
one tower crumbled, but crumbled area partly submerged
bottom floor has double doors, seem unsealed
building was a divination amplifier
planetarium, stars on domed ceiling
giant sea urchins
large spear urchin can launch spines
smaller more mobile hunter urchins
big croc "Kuro tamed it," "hardly eats any of us"
"croc" is a big dinosaur-looking thing
dino is charmed/dominated by someone stronger than Bloodwolf

Galsic villagers
two shark-goblin things with handaxes
some sort of aquatic goblins
adapted to water by spell
they say they're working here, important work to help Storm Seers
"1000 years of storm!"
they claim no artifacts here but they're doing different work
most important work!
(they don't really know what they're doing)
boss of the Galsic villagers? they report to them
"tamed" the tylosaur (charm or domination spell?)
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Old Oct 16th, 2020, 07:09 PM
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notes for session of 10/11/20

September 5
head in direction Galsic retreated
looking for boss Kurin
find runaway goblin talking with Kurin
goblins attack
-2 to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks
we win
Bloodwolf checks chamber above us
three more Galsic, odds and ends like armor
all three grab Bloodwolf
she changes into orc, then bull shark
escapes and flees to group
very confused fight continues
we win
upper floor goes to balcony near top of dome
Galsic have a hostage?
Valon dissolves them
room they were headed to, look for hostage
chained elf woman
breathing and awake, gagged
free her and give back her stuff we looted
she doesn't understand our sign languages; only Anita can understand her
casts a freedom of movement spell
everyone meets in air bubble at top of dome
she's Broin
tells us about herself, her capture
she'll go ahead to our skiff and meet us there
warn her about Errysala
find two other goblins; Luchi intimidates them into retreating
Valon and Anita spiderclimb up; others swim
Maeville Broin resting in skiff; she leads the sailing home
get back to la Maravert by nightfall

upper floor goes to balcony near top of dome

boss of underwater Galsic
weird-looking goblin
coral growing out of him, steampunk goggles
sword and wand
apparently a wizard
Maeville Broin
was hostage, chained elf woman
she's old! elves don't get old easily
Storm Seers wanted to pick her brain
Kurin had some sort of other plan for her?
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Old Nov 7th, 2020, 10:54 AM
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notes for session of 10/18/20

September 5
everyone head to Melancon's
people come out to greet Maeville, happy to meet her
she pushes them away and grumbles
but she's relieved to see them
enters without knocking or greeting
Melancon is cooking dinner
immediately tries to hug Maeville
she pushes him away, weak bones
Maeville tells Melancon she was captured
we agree to let Maeville tell the story; Anita translates for others
asks Melancon why le Maravert is cooperating with Storm Seers
Maeville scolds him for not standing up to them
we argue if we're going against Storm Seers, first free captives
talk about Kurin's clan
Maeville asks Melancon about thunderbird
after we're done talking, Kurin wakes up
we question him about himself, his clan, Storm Seers
Anita asks Maeville to tell when he's lying
Luchi tries talking to him in Undercommon
"these surface dwellers go too easy on you"
gives no sign of understanding
Anita offers him rewards for cooperation: healing, fresh food
Lay on Hands, check that his restraints aren't painful, gives him some food
Anita discusses prisoner with Melancon
don't hold prisoners, just exile people
Melancon says tomorrow we should find the rest of his clan and hand him over
ask for rope ladders and someone to convince them to leave
boats to ferry villagers back to le Maravert
it'll take a day or two or organize this effort
need to find the other Galsic first will check
Maeville channels positive energy
Luchi double checks Kurin's bindings for security
Valon casts Identify, goes over loot
the sword is a bonded weapon, like a familiar for Kurin
Wand of Lightning Bolt (CL 5, DC 16, 10 charges)
brass goggles: Headband of Vast Intelligence: Perception
Pearl of Power (2nd level)
Ring of Force Shield
split up and return to host families
Anita summons Sundrop, armors her
September 6
suddenly no rain or wind at all
the silence wakes us all up
just before dawn
Bloodwolf goes to Melancon; he says the weather means Seers are visiting
won't be ready to evacuate people today
Melancon offers advice on how to deal with Seers
+2 to diplomacy for the day
everyone getting tributes ready
barge heads in
she arrives and chats with Melancon
he leads her around village, us first
introduce ourselves, offer mechanical head
Valon detects an illusion on Orleva as she shakes our hands
but no details
Bloodwolf and Luchi see her with pale skin, dark hair, multicolor eyes
someone Luchi has stabbed before
Luchi names her, Bloodwolf asks why she isn't with Devil's Pack & boyfriend
Elessia and her kerakinski attack
we win, Elessia stabilizes herself, Bloodwolf stabilizes others

