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Old Jan 17th, 2021, 03:08 PM
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notes for session of 12/13/20

September 8
Luchi checks out the scratching noises
four more kerakinsi still here behind another door at end of hall
discuss how to deal with them
we lock the door for now and explore downstairs
Luchi finds a badly injured villager
he confirms the room is safe
Anita heals villager and returns her to group
headcount; all 22 confirmed alive and gathered
decide we have to deal with kerakinsi
first try to get them following Errysala
Anita will speak and Bloodwolf translate
if doesn't work will fight
will buff beforehand
pearl of power elemental speech
Bloodwolf translates Anita's arguments
1) storm elemental unsummoned
2) Errysala controls wind outside
3) seers are either dead or prisoners
they check things out, talk among themselves
agree wind has abandoned Storm Seers
they decide to leave
they debate taking things with them
nah, were just watching that for Storm Seers
then they leave
they debate taking things with them
nah, were just watching that for Storm Seers
then they leave
Luchi goes down to the ground floor to look for giant
finds illusionary ground
two giant lobster things in watery pit with him
quickly retreats
returns and reports to group
Luchi recognizes giant lobster things from Undercommon
we decide to bypass them and confirm location of giant
Luchi uses spiderclimb to leave through balcony and check out bottom floor
enters rest of courtyard
tests floor for realness/solidity
illusions, so he returns to wall
a living thing hiding in the rubble
some of which is illusion
it's trying to pick something up
it wants to attack something, possibly Luchi
it hits him with a rock as he retreats
we agree to go down the balcony to confront giant
Anita secures hag to Sundrop's back
Full Moon has a little trouble getting down
rest of us prepare to fight as she comes
buff spells; Anita will try negotiation
giant dies in battle
Anita and Bloodwolf use rubble to block lobster pit from courtyard
Bloodwolf and Full Moon hang out in courtyard guarding lobster pit
Anita leads others inside with a guide rope
sets up left and right guide ropes
go back to villagers, ask what they'd like to do
they don't all agree, but Anita asks for consensus
eventually decide to wait outside
we lead them out
Luchi updates le Maravert in raven form
finds Melancon
he'll stay in le Maravert and ride back with the evac party
Valon asks Anita to check for signs of soul energy
Anita says if possible, ask hag how to release souls w/o killing her
Valon and Bloodwolf agree hag will die if that doesn't work
Valon offers to share hard liquor with Cassidre
some accept
Anita offers to share rations if hungry
none accept
hour before sunset evac party comes
takes villagers home
Melancon orders us not to take hag to village
reassure that we won't
Valon asks Broin about spells to heal ability damage
tomorrow will be fine
Anita wakes captive hag with smelling salts
uses Zone of Truth
she stops understanding us and only speaks Auran
we check to see if anyone else is around
Anita starts running through languages she knows
Byurka suddenly regains ability to speak Ascana
happens when stressed
we take her to the barge with us, to head to divination tower
put her cargo hold with Luchi and Anita watching her

and tomorrow there'll be a feast
illusionary ground
something wrong with floor
he falls through floor as if not there
10 ft fall into water
even if defeat chuul, not a good escape route for civilians
floor stops being solid at doorway to stair tower
checks wall the main tower for secret doors
ground rougher than it looks
full of rubble, some of which is illusion
Anita manages to see through illusion and finds doors to main tower
giant lobster things
chuul's soldiers or chuul troopers?
living suits of armor
face tentacles have paralytic venom
a skull in this one, doesn't seem a living person is wearing them
bound soul energy
Valon asks Anita to check for signs of soul energy
detect evil helps this process
the hag has two auras
one overlaid on her own aura, a conduit
she seems to not know about them
research in library or ask divination tower how to remove
Byurka's plan
control storm, permanently and properly
claims could have worked the first time
defends Narlyssa's involvment back then
elessia had some useful ideas, set them on path
she started and left, returned later
Byurka's interrogation
do you work for Gilgallen?
don't work for anyone but myself
relationship with the giant?
just a friend, helps us out
are you aware there are souls bound to you?
i'm not much of a killer, until you broke my coven
repeat question
she really seems to not know
Luchi points out Gilgallen kills colleagues to gain souls
are you into that?
(seems shaken) don't know what you're talking about
what was your plan? what were you trying to accomplish?
to control it
control what?
the storm. permanently, properly
like your ancestors tried?
were on a good start, she would've finished it
did you know the ancestors directly?
by the time she was old enough to know about project, it was abandoned
so narlyssa told you about it?
yes (also defends narlyssa's side)
were you helping narlyssa get revenge?
among other things
why now?
didn't have all the pieces, all the knowledge
elessia had some useful ideas, set them on path
elessia was here before vorsa?
she started and left, returned later
does she know anything about Elessia and Gilgallen?
any suggestions for unbinding souls without killing byurka?
could research it at library
or ask divination tower tonight
(she's sincere but grasping at straws)
did your plan involve killing people eventually?
(in Auran) what was that?
is there another explanation for second aura?
she doesn't know what I'm talking about
why language issues?
it's a curse
who cursed you?
she cursed herself, a cost to power
in your original plan, how would villagers help? would they die?
probably eventually
plan wasn't that concrete, weren't sure what control would require
Luchi says you're a fool, couldn't control then or now
they were right to banish you (thinking of narlyssa)
do what with control of storms? increase, decrease, move?
any of those
who was the giant friends with?
all of us
we're good at making friends
do you mean charm and domination spells?
no, just good at talking to people
(she's kind of mocking us)
like friends with Aessra?
where is she?
in her nest, guarding her egg. what was narlyssa doing with egg?
byurka doesn't understand half of what narlyssa does
dying didn't help her mental state
familiar with Kaijong? know he doesn't like hags?
seen him around, not surprised he doesn't like
do you have new plans?
not really
any interesting discoveries with artifacts or ruins?
it'd go over your heads
Anita says cooperating with us is byurka's best chance at survival
but she's sure a vampire can't kill her
point out that she was sure mortals couldn't kill her coven

