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Old 04-09-2013, 02:42 AM
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Campaign Setting

Dresden Files - Steampunked

To get you ready, here is a little info on the world you will be entering. Players will be entering the game December 3rd, 1860, months before the start of the American Civil War. I'm going to try to portray this world the best I can and I know I wont do it justice. There will be obvious slavery and abuse of slaves. There will be fine Victorian gentleman and ladies, and their under-worldly counterparts. There will be those who fear an oncoming war, and those who hasten it. But with everything dark in the world there is also a little light peeking through. The underground railroad is alive and well. Not all slave owners are abusive. Men of the cloth fight the darkness they see in the world. And heavy commerce has made much of the south wealthy and proud.

Our story will begin in Wilmington North Carolina. In 1860 this port city is a hub of commerce. It is the best option for those looking to drop their goods in North Carolina due to the treacherous waters of the sounds. The city was one of the first to encourage the steam railway and due to that, it has thrived and become a gem among the southern states. This of course has also elicited crime and corruption but that is to be expected. For where summer goes, winter must follow.

In this world, many are teetering in their belief in magic. A noble landowner is obviously above such rubbish, but there are still many who believe and respect the powers that flow through the world. Native american spirits and creatures of lore have been pushed back, but some still linger. Though many creatures have followed the Anglo's across The Drink. Magic itself has been behaving oddly lately. A mages temper may cause flames to flare, or candles to go out. But it also has been affecting simple alchemical compounds like Greek fire, some medial medicines like Epsom salt, quicksilver in thermometers will read odd temperatures and sometimes even give off a light glow, and can even increase the instability of large manure piles.

In this world there is only one true Warden of the White Counsel in the United States, and she is well overworked. Cora Waters is based out of Boston and it is rumored that she has been called into the White House a time or two for consultation with heads of state. She is a matron of a woman and well respected by the supernatural world. Of course there are many others in the states such as a mage named Martha, though she keeps to herself, and a wizard in the Ozarks that some think may dabble in the black arts.

So this is the world you enter. When the game begins, you will be getting off a train onto the large and luxurious Wilmington platform. You have each received a summon from a mysterious individual who knew things about you that aren't common knowledge. They have offered you pressed gold bars to the amount of $50 US currency just for coming and listening to their offer. That would be something around $1,000 in today's market. You know nothing, but have been promised a job with incredible pay.

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