Maeville's capture
came in a few weeks ago
few run-ins with wildlife (agitated by storms)
weakened enough that Kurin's group could jump her
working on behalf of a hag
asking them and her questions about storms and things
she tried to get them comfortable around her so they'd talk freely
Maeville thinks Vorsa isn't the leader
was recruited as a third for a coven
a fourth came in a few weeks ago
acquantance of the other two, who Vorsa didn't know
Vorsa's worried about being pushed out
only two of the four are proper hags
the more proper hags in a coven the better, but others can join them
Maeville doesn't know the coven's real plans but thinks they're bad
Bloodwolf doesn't think witchfires are anything natural
Anita thinks witchfire type of ghost of powerful spellcaster
they've lost most of their magic but can still participate in covens
doesn't quite match Luchi's description, usually associated with fire
could be a variation
le Maravert and Storm Seers
Maeville asks Melancon why le Maravert is cooperating
Melancon says when Seers get what they want, attacks and storms less bad
things get worse when Seers don't get what they want
Melancon thinks it doesn't matter whether why that happens, just facts
Kurin's clan
Maeville says the rest of Kurin's clan might have advice
their village is destroyed, she doesn't know where survivors are
we suggest the haunted domed house in ruins
did all of Kurin's village come with him?
there were cowards who didn't want anything to do with it
he fed some to dinosaur, rest ran away
worked for all Storm Seers but Vorsa was only liason
their clan knows how to use planetarium
clan members who opposed Seers might be able to use it
some discussion of teaching Seers to use it
a divination ritual can be done on full moon
do stars need to be visible for ritual? no
if you do it right, can ask any question and get some sort of answer
better at answering general questions than specifics

Maeville Broin
doesn't like physical affection: weak bones
says she'll heal us when in town but won't go adventuring
working for Storm Seers, specifically Vorsa
Maeville doesn't know what Kurin's after but it troubles her
why kidnap Broin? we were told to
claims it was all for the Seers
but Maeville says he's lying
why work for Seers?
we thought flooding the world would be cool
maybe everyone would drown, maybe it'd be fun to watch others adapt
Maeville doesn't trust it
he won't tell us what his goggles do
coral is part of him, he's part undine
(like aasimar and stuff)
who will lead with Kurin gone?
he thinks no one will, they'll ask Seers for instructions
what was your tribe doing there?
guarding the planetarium
what were the Storm Seers worried about others learning?
claims he doesn't know
Maeville can't tell whether that's true
trying to hone his craft and impress his teacher when they return
teacher not Galsic went to sea and hasn't returned in years
thinks we'd be impressed but displeased by his teacher
sea hag, one of Storm Seers
promises the Galsic a thousand years of storms and flooding the world
but Maeville doesn't think that's really what Vorsa is doing
describe Vorsa's appearance?
hags difficult to see & describe, but tall, spindly, bluish
Luchi thinks might've been the one looking through spoons
(not the one talking to ghost thing)
Maeville thinks Vorsa isn't the leader
was recruited as a third for a coven
a fourth came in a few weeks ago
aqquantance of the other two, who Vorsa didn't know
Vorsa's worried about being pushed out
Vorsa resents that newcomer took over job cooperating with le Maravert
more honest, less kind about protection racket than Elessia
really two different women
originally Vorsa, now newcomer
Vorsa resents that newcomer took over job cooperating with le Maravert
a new person took over collection
more than one person wears name of Orleva
little differences in approach
new one a little kinder and less honest than old one
veils threats better
tells about past encounters with new Orleva
this one doesn't want to admit protection racket, gets defensive
try to be friendly and non-threatening
human woman, brown skin, black hair, pretty
four kerakinski come with her
hole punched through left hand, necrosis
Maeville thinks it's working for the Storm Seers, searching for something
can Maeville talk to it?
most thunderbirds speak Auran
but have to get it calmed down enough to talk
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notes for session of 10/25/20