kerakinsi elders
four of them
these kerakinsi are different from ones in town
scarred, weathered, older?
likely more experienced
agree wind has abandoned Storm Seers
they decide to leave
marsh giant
it doesn't respond to Cassidre or Ascana Spoken
attacks on sight
when Sundrop arrives with hag, it seems more interested in that
giant yells "come back!" in unknown language when Sundrop takes hag away
giant had a weird magic sword
Byurka says was friends with Storm Seers
loses ability to understand languages when stressed
cursed herself to gain power
Valon detects a spell influencing her (other than Zone of Truth)
it's a powerful Abduration spell
could be the curse she mentioned
but he can't fully identify it, beyond a powerful ward
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Old Jan 17th, 2021, 03:47 PM
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notes for session of 12/20/2020

September 8
stop by town to go shopping
Anita takes gp from loot and goes alone
Melancon will loan us armor for 3000gp deposit
1500 for 3 waterbreathing potions
then sail to planetarium
Valon and animals stay behind
Bloodwolf wearing borrowed armor goes ahead
checks in with Quiden
Valon will stay behind with comminique ring to watch Byurka
only Anita and Luchi need waterbreathing potions
our first attempt fails
each attempt takes about an hour
second attempt succeeds
we discuss what we learned from our visions
Quiden says can't remove curses or enchantments
says come back tomorrow to talk to kerakinsi
unbinding ritual requires nature stuff; Bloodwolf can get in morning
tonight we sleep in shifts at the Lyseum
September 9
wake up around 10
Lesser Resoration on ability score damage
Bloodwolf and Full Moon spend morning getting ingredients
sail near village, Anita heads in to return Melancon's armor
but we'll keep spare waterbreathing potion
while waiting, Anita tries to tell Valon about ritual
he only gets gist
Bloodwolf returns in early afternoon
eat lunch and start unbinding ritual
Valon failed first save: 1 temp negative level
Luchi failed both: unconscious for 1 hour, 2 temporary negative levels
but the ritual worked!
and Valon thinks he could cast a variation of ritual!
we warn Byurka and let her go
she turns invisible and leaves
go back into town to ask for restoration
Maeville Broin removes Luchi's negative levels for 100 gp
she suggests we borrow Ingedda Stakt's cloak
so we visit Ingedda Stakt
she's messing with metal on the table, cleaning, tinkering
parts of a gun? yes, a pistol
ask about cloak; she shows it
she's willing to trade it for a pair of butterfly swords
cloak can be switched between different modes, different protections
she thinks it might be why she survived shipwreck
also offer her amulet of womb transfer
amulet of womb transfer is standard issue, she already has one
Protean Cloak +4
(+4 to a saving throw, can change which each day)
return to planetarium to talk to kerakinsi
Bloodwolf goes alone to talk to kerakinsi
Quiden says they're being held somewhere else, can show us where
in what's left of their village
leads the group there
gets to proper swamp; we have to tie off barge and continue on foot
Galsic village still partially flooded
Quiden agrees to translate
try to persuade them to abandon storm seers
what would you do if we let you go?
rejoin with the clan and decide then
we let them go
time is 4-5 afternoon
return to storm seers' tower
time is 4-5 afternoon
return to storm seers' tower
illusion appears to be gone on its own
we'll destroy the lobster things as a precaution
Valon leads effort; success
Luchi and Bloodwolf search each room thoroughly for loot
(except le Maravert captive room)
find various coins and magic scimitar
getting late in day, we head back to village to rest
Valon identifies items:
Wand of Lightning Bolt CL 7, 20 charges
Wand of Wind Wall CL 5, 12 charges
Amulet of the Spirits (Wind)
Ten-Ring Sword
+1 keen scimitar
next session will start in morning

