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Old Mar 25th, 2024, 03:59 PM
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PotM February

Declaration of the winning author of the Month February: Rockerboy!!!! CONGRATZZZ!

And now I need to pay attention because the winning post was NOT this one, even though it was nominated because (quote) Rockerboy's GM skills and storytelling are top notch. His posts are cinematic and really helps to set up the world and event's that we'll be experiencing. I feel the opening post from Issue 0 of the Gotham City Impostors really captures this. Nope, it wasn't that post that was the winning post (but feel welcome to grant some RPXP) but this one
This post was nominated because there was a lot of 'DM quality-appreciation'. To quote EMIW: Frankly I'm incensed that Rockerboy hasn't won PotM before. His scenes are always so clearly laid out - the pacing, the emphasis, the expansion of character work done by players, everything is on point. This post describing the opening of the door to an ancient surveillance outpost, hidden for hundreds of thousands of years, shows this well. Character actions are described beautifully and blended into a seamless narrative, and his use of tables as summary boxes at the bottom of GM posts is a clever and helpful approach.

*** read, learn, admire and click those scales ***

Besides those two impressive posts, there were more posts nominated, every post deserving your attention <3
  • Lazer was nominated because they did not only rise to the occasion, he aimed for the stars. In his post, he describes five scenes from the life of a single person and through that individualís eyes and his relationship with the animals that accompany him, he manages to tell the spiritís story from small child to scarred warrior. And he does so masterfully! Check his post over here
  • This one was a clear dedication to Fillyjonk's post: What storytelling! Again an impressive post about dreams, sirens and a DM providing such an opportunity, especially during an insanely challenging situation for players to write their heart out. Curious: please check out this post
  • Last, but never the least -> UngainlyFool's post made another impression that it got nominated. A funeral post that was nominated because 'it was moving, beautiful, and just right'. Read and wonder over here

Do not forget to nominate all the March posts that impressed you over here, we definitely need a lot of nominations to be able to declare a March PotW- winner :-)
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