September 6
fight lasted less than a minute
nearby le Maravert villagers ran
only Melancon left nearby, seems alarmed
Valon talks to Melancon
tells about our history with Elessia
Bloodwolf asks about executing Elessia
Valon argues against it
Melancon: "I don't know if this fight was a good call, but the call has been made"
Anita wants to make sure no blame goes to villagers
Melancon points out that's actually true
we all work on our story:
our party was welcomed at first, became violent
exiled after attacking Kurin's group
attacked Storm Seer barge before it ever arrived at the village
villagers think we fled overland; not sure
we don't care about the lives of le Maravert people
Melancon says the point of a story is the purpose it serves
not whether it's true
everyone agrees keeping Maeville hidden is a good plan
Anita goes with Melancon to grab Kurin & talk to Maeville
everyone else secures prisoners and prepares barge
loot Elessia and kerakinsi
chain shirt, heavy shield, 2 potions
the hole in her hand itself is magical--necromantic aura
magical items for kerakinsi
necklace of fish bones & shark teeth
vest of snakeskin or similar
rope wrapped into a garment, robe
barge has a bit of fish but is mostly empty
Maeville decides to come with us
Kurin is sullen
back to barge
Full Moon watching kerakinsi, Anita watches Kurin and Elessia
sail to library
something long and serpentine approaches our barge
purple, maybe wearing jewelry
Bloodwolf points it out to Maeville
Bloodwolf, Valon, and Luchi prepare to fight/talk
it's Rhysinna
Bloodwolf switches places with Anita
she was coming to visit us, excited to see us
wants to share what she's learned
Luchi asks Rhyssina about kerakinsi
Bloodwolf notices Elessia wake up (and pretend not to) shortly before we arrive
Valon gathers all magic items, casts Identify on them & hand
she magically attacks Valon; Luchi kills her
Valon looks at her hand anyway
Unholy Symbol, sense auras of good, inflict negative energy
headband of +2 wisdom
2 potions of cure moderate wounds
necklace to boost natural armor
vest helps sqeeze through tight spaces, get unbound
(Corset of the Vishkanya)
garment that produces nearly infinite rope
Valon watches Kurin, Luchi goes to get Anita, Bloodwolf carries Elessia up
we call Errysala but she doesn't come
Maeville says probably nothing wrong; she just isn't close enough to respond
we pierce Elessia's lungs so she sinks and dump her in water
Anita picks the most injured kerakinsi and Lays on Hands
"Let us go! Where's the Windkeeper?"
Maeville hears and talks to them, offers to translate
she comes over and agrees to translate for us
we decide we'll keep the kerakinsi for one more day
until we find Galsic or don't, then kill them if no better ideas
Maeville won't adventure with us but heals us
and waterbreathing for two hours
head out to haunted house, takes about 20 minutes
moor our barge at a balcony/observation deck
check to see Kurin is secure
leave Full Moon behind guarding prisoners, rest of us go in
observation deck has broken telescope
door stubborn but we enter through broken windows
a whispering noise, increasing to mad babbling
everyone magically understands language, makes no sense to anyone
stars and voids
Anita thinks type of undead called Haunt
find magic gloves, conjuration
room with ring of balcony, goes into water below
everything ruined
Luchi finds fresh-ish goblin meat scattered across stairs
decide to explore top level fully before going below water
dark shadow moving through water rising toward us
big dino thing attacks us; we win
Bloodwolf scouts underwater level a little, rejoins group