planetarium ritual
starting to get dark
top dome of planetarium starting to glow
when everyone gets there Quiden explains ritual
lights appear on dome following stars
trace out constellations
three tasks: figure out constellations to mark
trace them out
focus and guide things mentally
but explanation a little rushed (we took long getting there)
each attempt takes about an hour
stars turn colorful as rituals complete
but ours turn red
Quiden: if you mess it up might have to fight something!
get one question each
out-of-body experience watching life in reverse gives us the answers
Anita's question
Anita: how can sacrificed soul power be released without killing the host?
Anita: Hawkeye's ritual to purge spear
see it all from Hawkeye's perspective
gain an understanding of ritual; can adapt to work on person
also, what was risked when tried it
extracting is easy; implanting the risky part
more people makes easier and reduces risk
if failed, shard implants in one of the volunteers
Luchi's question
Luchi: why was I given dream visions of what this place used to be? what's my connection here? who am I?
Luchi: goes through generations of ancestors
all sorts of people
eventually reaches the person Luchi inhabited in his dreams
arguing with a being whose features change, then coming back
taking a child and raising for many years
banishing Narlyssa
daily life at Lyseum
before that, studying the arcane in the Undercommon
the ancestor's name was Pwyrr
Luchi decides to take that as his last name
Bloodwolf's question
Bloodwolf: what's the relationship to Gilgallen of the person our group has dubbed the red queen?
Bloodwolf: back to encounter with demon gargoyle
then follow gargoyle back until he meets with red queen
she dotes on him, loves him
they travel to city together
interactions with Gilgallen, Elessia, Tulok, others I don't recognize
sometimes 8 people in room at once
gargoyle keeps getting smaller
red queen gives birth to gargoyle
elaborate demon-summoning ritual, bound to flesh becoming tattoo
follow to her first meeting with Gigallen, ordinary woman
she's nearly dead, surrounded by corpses
Gilgallen saved her with his blood
rough Undercommon life before that
her real name is Avelai
unbinding ritual
draw circle on ground, modify for number of receptacles
Bierta in center
caster (Anita) starts outside circle
crackling green lightning forms around Byurka, arcs to receptacles
fort saves
if fail, feel deaths of sacrifices and related suffering
then will saves for everyone who failed
if fail, faint
the ritual worked!
and Valon thinks he could cast a variation of ritual!
Kilkedda butterfly swords
butterfly swords favored weapons of Kilkedda, god of romance and battle
Ingedda confirms dangling trinket is Kilkedda's symbol

Vorsa was an aquatic hag like we met on river
could probably breathe underwater
it was Vorsa who did str damage, not Byurka
Byurka more storm/lightning themed
can give herself waterbreathing with a spell
(but would need to be untied)
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notes for session of 1/3/21

September 10
visit Ingedda
she's doing physical therapy with Melancon; we wait
ask about Staff of Fate
when will party start? around sunset
ask Melancon for directions to Ms Landry's place
Valon asks her about selling the barge (Anita translates)
she offers barter, not coin
accept silver mirror and 2x potions cure moderate wounds
she advises us on travel upriver
split party
Luchi visits Lyseum to read about ancestor Pwyrr
(borrows Valon's reading armband)
asks Rhyssina for books mentioning him
informs her of Storm Seers' defeat and village feast
Bloodwolf and Full Moon
Bloodwolf searches for berries/fruits for Anita's tarts
Full Moon comes along, helps dig sometimes
also gets various wild herbs and stuff for villagers
drops off berries, then asks where other supplies are useful
Valon searches for diamond dust, then helps with tarts
prepares crust for tarts, helps out around host house
tarts come out well, make large amounts
Melancon's house for feast
there's food and music
Bloodwolf dances satyr dance, POORLY
Luchi performs physical comedy, doesn't do too great
Luchi shows off sleight of hand tricks, entertains people
after party winds down, return to host families
will set out in morning
September 11
create raft with Hanspur's Flotsam Vessel
good-byes to le Maravert and head off
head to Staff of Fate area
takes hours
difficult search for traces
find plank, foreign wood associated with Valdir ships
Bloodwolf and Full Moon start digging, find bones
(Anita thinks it's not a funeral burial)
friggin huge finger bones, bigger than a marsh giant's
Valon points out it was probably an attacker, not Valdir
check behind waterfall for secret passages, find small cave
makeshift throne in center of cave with skeleton in it
figure has breastplate and massive spear
entire area faintly abduration magic, spear evocation--strong!
figure inside bigger than typical jotunn, smaller than outer one
Bloodwolf comes out and reports; group goes in together
Valon find abduration spell has hint of necromancy
Luchi checks area for traps
finds stones with unknown symbols on them
Valon says they're source of abduration
buff up, everyone but Luchi gets near entrance
everyone ready to flee, Luchi approaches skeleton to take spear
it gives a speach as he gets near
Valdir, but everyone can understand
he'll give us the spear if we're worthy
(we have to fight for it)
skeleton animates and attacks
after we defeat it, spear and giant skeleton shrink
now it's just a large jotunn
Valon casts Identify on spear
decide to give it to Bloodwolf
we take spear
gather bones and makeshift throne for pyre on hilltop
Valon lights pyre with fireball
late afternoon
reach river by nightfall, set up camp on bank
Bloodwolf scries on Tulok while others set up camp
we go to bed

Staff of Fate
Melancon: there are stories of things like that
probably the Valdir one
Ingedda: name given sometimes to relic of previous king
aka Spear of Kings, Spear of Destiny
but she didn't hear about plans to recover it in the fleet
in stories staff can do anything, probably exaggerated
won't start war or anything if we take it
map gives an area, not too specific
no more than a day out of our way
receptacle for powerful magic, currently empty
the charges it used to have were Wish
currently helps user's luck
Pale Maiden stats

Pwyr Dacus
appears in list of signatures of scholars involved
he was a scholar of history, full name Pwyrr Dacus
finds memo mentioning Dacus
joined expedition to find out more about Elsadur's fate
mysterious lack of traces
Luchi's ancestor, Luchi now Luchi Dacus after him
it's dark
sitting on edge of a bed in a cramped room
seems aggravated
not doing much
underground, maybe undercommon, magical light?
pile of parchment on table with writing I can't read
Tulok seems more scarred than I remember
weapon and armor lying around
Tulok restless, pacing etc
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notes for session of 1/10/21

September 12
discuss travel plans
first day at lunch scry on Ironwill the Righteous
Anita and Valon talk about writing instructions for ritual
will reach settlement tomorrow afternoon
September 13
travel by raft
scry on Tulok at lunchtime
river flows through rural outskirts of town
we disembark by bridge, head to city, La Plata
sell loot, buy things
Valon visits temple for diamond dust
Luchi buys and hides daggers
Anita looks for rings
Valon finds inn, Anita checks for messagesBloodwolf refuses to leave Full Moon in stable
is asked to eat in room
September 14
Anita sends messages to Temple of Riverdancer
return to raft
lunchtime scry on Avelai, get through her spell resistance
she detects sensor, is pissed, ends spell
September 15
return to raft
attempt to scry on Elessia
September 16
moar rafting
scry on Byurka; her spell resistance resists
arrive in Veratuna almost night
Valon finds inn, Anita checks message tower
"message recieved; prophecy already shipped to Veratuna, check temple"
she stops by Queen of Revels temple on way to inn
they bring parcel of papers from various sources
some have seal of her church
hedonistic inn, popular with sex workers on the job
after dinner take papers up to room and read them
envelope already opened
2 documents: one recent note, one old prophecy
prophecy damaged by travel
recent is note from Tulok
Bloodwolf and Valon use Mending
will make copies of prophecy: original and translation
second envelope about taskforce
Luchi engrossed in prophecy
go to sleep for the night

travel plans
first attack location near lake
next attack location in Spine Mountains
last attack location in Skadaran Archipelago
will be about 2 days to next big Ascana city
travel by raft
detour would delay 2 days + time spent in Veratuna
would be about 3 days to arrive (not far out of way)
then about 6 days to destination
detour would delay 2 days + time spent in Veratuna
would be about 3 days to arrive (not far out of way)
then about 6 days to destination
instructions for ritual
writing down would take hours
could do it when reach city
stop in Veratuna
Anita recieved a message from temple of Lord of Sun and Song
requesting she detour to Veratuna
detour would delay 2 days + time spent in Veratuna
would be about 3 days to arrive (not far out of way)
then about 6 days to destination
messages to taskforce
send messages to Temple of Riverdancer:
success in coastal attack location
found purification ritual; will send more details
request permission to scry on prophecy
please respond to Vertuna
expect to be there in 3 days
prophecy damaged by travel
prophecy written in very old Undercommon
Anita and Valon can read it
prophecy written by "rhiannon s."
sylvan name (language of feywild, root of sesshuran and undercommon)
supposedly rhiannon introduced horses to the penninsula
we can use prophecy to scry
due to threat from Gilgallen's org, a taskforce has been formed
led by four cities: Luez, Cruzario, San Aspera, Veratuna
each city assembling team appointing field commander
Luez appointed Anita Blum for their team
small staff, most won't travel with us
can contract with other people (including party)
documentation to sign, will provide expense account
to cover party's travel, lodging, food, signal towers
papers dated to shortly after last checkin in San Aspera

Ironwill the Righteous
in clearing in woods, wearing new armor
others nearby from Devil's Pack
general chattering & background noise
sounds like 6-8 people nearby
Ironwill moody but not aggressive
he's riding a cart through a tunnel
still figitty
cart self-pulling and self-driving
swirling green light at bottom of swamp
resembles Narlyssa, but less lightning, more wind
hasn't coalesced into undead yet
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notes for session of 1/17/2021