Elsaduran library
when the Elsadurans were building all this, they consulted with a hag
eventually decided some of her advice was very bad
banished her with a spell, but it's worn off by now
her name was Narlyssa
Rhyssina knows some habits and customs, how to avoid getting in trouble
hunters who value hunting
"loyalties with the wind" metaphorical or literal?
not in any of the books from library
but thinks experiments from library maybe created them
kerakinsi follow the wind; Storm Seers command the wind, thus loyalty
if the Seers stopped controlling the wind, kerakinsi would stop following
they refuse to abandon the Storm Seers
accuses us of being "cats," playing with our prey
Anita thinks type of undead called Haunt
can temporarily disperse with positive energy; Channels Positive Energy for 17
destroy source to stop it permanently
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notes for session of 11/1/2020

September 6
Luchi bites dino, gets 10 HP for 1 hour
moving through haunted manor
parcel of oilcloth in some rubble
sealed vase in bedroom
oilcloth has magic scroll, Valon says it's Silence
vase has something very strongly scented
smelling salts, revives unconcious or staggered ppl
head into submerged level
three new doors!
closet under stairs has ornamental hairpin
not magical, may be valuable
door to northwest is barred, something moving around inside
door to northeast is open
we head in
old meeting room, recently dead local goblin
two very old skeletons in wizardish robes
holding hands, wearing bracelets/armbands
all three manifest ghosts, starting from the bracelets
(wraiths, source of haunt)
clear the haunt
east room mostly collasped, filled with rubble
one painting preserved, it's magic
armbands are one item, red gem and blue gem two more items
next room old pantry, has some kind of potion
conjuration school, some sort of healing? potent
go through to last room, find five shark Galsic
Luchi talks to leader (very old for Galsic)
"of course you were looking for us. as was foretold."
Luchi brags about defeating the haunt and dinosaur
we ask them to move to air to talk, they agree
their leader sometimes gets visions
while trapped by elasmosaur saw they'd be rescued spectacularly by us
will goblins retake divination tower?
they lean toward yes
ask us to fill them in on recent events
asks us about thunderbird
they invite us to the divination full moon ritual
we agree to bring Kurin over to divination tower
Luchi stops to collect magic painting
Valon tries to identify wraith loot
Quiden's Galsic also agree to take kerakinsi
might be able to convince them to stay put "until the wind decides who it belongs to"
might also kill them
Bloodwolf doesn't tell Anita that part
rain is picking up more, we head back to library
have trouble sailing; takes hours to get back to library
we arrive back late at night and tie up barge
update Maeville Broin on the day's events
request stat restoration from her
she heals Valon
we decide to sleep in shifts for the night

*subtract 50ft rope from someone's char sheet*
planetarium divination tower
special ability only works on full moon
night after tomorrow night will be full moon
(night of September 8)
magic armbands
Valon learns only that they're extremely complex
red gem slightly cracked, weakening its magic
blue gem an Ioun Stone amplified by armband
works with the red one
slightly cracked; would normally boost WIS
still helps Sense Motive, helps fight things you can't see
Incandescent Blue Sphere (Cracked) Ious Stone (Sense Motive), Resonance Active

shark Galsic oracle and leader (very old for Galsic)
sometimes gets visions
Aeassra, the thunderbird
Quiden hasn't spoken to her in about a year
knows her language, used to speak to her
do the Galsic know where Icera lives? not really
she sometimes nests in Storm Seer tower, sometimes old lighthouse
she's feuding with other creatures who want lighthouse
sometimes she loses and they push her out

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notes for session of 11/8/2020