September 17
Valon shopping for diamonds and diamond dust
Bloodwolf to scry on Vorsa
Anita to check in with field commander
Luchi to go shopping with Valon
Anita returns to temple of queen of revels to ask about field commander
she heads to watch station and asks for him
accepts position, paperwork
recieves certification of field commander
Anita asks for information about rest of task force
it's a lot
Anita will bring instructions for ritual
Anita asks about her staff
asks for advice on recruiting a new party member
maybe check higher-class inns?
Luchi and Valon shopping
everyone regroups for lunch
Valon and Anita try to write down ritual
Luchi tries to get his teeth plated
dentist thinks Luchi is joking, doesn't actually do it
Luchi rides Bloodwolf in wolf form as long as he can
(about 15 minutes) lands smoothly
Valon and Anita try to write instructions for ritual
Anita also writes letter to le Maravert
Valon mails letter to le Maravert
Anita returns to inn and makes copy of prophecy (original and translation)
September 18
Valon drops off prophecy copies
Anita asks around for recruitable people
suggest she talk to a nearby bounty hunter
head back to river and create raft, late morning around 10
stop for a late lunch around 3
Bloodwolf scries on Avelai with bracers, casts detect magic
defeat spell resistance, but she makes a will save
back on river, travel till night
we let Sophia sleep all night without taking watch
September 19
Sophia's more awake
Anita tries to fill her in
Sophia suggests starting at "the Abbey"
our party questions Sophia
Bloodwolf: do you know what you're getting into
don't stop for lunch, just make camp at night
Anita encourages Sophia to wash with soap but she refuses
Bloodwolf scries on Gilgallen
Gilgallen saves
September 20
scrying on Gilgallen
September 21
scrying on Avelai
September 22
scrying on Gilgallen
September 23
river leads to a small Ascana town
party asks around about weird stuff, Sophia splits off
travelling merchant in tavern eager to talk about Abbey
scruffy halfling man
Bloodwolf demands bloody felt hat
to destroy it, Valon suggests scrying with it first
it's afternoon
wait for Sophia by raft
Sophia meets up with us, tells what she learned
Bloodwolf tries to scry on owner of cap
attempt fails
Bloodwolf destroys cap

can undead return a second time after destruction?
they can, but not spontaneously
task force
field team success has been mixed
two-three locations each
have stopped plots in total, minimized casualties
but Gilgallen still getting soul energy from underlings
got some in three of five locations
Anita asks about her staff
gets roster of names and what cities they're working in
can reach them personally or through beacons
instructions for ritual
arcane version is a good starting point but not complete, needs diagrams
divine version works as instructions, also needs diagrams
Anita takes rituals to Vargas
Christoph confirms there are people who can cast divine version
the Abbey
interfaith house of worship for different gods
village built around it
declined some, but still there
Abbey originally build hundreds of years ago
it's within the attack area
local merchant at abbey last week, it's terrible
smoke rising, many buildings damaged, no people in streets
found felt cap drenched in blood
giant threw giant boulder
he still has the cap with him
earthquake a few weeks ago
epicenter in direction of abbey
another merc heading in direction of abbey: Daniel

Christoph Vargas
Veratuna field commander, member of city watch
Vargas's group only hit one location so far
he's sent someone to investigate lake area attack location
Raoul Arcelay
Cruzario's field commander is Raoul Arcelay, don't know him
writes like a travel journal
San Aspera field commander
San Aspera field commander also a stranger
gives very scant reports
Vargas sent agent to investigate lake area attack location
agent named Daniel, tall spiderfolk, speaks Ascana poorly
another merc heading in direction of abbey: Daniel
no response scrying for Vorsa; she's still dead
passed out hidden/disguised in the inn
Anita offers 100gp per day; she's listening
tracker, finding beasts & people, fighting, ranger?
Bloodwolf unimpressed
Valon introduces himself
Luchi doesn't care
she's a gunslinger
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notes for session of 1/31/2021

September 23
staying in town overnight
Valon tries to figure out price range for mercs
Luchi buys sap from militia
stay in town's inn
Abbey by lake, we can take raft almost all the way
will trace along shore of lake, not through center
Bloodwolf can wildshape, scout ahead
can take ring
Sophia bathes
September 24
Valon asks Sophia if her weapon's magic: yes
stream, raft
Bloodwolf borrows comminique ring
vulture form, scouts ahead
about 2 hrs into travel sees settlement
return to party and report, takes about 1 hr
we decide to get raft as close to wall as we can
before grounding, leave raft near river
close to sunset
we set up near outside of wall
Luchi to scout ahead in raven form
Valon casts stoneskin on self, offers for others
(they'll have to pay material costs)
Luchi sneaks in wall through hole
people wandering through area carrying torches
Luchi avoids them easily
at least a dozen
Luchi checks nearby houses for people
heads to courtyard
goblin form, reports to party
Bloodwolf doesn't recognize small yellow dustfolk
Valon does
decide to try to talk to ratfolk
lands on roof, climbs down
but can't see or hear ratfolk, gets no response to talking
raven form, returns to group
we discuss our options
(they aren't good)
ettin patrol is sloppy, untrained
Anita riding Sundrop will pose as trader and try to talk to ettins
retreat outside wall if attacked
rest of party ready to ambush
Valon behind Bloodwolf, Full Moon on one side
Sophia behind Luchi on other side
we lure 3 out and defeat them
3 more follow, also defeated

(moderate spellcaster can earn few hundred to 1000 gp per mission)
Sophia's weapon is magic
outside Abbey and settlement
large building on banks with tower, walkway
tower goes into water
some of Abbey collapsed
mostly on a raised bluff
walled courtyard near building
wall around settlement
partially crumbled
many buildings crumbled, smoking
can't see smaller creatures from here
iridescent light at top of central tower
a pipe organ in the wind as we get closer?
settlement houses not ettin sized
finds some dead bodies in houses, various races
southern building: Abbey
arrow slits more than windows
it's multiple structures connected, not one
former building/courtyard
remains of stone structure, knee high wall remaining
grass through cracks in inner floors
disassembled long ago instead of collasping recently
Sophia confirms that the standing building is Abbey, not old building
giants in settlement
maybe 1/2 dozen large figures, could be giants
people wandering through area carrying torches
people are large, 10-13 ft tall
several broadly built, two heads?
two-headed giant called ettin
each head can think independently somewhat
control arms separately
they're on solo patrols, Luchi can't hear their languages
inside Abbey
approaches first floor
hears music as he gets closer: woodwind
wrecked room, strange small yellowish creatures
dust drifts off their shoulders
all looking at someone about their size
but pale skin, long ears, white hair, red stocking cap
redcap(?) playing a bone flute
second floor
more possible redcaps
large wooden cage behind them
rope tied to post
cage and rope currently look empty
third floor
more redcaps
furniture in good shape, lots of blood and entrails
fairly fresh
one redcap bullying another, others applaud
over roof, heading to central tower
looks in room at top of tower
window has magical barrier, not glass
iridescent light from this room
central tower has domed stone roof
heads walkway leading to tower
hard to see through tinted glass
vague shapes, bulky things moving around
not humanoid?
ocean tower
bathhouse in great condition
currently in use
checks roof of this tower: domed stone
dust mephits
Outsider from Plane of Air, dust mephits
not inclined toward good or evil, but are troublesome

in top room of central tower of Abbey
looks empty, someone under a table
ratfolk? dressed for stealth
seems nervous
cloaked figure
ocean tower
bathhouse in great condition
currently in use
person wearing green hooded cloak sitting at edge of pool
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notes for session of 2/7/2021

September 24
continue fighting giants
too many of them, but we win

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notes for session of 2/14/2021

September 24
Bloodwolf and Full Moon hide bodies in lee of wall
Luchi leads others in arranging torches in ground
keep a lookout for survivors or potential base
Luchi finds useable house in good condition
Sophia finds damaged but useable house
we decide to go to the Abbey tonight
we'll curve around wall to north, pass through walled field
party presses against wall while Luchi searches for good entrance
while looking, Luchi checks window he looked through earlier
music gone, dust mephits gone, two redcaps bickering
looks in another window while looking
tables, rotting food, blood, table with creepy sausages
passes trees to another window
large kitchen, bloody floors but otherwise tidy
gap in wall south of kitchen, near area with second floor
corridor to door into Abbey
checks a little further, then heads back toward party
checks room next to us again
only one redcap now, a few mephits
(redcap appears to have lost argument)
heads to check east side for entrances
window shows small empty room
after another corner with another tree, finds window
nothing moving, bloody dragmarks
but we get noticed
Luchi Darkness, Valon Ghost Sound to distract/scare them
glitterdust tries to blind us, succeeds on Luchi
rush ahead
leave Full Moon hiding under trees
hidden door leads to short hallway
we rush in but it's trapped: loud explosion
retreat from Abbey, return to house Sophia found
discuss options, plan attack
use raft and spiderclimb to reach back entrance
keep watch, tense night
someone carries a torch in the field of the settlement
3 people wandering area with torches, giant-sized
1 of them roasting a deer over a fire
September 25
Bloodwolf last shift wakes everyone, warns of giants
Luchi tries to find path avoiding giants
two options, not the best
we decide to go outside the town wall and creep around
sneak past sleeping hill giant in our path
travel around settlement wall
raft south toward back entrance
we pass a crevice in the bluff that goes to a stained glass window
Luchi flies up to check
tunnel only about 5 ft deep before stained glass window
statue on other side, small room with door
spider climb to passage
decide to use back entrance instead
Luchi goes first to check for guards
finds nothing
rest of us follow

redcaps do seem to need light to see
consecrated room
we pass a crevice in the bluff that goes to a stained glass window
seems to be a basement of the Abbey
Valon tries to acid ray stained glass, but is stopped by sudden guilt
examines it with detect magic
enchanted, strong
it's divine rather than arcane
spell intended to repell evil beings from room with mental effects
breaking the glass would break the protection spell
a separate divine power influnced him with guilt
Valon asks Anita to try to talk to it
it likes her but doesn't invite her in

three giants remain
not trying to patrol anymore
didn't do anything with the bodies

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notes for session of 2/21/2021

September 25
Full Moon to wait outside
Pack Empathy to connect Full Moon, Bloodwolf, Luchi, and Sophia
Stoneskin on Valon
Luchi checks nearby window--room seems empty
trap hasn't reset
door inside from side tunnel now barred
very large room
check for (new?) traps past side tunnel door
there is one; probably doesn't have to be touched to set off
seems to be an alarm spell
three redcaps in big room
one ettin in smaller room to south
luchi blocks ettin's attack path with darkness spell
we attack redcaps
archers from balcony above join fight
four giants from southern room also join
also some kind of entrail monster
defeat everything except entrail monster

entrail monster
outsider from elemental plane of chaos
resistance to non-lawful weapons
resistance to most elemental magic
curently floating 15 ft up
can attack with acid


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notes for session of 2/28/2021