September 6
check with Maeville
she's willing to heal anyone who's injured in the evacuation
but no adventuring type work
Valon wants to research hags and covens
but there's no time before bed
sleep in shifts, keeping watch out the balcony
night uneventful
September 7
heavy rains are back
Bloodwolf takes Luchi's ring, heads to village
goes to Melancon's house
he asks how yesterday went, tell him about meeting with goblins
word of the storm seers? none yet
he's talked with villagers
people understand things can't keep going as they are
they're willing to help, but want to be prepared in case of retaliation
want to get the sunken canons
the dead Valdir are now zombies, also a will o wisp
can we help?
some of the ships are above water, so we shouldn't need to go underwater much
he'll give us a flare to light when we're done
that way it won't look like villagers working with us
while we get the canons, villagers will prepare for evacuation
tell Melancon about lead on Aeassra
Luchi remembers some about will o wisp
if things go smoothly, when will rescue attempt be go?
tomorrow afternoon at the earliest
Melancon shows Bloodwolf how to light flare
just burst the wax paper wrapping so contents are exposed to air
Bloodwolf returns to group
Maeville gives Waterbreathing to all but Sundrop & Bloodwolf
will last 3.5 hours
8-9ish when we leave library together
reach shipwrecks around 10:30
partial remains of 5 ships still above water
many more sunken ships underwater
area sheltered from harsh water by rock formations
largest farthest ship has 5 zombies visible
they're in better condition than typical zombies
marching across the deck w/ military discipline
go through motions of sailing
on nearest ship one zombie isn't moving, resembles a carving
was a jotun, has a huge polearm
defeat first one easily
it has good polearm, magic chain shirt
we take chain shirt
look belowdeck; Luchi unlocks door
belowdeck mostly has actual corpses, not zombies
find a magic crystal prism, mixed-school aura
Anita tries to arrange corpses more solemnly, says quick prayer
Luchi moves to next ship
hears something large belowdeck
zombies come above deck and attack us; we win
Luchi takes a quick look below; no more enemies
we plan to take out the full crew on next ship
easily win with good tactics
we jump down on to next ship and are attacked by underwater zombies
defeat them, check last ship
will o wisp ambushes Anita
we win

waterbreathing will last 3.5 hours from 8-9ish, expire 11-noon
will o wisp
balls of light try to lure people into dangerous areas
not very aggressive, can be dangerous
feed on fear and despair, but don't do it themselves
magic resistant

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notes for session of 11/15/20

September 7
search ship we're currently on
waterproof scroll case containing one scroll
(and a few leaflets/scraps)
the scroll is a map of this region
a spot upriver is marked
Valon appraises contents of this ship
around 6210 g0, 1500 gp worth of valuables
current time is around 11 am; searching takes about 30 min per ship
decide to search the largest ship only
corpses have armor, jewelry, flasks of liquor, magic necklace
captain has butterfly swords ridiculously high quality
hold 6090 gp, 2000 gp valuables, 7 pearls 200 gp each
we use bags of holding to transfer loot to cargo hold of barge
Bloodwolf sets flare for le Maravert to see
we sail south to old lighthouse
takes 15-20 min, arrive around noon
rift through middle of lighthouse turned into sinkhole and flooded
we swim into that area and look around
look for signs of thunderbird and/or danger
Anita sees scratches that don't seem quite thunderbird
Luchi sees clawmarks and maybe burnmarks--acid damage
Bloodwolf sees something moving in water, Medium size
it comes to surface
flies to highest point of rubble and looks at us
it asks what we're doing in its nest
claims Aeassra has yielded this tower to it
Valon tries to identify dragon
is Aeassra's new tower the Storm Seers'?
it asks what a Storm Seers is
we explain a coven of hags
it didn't know there were hags nearby, affronted to learn this
thought recent disturbances caused by mortals
we explain some of Storm Seers' action and plan
what are you planning to do about this?
we explain we're planning to attack them
but would like to talk with Aeassra
does the dragon know what Aeassra is searching for or how to find it?
offers to give us some locations
says he'll carry Luchi to top of tower and show him
from the top of the tower he points locations out to Luchi
Luchi also asks dragon's name
dragon's name Kaijong
Anita requests that Kaijong not attack hags until hostages out
Kaijong agrees; he'll check the village occasionally to ask if ready
we thank Kaijong for his help and leave
it's about 1 pm
head to nearest location (out to sea)
takes 2 hours; arrive about 3 pm
Luchi looks ahead, sees 2 globsters
Luchi flies past them in raven form
next room a ghostly electric woman crouched over oval--magic?
definitely an egg; she's talking to it
it's definitely the ghostly Storm Seer Luchi saw at tower
Luchi flies back out and reports back to group
we plan our attack
Valon and Anita engage the oozes
Bloodwolf and Luchi sneak attack the "witchfire"
we kill her and gently take the egg