September 25
continue fighting nyogoth
we kill it
but there's another one
and it's probably seen us
there's one redcap left (Valon bubbled it)
it talks Ascana and is willing to talk
ask it about Domh, Roy, Larla
redcap asks to be let go
counteroffer to tie him up, take him prisoner, refuses
boss knows we're here
if planning to help he'd be here by now
we give him a chance to escape, and kill him
Bloodwolf executes all remaining redcaps
Luchi loots bodies
Sophia takes crossbow & 23 screaming bolts
Anita also gives her 20 regular bolts
someone inside tower invites us in
little grey ratfolk
suggests we hide in here until help arrives
but we are the help
she resets locks/traps as we go in
tells us about herself, Abbey, occupiers
Valon asks about the power here
Valon asks about cemetary
may we use tower as base of operations?
she's nervous about letting us back in
suggest helping her evacuate
she doesn't want to abandon this place, anyone else who might be here
can probably open the door once more after we leave
and then case-by-case
worried about enemies noticing a pattern
offers us some alchemical tinctures (like spells)
she studies lots of stuff
we suggest she make more healing, food & water, etc
she also has buff tinctures
protective ward, invisibility
we'll decide about those next session

nyogoths in occupying force
redcap shudders at nyogoth mention
doesn't know how elf convinced nyogoths to come
thinks they're creepy
at least two nyogoths, maybe more
other qlippoths also (chaotic evil things including nyogoths)
Abbey and settlement
before occupiers arrived villagers, priests
stuff below, redcap doesn't know or pay attention
(at least some) attackers don't know what light in tower is
it was there before attackers
attackers haven't gotten into tower
locks, wards, etc
building is an instrument
but the songs have changed
plays songs around sunset, depending on wind etc.
but the song it's been playing is wrong now
Valon asks about the power here
very defensive for an Abbey
Sophia thinks it's supposed to be guarding something
tower goes up to lighthouse
has a magic light with religious significance
Valon asks about cemetary
used to have walls and roof, converted to open air
lighthouse light is glowing iridescent sphere
along walls holy symbols of 21 gods (not including Anita's)
no theme to them, many but not all protective
Valon examines spell; permanent, decorative, powerful
prismatic sphere, usually used to protect someone inside the sphere
floating 10 feet in air in center of room
occupying force
probably <100 redcaps in monastary
made villagers into sausages
redcaps patrolling and guarding everywhere in monastary
but no regular shifts
worse monsters than nyogoth below
they scare the redcap
the one that goes up and down
one thing comes up from down below
human-ish, medium size, but very scary
ratfolk thinks a few dozen redcaps, not much more than 20 giant
some Undercommon folk, went below with elf
summoned creatures from other planes
nyogoth, wrath demons
other qlippoths (chaotic evil things including nyogoths)
something tall, pale, thin, scary
twisty hag
thing in bathhouse, hasn't had clear look
but others afraid of it
(not confined to bathhouse)
about human sized
wrath demons
vrock, large humanoid vulture creature
spell resistance

an elf suggested this place to them
normal looking elf, probably not Gilgallen
giants who refused to help turned to stone
elf did earthquake
why's the elf here? plans?
redcap doesn't know
elf's name is Domh
last time he saw elf?
first assault week or two ago
he went below
redcap doesn't know his plans
the elf led an army
he wears armor, uses big axe
the bosses are Roy and Larla
very skilled redcaps
Roy kills people
last saw them today
neither of them in this fight
Roy would know if captive villagers waiting to be sausaged
the bosses are Roy and Larla
very skilled redcaps
Larla plays music & casts magic
last saw them today
neither of them in this fight
mephits are Larla's
dust mephits mostly clap for Larla, not much else
ratfolk alchemist
little grey ratfolk
doesn't know of any other survivors
is able to make food for herself
nobody else hiding in tower
she's not from around here, a researcher of architecture
could make us a map; wouldn't include lower floors
priests shoved ratfolk in here to keep safe
Luchi scared her when scouting but that's ok
what about the warded room below? she hasn't been there
she studies lots of stuff
spiderfolk came to help, ratfolk alchemist thinks it went badly

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notes for session of 3/7/2021

September 25
Lisette produces her map
we study enemy locations
we'll start with the guard tower
we check courtyard through windows
don't see anyone in courtyard
Bloodwolf hears music from NW, probably Larla
we decide to attack (Roy's) guard tower first
invisibility for Luchi, shield for Bloodwolf
wait in main gate area while Luchi scouts
rocktrap falls on us
laughing from above us
we heal and attack tower
defeat 4 redcaps, but center of room collapsed
(when they dropped it on us)
Sofia to guard door to upstairs
Luchi searches room
Bloofwolf beheads redcaps, burns caps in torches
makeshift bridge to cross with Sovereign glue
with two rope guardrails
top floor has four redcaps plus their boss crowded for ambush
we fight them
Anita and Luchi die; others win

remember: Anita gets bonus from bare feet to some acrobatics
Abbey music
it's wrong since invasion, a new song
messing with Lisette's dreams
make it hard to sleep
but she doesn't remember them
enemy locations
southeast wall crumbled, nyogoth probably guarding it
much movement in and out of eastern stairs
musician in northern dorms
door directly north of our tower may go to lower levels
only cloaked figure goes in and out
forces above and below have been interacting less
lock on Lisette's tower
Luchi tries to understand locks/traps for future reference
gets some insight, not sure he could open it
would be hard and lengthy to try

the ratfolk we met
how can ratfolk see outside tower?
small "windows" can see in and out
enemies know someone's in here but can't get in
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notes for session of 3/14/2021