brine dragons
dragons innately arcanely attuned
form of dragons shift to reflect desires, intentions
young brine dragon
associated with elemental planes, water in this case
not always malicious, can be helpful though not kind
strong will and force of personality, egotistical
probably deals acid damage and is immune to acid
what Aeassra's missing
Kaijonng doesn't know what it is, but
likely to be hidden in a cave or cove, something that can't be seen from air
offers to give us some locations
one location further out to sea
one location on the way back to library
two more further inland than library
caves and coves aren't usually flooded, but water level may be high right now
definitely an egg; Narlyssa's talking to it, crouched over it
thunderbird eggs: pretty sturdy, but this one is cracked a little
half-digested masses of sea creatures that form beings
immune to piercing damage
hard to hurt but can't remember elemental resistances
scent makes people sick

young brine dragon, lives in old lighthouse
claims Aeassra has yielded this tower to him
Kaijong doesn't want to challenge Aeassra while she's so distracted
Kaijong says if we take care of Aeassra, he'll punish hags
next room a ghostly electric woman crouched over oval--magic?
definitely an egg; she's talking to it
it's definitely the ghostly Storm Seer Luchi saw at tower
"witchfire" speaks ancient undercommon
Bloodwolf addresses her as Narlyssa, she seems to recognize the name
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notes for session of 11/22/2020

September 7
Valon tries to figure out what Narlyssa was doing with egg
Anita and Bloodwolf also try to think
we figure out how to gently move egg with cloaks
it cracks only slightly more moving it to the raft
when we get it on board, Bloodwolf has Full Moon guard it like a puppy
Bloodwolf thinks thunderbird clutches are small, but doesn't know exactly
set sail for next cave location
arrive around 5pm
copse of mangrove trees growing out of water
mudbar in the middle of trees
shallow water in the middle of mudbar
none of this visible from above
Luchi and Bloodwolf check it out
find body of large fish (~80lbs) stuck in mud
couldn't have gotten here itself, might've washed in high tide
head back to barge, sail back to Lyseum
difficult sailing, slow going
wind takes sudden fierce shift
Bloodwolf and Luchi see thunderbird
Bloodwolf shapeshifts into medium air elemental, casts elemental speech
rushes towards Aeassra
Anita can barely hear Aeassra from boat
Aeassra yells at us for interfering, claims Storm Seers helping her find egg
Bloodwolf says they're the enemy, we rescued egg
says Storm Seer knew where egg was and hid it from her
Aeassra pissed egg is damaged, Bloodwolf says already when we found it
she lashes out and attacks Bloodwolf
then demands to be taken to egg
Bloodwolf leads her to barge; everyone hurries to get egg above deck
Aeassra immediately curls wings protectively around egg
she demands to follow us back to Lyseum
Bloodwolf suggests Aeassra help us with wind
she does, we get there very fast
Bloodwolf rushes ahead to get Maeville; can she heal egg?
Maeville says she'll need to prepare a special spell in the morning
she repeats this in Auran to Aeassra
"no tricks, or you will regret it." Maeville agrees
when Maeville's done with protective spells she heals us
Aeassra tells us to take egg inside Lyseum; she will stay on balcony and guard it
she doesn't let us go below first floor
"stay where I can see you!"
Valon takes another look at armbands
Anita talks to Maeville about corruption ritual on egg
do we know how to purify something?
tells about the purification ritual in Caldero Azul
Maeville says rituals like that unneeded if enough pure power
she thinks she can heal the egg fine, though
Luchi has another dream
September 8
it's hard to sleep; Luchi and Valon fatigued in morning
Maeville turns to egg immediately after morning devotions
casts a spell over and over, making cracks slowly seal up
over a minute of continuous casting needed; she looks haggard
we check to make sure there are no other eggs missing
Maeville volunteers us to return it to Aeassra's nest
Aeassra refuses and just wants it back
she takes the egg and flies inland, not toward lighthouse or Storm Seers
Luchi tells us all about his latest dream
Valon looks over some of our loot
butterfly swords: 2000 gp apiece, 5000 gp set
but only from a collector or someone specially trained
magic chain shirt is mithril
potion is Potion of Neutralize Poison
magic amulet can transfer pregnancies (currently empty)
Amulet of Womb Transfer, worth maybe 200 gold
take some free time to think and distribute loot
as we discuss options with Maeville, something seems off
the rain hasn't stopped, but it's diminished a lot
Bloodwolf thinks it feels more like natural weather
ask Maeville if it's normal
she says there's something in the sky, but can't see it clearly
swarm of kerakinsi flying, large enough to look like a cloud
heading in direction of village
change of plans: head to village and try to protect it
Luchi heads out and calls for Errysala
she's close enough to hear and responds
Errysala agrees to help us get to the village faster
she has her normal control over wind and water back
Bloodwolf suggests she might control the kerakinsi
we arrive at the village as the kerakinsi descend
villagers are firing canons at them