September 25
get Full Moon up with us
check windows for more enemies below
confirm redcap deaths
check bodies; Raise Dead would work
Bloodwolf collects blood in bottles
search room, find big locked chest
Sofia finds keyring in redcap pocket
we open it, find other loot
check sack looted from giant, find other loot
Bloodwolf and Valon wear Communique Rings
Sofia suggests where to look for oils
Bloodwolf searches for oils in bat fom
scouts room below gate towers, room behind balcony,
leaves, checks room below that had giants
confirms that nyogoth is still in previous position
regroup with others
spend rest of day and night resting
(because normal night's sleep not enough)
Valon has nightmares, but sleeps well enough
Bloodwolf takes CON damage
September 26
Bloodwolf Reincarnates Anita as merfolk (cephaloform)

at sunset the Abbey sings a frantic song
(level everyone)
Roy's equipment
Roy's armor and scythe magic
armor abduration, scythe necromancy
scythe is a death bill
armor +2 leather armor
other loot
1/10 of one use reincarnate oils
a small diamond, not enough for Valon's spells
another vial with oil
combined, oil for 1 1/3 people
room below gate towers
empty storage room, has a trap door down
room behind balcony
council chamber/meeting hall
three mummies/zombies wandering around
sickening, frightening
armored undead with the zombies
it sees Bloodwolf but doesn't attack
fireplace, jars on mantleplace might be useful
Anita's vision
Anita is trapped in darkness and howling wind
(not where she expected to be when dead)
a voice in the wind
"you/I fought bravely. you/I died bravely.
you/I were forsaken by the ones you fought to save.
when you/I die, you/I die alone. you/I die in vain.
if they deserve life, let them stand for themselves."
creepy hand reaches for Anita
Anita says "tell me how to help you!"
it screams and pulls away

Bloodwolf asks Sofia if she'll stay or go
she agrees to stay
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notes for session 3/21/2021

September 26
Anita says she was sacrifice
the sacrifices here are people who died defending
others update her on attack plans
below stairs to mummy room, find magic headdress
and a trapdoor to the basement
which Valon and Bloodwolf fall into
defeat mummies and juju zombie
south of mummy room is hallway patrolled by vulture demons
we block with some chairs
other rooms near stairwell empty; one head abbot's bedroom
discuss options for Luchi
Bloodwolf scouts in bat form
confirms nyogoth still where it was
checks on Larla

the sacrifices here are people who died defending
abbot's room has diamond and oil we need
enemies in meeting hall
Anita identifies mummies
thinks other might be juju zombie
magic headdress
transmutation + abduration
Anita thinks it's raiment of head abbot here
Valon thinks the abduration is a sonic trap spell
(like the one that hit us earlier)
options for Luchi
is Cruzario within range of teleport? yes

five mephits
her music resembles the music's building
conjuration magic around mephits
magic auras on Larla, armor etc
(something on hip)
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session of 3/21/2021 cancelled

session of 4/4/2021 cancelled
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notes for session of 4/11/2021

September 26
discuss plans, decide to attack Larla before Nyogoth
Valon will pretend to be messenger, ask Larla to open door
Sophia checks door
easy win
check kitchen south of Larla's room
kitchen seems empty
door to room north of kitchen locked, Anita knocks it open
pantry with lots of food
but a few suspicious sausages
we destroy it; other suspicious sausages destroyed in fight
then destroy the other nyogoth
Anita thinks funeral might help sacrifices
leave cheese and salted fish by door to Lisette's tower
Valon, Luchi, and Anita to teleport
Bloowolf, Sophia, and animals to stay behind in house in town
successfully telepot to Temple of Riverdancer
high priest of Riverdancer raises Luchi
alive, but very low hp and negative levels
restore one negative level each
Luchi wonders about identity--is Anita still Anita?
also about religion/afterlife--is it all a scam?
Valon's party to spend the night in Temple of Riverdancer
after a little shopping
September 27
Bloodwolf hurt by nightmares
wakes fatigued, slightly injured

abbey's name is The Windscar Abbey
Temple of Moon's Reflection
find scroll asking people to remember defenders
references Temple of Moon's Reflection
Anita: sounds familiar but don't remember
Sophia feels she should know
hand over scroll to Temple of Moon's Reflection
to High Priest of Riverdancer Rojas
desecrated cathedral
nyogoth was in a desecrated cathedral with evil aura
Anita senses a hidden good aura in altar
High Priest Rojas says Hallow spell could work if unhallowing wasn't magic
Bloowolf flies out crumbled wall, checks for more giants
we get people sausages from kitchen, personal effects from living quarters
toss in sausages, grave goods
use sacred oil to sanctify
hold memorial ceremony
Bloodwolf's nightmare
tall pale man with long hooked claws for hands
Luchi's death
Luchi has been conscious but no stimulus while dead

sausage nyogoth
but a few suspicious sausages
bloody, stomach not intestines
one has weird effect on Anita
then turns into a nyogoth
we destroy it; other suspicious sausages destroyed in fight
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