Narlyssa and egg
he thinks she wasn't damaging egg
it can't be damaged by electricity b/c thunderbird
its damage is physical, not magical
might get battered by high tide
Bloodwolf agrees damage isn't from ghost Seer
Anita thinks Narlyssa might've been trying to corrupt egg
to corrupt baby thunderbird
healing the egg
can she heal egg?
Maeville says she'll need to prepare a special spell in the morning
can do protective spells right now to keep it from getting worse
Bracers of Antiquity
complicated! bracers made to augment ioun stones
stones also awaken more abilities in bracers
give ability to understand any written language
also give insight into magic
other magic texts or magic items of that era might help understanding
scaling items Bracers of Antiquity
red gem similar to previously identified blue gem
would improve DEX, but doesn't have full ability because cracked
does help fly skill, resonance with armband helps unarmed fighting
Deep Red Sphere (Cracked), Ioun Stone (bonus to fly, resonance active)
looks like they work when one person wears both
doesn't know how ancient corpses split them up
ioun stones can be swapped out
magic shard is Clear Spindle (Normal) Ioun Stone
can sustain w/o food or water forever
if put in bracers would reflexively cast protections
but doing so would permanently drain it
Deliquescent Gloves
magic gloves, dark brown with brighter green lines
Deliquescent Gloves, have power of acid
any strike made with wearer's arms deals extra acid damage
whether weapon or unarmed
also protect from acidic contact with ooze (not all acid damage!)
Luchi's dream
researchers doing a fancy ritual to unsummon Narlyssa
uses Bracers, wielded by two lovers working together
Narlyssa swears vengeance against descendants of researchers
"Well, look after what I gave you, I suppose," she says
this is how ioun stones were cracked
infant left with Luchi, other going to heroic sacrifice?

speaks Auran, controls wind
claims Storm Seers helping her find egg
very protective of egg
not interested in anything else
full of threats
"you will take this egg to your healer. it will be restored or i will destroy you."
"no tricks, or you will regret it."
she takes the egg and flies inland, not toward lighthouse or Storm Seers
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notes for session of 11/29/20

September 8
plan attack with party & allies
Errysala will prepare impressive display for 15 min
fireball while approaching
not just kerakinsi--things coming out of water too
dock barge and engage enemies
giant hairless electric rat/bear creature
shoots electricity mouths that drag us in
by the time we win, villagers have fought a lot of other enemies
giant mutated animals of various kinds
lobster, shark, squid, some keep fighting after death
also kerakinsi
giant squid has a lot of corpses tied to it
Melancon's fighting it, we finish it off
drag corpses out of the water
corpses some of the people from the tower
only about 6 corpses here, there were 28 captives
might still be able to save others
Melancon thinks the attacking creatures were charmed
says Kaijong could get charmed if we send him in
Melancon suggests taking a few minutes to relax and sort out a plan
says this battle could've been much worse without our help
the squid was raised, not charmed, Melancon says
Melancon leads us into his houseboat
other community leaders come as well
it's a tactical meeting
Ingedda Stakt, local head shipwright, Maeville Broin, etc
Maeville says to gather villagers for channel positive energy
Ms Landry is head shipwright
she & Melancon talk while Maeville gathers people
when everyone's here Maeville channels and meeting starts
Melancon says this was anticipated, not as bad as could've been
another problem: when they sent the squid some bodies roped to it
Anita asks if it's possible to buy Raise Dead components from nearest large city
(with loot from Valdir ship)
but Miss Broin says she can't cast Raise Dead
meeting ends

only about 6 corpses here, there were 28 captives
falling behind schedule on evacuation plan
won't be ready until almost sunset
current plan
Storm Seers now considering villagers expendable
so now we must respond immediately
describes our plan to head straight over and attack
says villagers should trust us and help us if they can
mostly that means continue evacuation plan
charming Kaijong
Melancon thinks the attacking creatures were charmed
says Kaijong could get charmed if we send him in
Anita tells everyone about Melancon's concerns over Kaijong
Maeville thinks their charm ability was part of coven powers
and they'll have a hard time doing it again
sacrifices to temporarily restore coven power
so she thinks they won't be able to charm him
villagers discuss the matter
eventually villagers decide they'll wait for him & decide then

Ms Landry
le Maravert head shipwright
Ingedda Stakt
Anita compliments Ingedda on training
but she's hard on herself because one canon blew up
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notes for session of 12/6/2020

September 8
during meeting rain mostly stops
Errysala shouts to behold her power
wind rolling in from sea toward Seers' tower
Luchi asks Maeville how long to sacrifice villagers
we agree to strike fast without stealth
get in barge and sail toward the tower
about ten minutes to get to shore
Anita ties herself to Sundrop
we head toward tower
Anita yells a challenge
we reach the tower
spiderclimb for Luchi, Sundrop, and Full Moon
air walk for Valon
fly in bat form for Bloodwolf
Anita fails a ride check, is dragged up
reach the floor where captives were held before
Luchi unlocks door
an arm from above attacks with lightning
we get the door open before a second attack
Valon webs the window the hag used
room contains living Le Maravert captives
Anita includes them in Channel Positive Energy
two doors to top floor
Anita and Valon take one
Luchi and Bloodwolf take other
Luchi succeeds first; he and Bloodwolf enter
one hag is more intense and unsettling
has a bad aura, strength damage
they don't have DR/cold iron
we win, with one dead and one unconcious hag
there's a living villager hiding in the room
tie the living hag to be dragged behind Sundrop
drop sacrifice off with other captives
head to lower levels of tower
no kerakinsi
Luchi attempts to disable rune circle while other wait upstairs
doesn't work: makes air colder, heavier, bearing down
storm elemental attacks Luchi
we defeat it, barely
scrabbling sounds behind/beneath another door
open it and look: leads to a hallway

time to sacrifice
several minutes per person
le Maravert captives
villagers are wary/friendly
something suddenly felt wrong
nothing that happened made sense any more
then the sacrifices started
Anita says they might've been magically controlled
storm elemental
but the storms are still here
a magic circle of runes on floor
Valon thinks it used to be a ward against order
modified to another effect, he doesn't know what
strong conjuration aura
stormcloud gathers into living stormcloud
hits very fast and very hard

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